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PAGE 34 LithuaniaDemocratic Republic within the European Union When to go? Lithuania generally has warm summers with temperatures sometimes hitting 30° C. Winters can be cold, with bitterly chilly winds from the east bringing the temperature down as low as - 12° C; there is normally snow cover for one or two months of the year. Spring and autumn are mild. Currency£ 1 = LTL 3.80 Time di ? erenceGMT + 2 Intl dial code00 370 LanguageLithuanian. English is widely spoken in the main cities. Russian, Polish and German are also widely spoken. Population3,369,600 Getting there Avg ³ ight time2h30m from London Airports For more information please contact: Lithuanian National Tourism O ? ce 86 Gloucester Place, London W1U 6HP Tel: 0207 034 01222 Fax: 0207 935 4661 www. lithauniatourism. co. uk 3 international airports - Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. Direct ³ ights - to Vilnius Airport - from London Stansted and Edinburgh Airport with Star 1 and from London Gatwick International Airport with AirBaltic. Direct ³ ights - to Kaunas Airport - from London Stansted, London Luton , London Gatwick ( starting May 2010), Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh ( starting May 2010) & Bristol Airports with Ryanair. Czech Airlines, SAS, Lufthansa and other airlines operate indirect ³ ights from major UK airports to Vilnius International and Palanga International airports. TRAVEL ESSENTIALS

SPRING - SUMMER 2010 EVENTS IN LITHUANIA LITHUANIA A NEW DISCOVERY Festival " Skamba Skamba Kankliai" ( 27- 30 May) Vilnius Annual international folklore festival introduces folklore groups from Europe and Asia. Chamber concerts and performances at the city squares will present outstanding soloists and superb ensembles. Evenings of light singing and glee songs, guest concerts, a song hour, dancing at night and various exhibitions will be o ? ered to audiences of various ages and backgrounds. www. etno. lt Vilnius Festival 2010 ( May 26 - June 10) Vilnius Held every year since 1997, this festival features Classical music and invites world- famous performers. Each year the festival has a di ? erent concept and presents both traditional and contemporary Lithuanian music, and o ? ers a platform for jazz and musical theatre. www. vilniusfestival. lt The IX International Jazz Music Festival " Siauliai Jazz 2009" ( June) Siauliai During three days of Jazz Music Festival various improvisations on traditional and non-traditional themes are played. Guests can enjoy the exhibitions of art and watch  lms about the history of jazz. www. tic. siauliai. lt/ en The VII International Summer Festival at Ch. Frenkel Villa ( June 1 - August 29) Siauliai The festival attracts the fans of classical music every year since the beginning of June until the end of August to enjoy the sounds of its unique world- renowned musical virtuoso. www. tic. siauliai. lt/ en Lithuanians and tourists enjoyed the exceptionally festive year of 2009. The country has been celebrating two signi  cant occasions during 2009 - the o ? cial 1,000th birthday of its name and capital city Vilnius the European Capital of Culture combining to encourage foreign visitors to uncover more about the Baltic gem. The year 2010 will be none less important as Lithuania commemorates 20 years since the reinstatement of the country's independence from Soviet Union in 11 March 1990. Extensive programme of the events will cement Lithuania as a major centre for arts and culture projects. Major scheduled events for 2010: 20th International Jazz Festival Kaunas Jazz ' 10 ( April 29 - May 3) Kaunas Every year Kaunas Jazz presents a wide and rich spectrum of modern jazz. Participants from Lithuanian and more than 20 countries of the world have taken part in the festival. www. kaunasjazz. lt Street Musicians Day ( 1 May) Vilnius, Klaipeda On the  rst Saturday in May thousands of people go out to the streets to play music. Street Musician Day is the event which unites all who speak the world's most universal language - the language of music. www. gatvesmuzika. lt/ en/ 15th International classical music Festival " Pazaislis Music Festival" ( May 30 - August 29) Kaunas The listeners of the most particular taste may  nd in the schedule of the festival something what interests them, starting from the old music and  nishing with jazz, from the subtle chamber music to the grand vocal instrumental pieces, from the modern music premieres to the impressive pageants of Lithuanian dramaturgy in the surroundings of Kaunas Castle. www. pazaislis. lt