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SO SO CECE!The legendary CeCe Peniston's vocal career spans two decades andsome of dance music's all-time greatest tracks including "Finally," "KeepOn Walkin'," and "We Got A Love Thang." Her dance hits have rockedclubs and topped charts globally, and she has been ranked a No. 1Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play Artist. She has captured the LGBTaudience as a committed and loyal ally and additionally, she has workedaggressively in fundraising for her own charity, the LOTS Foundation(Lifting Others To Succeed) which raises funds for HIV/AIDS and womenand children in need. Sonsoles(pronounced sone-so-les) - derived from the Spanish words fora type of song (son) and the brilliance of the sun (sol) - is stamping its markon the increasingly popular Latin music scene. With a truly global ensem-ble of top-shelf musicians from Spain, Mexico, Los Angeles, DominicanRepublic and El Salvador, Sonsoles fuses a myriad of musical elements,ranging from Rock, Pop, Reggaeton, Salsa, and Folk, into a tasty sonicsauce.Sonsoles was founded in the fall of 2006 in Los Angeles by foundingmembers Steve Baltazar (keyboards) and Cesar Abrego (bass). Shortlythereafter, Spaniard Jóse Hernandez (guitar/vocals), a friend of the duo,also joined. Later, after answering an Internet ad and an obviously suc-cessful audition, Lonnie Moreno (drums) became the 4th member, andwith the recent addition of Delwin G. (rapper), the Sonsoles lineup is nowcemented. www.sonsolesmusic.comAnybody can have their rock, punk or folk phase, but real artists tran-scend boundaries and genres so gracefully that their fans hardly blink aneye. Aimee Allenis that type of songwriter. The explosive and outspokenvoice behind rock monsters "Revolution" and "If It Feels Right," not tomention contributions to the Grammy-nominated Hairspraysoundtrack and multiple critically-acclaimed artists, Allen'svocals and sweet nature define soul. Her poprock sound remains deeply connected to herpowerful lyrics and vocal positioning, frompolitics to being a strong supporter ofLGBT rights. Her newest endeavor, to bepreviewed on the PRIDE Mainstage, isan upbeat, dance-driven sound to bereleased later"I loudly champion equal rightsfor the LGBT community, usingmy music, my voice and my voteto rally against anti-gay establish-ments who foolishly stand in theway of love. I'm performing at LAPRIDE to celebrate my gay broth-er, my beautiful LGBT friends, andmy fellow crusaders who arecommitted to fighting this battleuntil it's won."Aimee Allen"We believe there is power in thelanguage and beauty of sound. In writing and performing ourmusic we create an environmentof acceptance and joy. Our pur-pose is to warmly invite peoplefrom all walks of life and all agesto feel and embrace the rhythmsof Sonsoles and become a part ofour family."60