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"As a Pace alumna, I have been able to be innovative and creative in my roles as clinician and academician." -Lucille Ferrara, FNP '94 Assistant Professor, Department of Graduate Studies10 College of Health Professions Graduate Programs

Career ServicesA network that works for youPace's Career Services has critical connections to hundreds of employers in the health care field. In fact, many contact Pace for referrals when they have an opening. Graduate students also receive a comprehensive array of services-all at no cost-including:n On-campus recruiting programs and career fairs that attract major health care providers in the regionn One-on-one career counselingn Special workshops for those in the health care professionn Job search databases and access to online job postingsn Job referrals n Hundreds of alumni career advisers and an instant network of great contactsAn International PerspectiveA world of caringPace is not only home to a diverse population of students-in-cluding more than 1,000 international students from more than 100 countries-but also a curriculum and faculty that give you a global view of the health care industry. International students and visiting scholars are welcomed at Pace and our International Students and Scholars Office and faculty are here to ensure that you get the most out of your time at Pace, and in New York. Study abroad and travel experiences are just some of the ways we help give students a global perspective.n The PA Program offers a five-week elective rotation that gives students hands-on clinical experience in countries such as Ecua-dor, India, and South Africa.n Travel courses for graduate students expose them to clinics, students in other health professions, and faculty in countries such as the Netherlands and Iceland.n A 10-week program invites international students to visit and study with health professions students on Pace campuses.n International visiting professors are currently doing collaborative research. College of Health Professions Graduate Programs 11