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Even though Lithuania is a small country, it is not always easy to choose an itinerary. There are so many places of distinctive and unique beauty; it o ? ers varied entertainment and numerous unique experiences to choose from. Prior research always needs to be done in order to make the right decision. Perhaps you would like to visit the Lithuanian Baltic Coast? Or set o ? to the mystical land of obstinate Samogitians? How about a trip to the old villages and sunny pinewoods of Dzukija - a region also known as the singing region of Lithuania? Or why not visit the land of cheerful highlanders ( Aukstaitija), surrounded by lakes and unforgettable natural beauty? SMALL COUNTRY DIVERSE CULTURE LITHUANIA A NEW DISCOVERY

There are  ve historically formed ethnographic regions in Lithuania - Aukstaitija ( Highlands), Zemaitija ( Samogitia), Dzukija ( Dainava - Land of Songs), Suvalkija ( Sudovia) and Lithuania Minor. All regions maintain their distinct traditional clothing, folklore, cuisine, and architecture, so making each of them a unique place to be. Across the  ve regions there is something to please every taste. With  ve national and 30 regional parks, Lithuania is a veritable playground for keeping active. Over 300 di ? erent walking routes and 250 nature reserves give hikers and bird- watchers plenty of reasons to explore the well- preserved landscape, while around 20 rivers and 3,000 natural lakes form ideal water routes for canoeing and sailing. Visitors looking for a peaceful gateway will also not be disappointed. Whether you choose to relax among the country's ancient forests and clear lakes, lay lazily on the spectacular Amber coast or in one of the peaceful spa resorts - Lithuania will o ? er an unforgettable experience. PAGE 4