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LITHUANIA A NEW DISCOVERY Is situated in the south- western part of Lithuania and is separated from other regions by the River Nemunas ( the father of all rivers in the country). The countryside here is ³ at and covered with small farmsteads encircled by trees. The Suduviai are characterized as rational, clever and extremely economical people. The region has always been a major agricultural producer. The area produces a famous kind of sausage, called " skilandis", which is  lled with minced, seasoned meat and delicious bread and is served on Acorus calamus leaves. SUVALKIJA ( SUDOVIA)

PAGE 20 More information: www. marijampole. lt It is the district centre and the largest city in Sudovia. Marijampole is situated on the Sesupe River on a site which was still covered by forests in the 16th century. This town takes its name from an 18th-century monastery built for the Marian Fathers, a religious order founded in 1673. The town manufactures car parts and has one of the largest car markets in the country. The related transport and freighting businesses also generate a great deal of the city's wealth. MARIJAMPOLE