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142009 Work toward greatness. LUBIN SCHOOLOF BUSINESS The Admission Committee would appreciate your candid appraisal of the applicant. What are the applicant's primary strengths and weaknesses? If possible, please describe specific instances or accomplishments which demonstrate them. Describe the applicant's current assignment and special responsibilities, if applicable. Please assess the applicant in the following areas: a. Area of specialization ( technical knowledge, analytical ability, attention to detail, etc.) b. Potential for achievement in graduate study c. Potential for professional achievement Outstanding ( Top 2%) Superior ( Top 10%) Good ( Top Third) Fair ( Middle Third) Poor ( Bottom Third) No basis for judgement Intellectual Ability Ability to Work with Others Ability in Written Expression Ability in Oral Expression Maturity Initiative/ Independence Creativity/ Originality Potential for Career Advancement

200915 LUBIN SCHOOLOF BUSINESS GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP APPLICATION Please attach a copy of your résumé and forward this assistantship application to: Germaine Hodges, Assistant Dean Pace University, Lubin School of Business One Pace Plaza New York, NY 10038- 1598 USA Please do not submitthis form to the Office of Graduate Admission. Please print or type clearly. Name n Ms. n Mr. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Last First Present Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip Code Permanent Address___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip Code Day Telephone (________) _______________________________ Evening Telephone (________) ____________________________________ Area Code / Number Area Code / Number Fax (________) _________________________ E- mail ________________________________ Area Code / Number Please indicate your anticipated entry term: n Fall _______ n Spring _______ n Summer I _______ n Summer II _______ YearYearYearYear Please indicate your intended location: n New York City n Westchester Please indicate whether you are interested in a full- time or part- time assistantship: n Full- time n Part- time Please indicate the Pace University degree program to which you are applying:______________________________________ Undergraduate Institution _____________________________________________________________________________ Undergraduate Major ______________________________________ Undergraduate Grade Point Average_____________ Previous graduate institution, major, graduate grade point average ( if applicable) _______________________________________________ GMATscore Verbal________ Quantitative ________ Total ________ Writing ________ Date _______/_______/_______ MonthDayYear TOEFLscore and date ( if applicable)_________________________________________________________ On a scale from 1 to 5 ( where 5 is excellent and 1 is poor), rate yourself on each of the following skills: ProgrammingTyping PCLibrary Research Quantitative SkillsAdministrative Ability Writing Skills I understand and agree that my admission, if granted, my registration and continuance on the rolls and graduation are subject to all policies, rules, regulations, and procedures set forth in the current bulletins, catalogs, and other publications and notices of Pace University and as they may be amended, including but not limited with respect to scholarship, discipline, attendance, and payment or abatement of fees. Signature ___________________________________________________________________________ Date _______/_______/_______ MonthDayYear APPLICANT: DO NOTWRITE BELOW THIS LINE. Applicant Approved:____________________________________________ Not Approved _____________________________________________ Signature/ Date Signature/ Date Assigned to:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Period of Assistantship: ________________________________ n Full n Half