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BIRZAI LITHUANIA A NEW DISCOVERY Birzai region has been known as the centre of Lithuanian brewing since older times. Almost every family had their own beer-making recipes, which were only passed from father to son for many generations. Local people have  rm beer- drinking traditions. No festival or family party can start or  nish without a dark, rich and strong beer. It has a slightly sweet taste that usually deceives guests into thinking that the beer is very light. Today there are six breweries in Birzai region that produce traditional beer typical for Northern Lithuania. During the " Beer Road" ( http:// www. birzai. lt/ index. php? 594006747) excursion, most of the Breweries allow beer lovers to have a look inside and to discover the secrets of beer-making traditions and to taste traditional beer. More information: www. birzai. lt

KEDAINIAI Kedainiai is located in the geographical centre of Lithuania and the history of the town is documented from 1372. It has a remarkable Old Town and for centuries the lively commercial and artisan city attracted settlers from Europe. Orthodox believers, Jews, German Lutherans and Scottish Reformationists settled here in the  rst half of the 17th century and transformed Kedainiai into a multi- ethnic city. Today, you can have a lazy stroll through the beautifully restored Old Town and visit various museums and houses of prayers which are the witnesses of multicultural history of Kedainiai. More information: www. visitkedainiai. lt PAGE 8