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surrounding land in 1824; his heirs established an adjacent estate, created a park, and funded the construction of several public buildings in the town. Today Tyszkiewicz Manor House is the Museum of Amber where the largest amber stone " Stone of Sun" is held. Each year the opening of the summer season is celebrated at the beginning of June. The town has numerous other festivals and concerts. More information: www. palangatic. lt Palanga is Lithuania's premier seaside resort, with long stretches of sandy beaches, dunes and a botanical garden. The boulevards are crammed with restaurants, clubs and bars, giving it a carnival- like atmosphere during the summer season. The pier,  rst built in 1882, is the most popular spot to watch the sunset. The history of the present- day resort began when the count Michal Tyszkiewicz, a colonel in the tsar's army bought the village and PAGE 18 PALANGA

LITHUANIA A NEW DISCOVERY Is situated in the south- western part of Lithuania and is separated from other regions by the River Nemunas ( the father of all rivers in the country). The countryside here is ³ at and covered with small farmsteads encircled by trees. The Suduviai are characterized as rational, clever and extremely economical people. The region has always been a major agricultural producer. The area produces a famous kind of sausage, called " skilandis", which is  lled with minced, seasoned meat and delicious bread and is served on Acorus calamus leaves. SUVALKIJA ( SUDOVIA)