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10 IRenold General ProductsCouplingsIndustrial Shaft CouplingsCrown pinPinflexPinflex clutchGearflex clutchPin & buffer styleComprehensive range of shaft couplingsincluding pin and buffer, spider, tyre, disc, chain and gear types available - the widest range from a single source..Heavy duty pin and buffer coupling, suitable for shock loads.Neoprene buffers for robust flexibility.Polyurethane buffers reliable/flexible and temperature resistantFluid couplingsHydrastartFluid soft start couplings available in many sizes and types up to 700KW(950HP) capacity..Flexible couplings and vee pulley designs as standard for design flexibility.Soft start allowing the motor to accelerate unloaded.Reduces motor size and drive package cost.Delay fill version - extending acceleration time and further reducing start-up torqueFlexible heavy duty gear couplingsGearflexSingle and double arrangement, standardand heavy duty series types up to60,000KW (80,000HP) capacity..AGMA standard - interchangeable and cost effective.Crowned and barrelled teeth for optimum contact and long life.Mill motor, sheer pin and telescopic designs available giving design suitabilityfor all demanding applicationsRenoldflex A new range of couplings that utilise a stainless steel spring disc pack toprovide a positive 'backlash free' drive, up to 68kW capacity. .Zero backlash .Torsional stiffness .Maintenance free .ATEX Certification available .Long lifeFreewheelsSprag Clutches.Enhanced performance from optimised sprag design.No backlash giving positive action.Compact designs enabling high torque.Backstop, over running and indexing designs available.Long life resulting in low maintenance costsTrapped Roller FreewheelAvailable in a number of design typessuitable for all backstop, indexing andover-running applications..Totally interchangeable. Needs no re-engineering.Backstop types preventing drive reversalsSprag Clutch CouplingsTwo versions available using Pinflex andGearflex couplings for total flexibility onshaft-to-shaft transmission drives. .SO series clutch combined with Pinflex coupling allowing angular, parallel and axial misalignment.Absorbs vibration and shock loads.SO series clutch with two flexible half Gearflex couplings forming a short cardan shaft accommodating parallel and angular misalignment.Allows larger shaft sizes to be usedLand Use Law CenteRfor Sustainable DevelopmentInnovation. Transformation.

These are exciting and challenging times that require new approaches to how and where we build on the land. The Land Use Law Center is a nationally recognized innovator in sustainable community development through its engagements within the academic community, private market, public sector, and beyond.- Professor John R. Nolon Founder and CounselLand Use Law Center"" Land Use Law CenterABOUT THE CENTER Established in 1993, the Land Use Law Center at Pace Law School is dedicated to fostering the development of sustainable communities through the promotion of innovative land use strategies and collaborative decision-making techniques, as well as leadership training, research, education, and technical assistance. Through its many programs, the Center offers municipalities, land use leaders, citizens, advocates, planners, attorneys, real estate industry leaders, and other land use professionals assistance that enables them to achieve their development and conservation goals. Its activities provide opportunities for students of Pace Law School to gain in-depth, practical experience that allows them to become practice-ready attorneys serving private, public, and non-governmental clients.The Land Use Law Center is the preeminent center of its kind offering extensive research and consulting services; conferences, seminars, and clinics; law school courses; practitioner and citizen-leader training programs; continuing legal education programs; multimedia resources; and frequent publications on sustainable land use and community development.