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LITHUANIA A NEW DISCOVERY It is also known as a busy market town, whose vast main square was formerly the most important place in Samogitia for the trading of agricultural products. Having outrivaled 16 cities and towns, Plunge last year was awarded the title of Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2009. The town has prepared three Cultural Tourism Routes ( musical- literary, sacral-historical, and artistic possibilities). More than 60 events were held on the routes. More information: www. plunge. lt The town is situated in Northwest Lithuania and it is a regional centre. It is located beside the present- day Siauliai- Palanga highway and grew up around a road junction. Since old Plunge had been famous for its music, theatre and dance traditions and folk arts, it became the site of the  rst music school in Lithuania; it was also the home to the  rst symphony orchestra ( thanks to the Oginski Dukes), and one of the  rst operettas was staged here. The most famous Lithuanian composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis lived and composed in Plunge. PLUNGE

Vilius Orvydas was a local sculptor. In the 1960s, when Soviet leader Khrushchev ordered the destruction of anti- Communist memorabilia all over Lithuania, Orvydas decided to rescue these items from abandoned homes and cemeteries. Many strange and unusual objects have found shelter in Orvydas' garden. Later he turned his smallholding into something quite extraordinary, incorporating various objects and pieces of his own along the way, around the ponds and in the wooden outhouses. This strange and unusual site requires a lot of time to wander around and contemplate. You can see many wooden carvings of Christ and the Virgin Mary, stones and boulders, a large Soviet missile and an abandoned Soviet tank. The garden is now looked after by members of Orvydas' family. Those with a passion for unusual Outsider Art have to visit this place. More information: www. meja. lt/ attractions/ orvydas. html PAGE 16 ORVYDAS FARMSTEAD