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20093 Work toward greatness. LUBIN SCHOOLOF BUSINESS SPECIAL PROGRAMS Dual Concentration MBA Adual concentration MBA is available for those students who wish to do advanced work in two career concentra-tions. In this program, the student may choose, in consultation with faculty advisers in each subject area, to combine two of the available MBA career concentra-tion areas. Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Business Applicants for this program must be qualified professionals who hold a master's degree. An MBA or other busi-ness master's is preferred. Applicants must present a record of strong academic performance and show evidence of rele-vant professional experience. Applicants with non- business graduate degrees such as law, engineering, etc. are evaluated on the basis of their previous academic performance and the relevance of their graduate degree and work experience. MBA/ JD Applicants should follow the applica-tion procedures for the Pace University School of Law and the Lubin School of Business, which include payment of appli-cation fees and taking the Law School Admission Test ( LSAT) and the Graduate Management Admission Test ( GMAT). Admission to either the School of Law or the Lubin School of Business does not guarantee admission to the other school. Applicants must meet the independent admission requirements of each school in order to be admitted to the joint program. Students who begin in the MBA program must apply to and be accepted bythe School of Law by the end of their first year of full- time business study or by the end oftheir second year of part- time business study. Students who begin in the Law School must apply to and be accepted by the Lubin School of Business no later than during the fourth semester of law study ( if inthe three- year program), or no later than during the fifth semester of law study ( if in the four- year program). Once a student in either the School of Law or the Lubin School of Business has been admitted to the other school, the student should notify the associate dean for Acad-emic Affairs in the School of Law, and the director of Academic Advisement or the associate dean of the Lubin School of Business, of his or her intention to partici-pate in the joint program. BBA/ MBA- CPA for Pace University Undergraduates Admission to the Pace BBA/ MBA- CPA program must originate at the undergrad-uate level. Candidates will be required to haveapersonal interview with the undergraduate program coordinator and must demonstrate maturity and their ability to present themselves in a profes-sional manner. Candidates must submit agraduate application for admission to an Office of Graduate Admission. Admis-sion to the MBA program will require a strong cumulativequality point average for all undergraduate work completed at Pace University and a satisfactory score on the Graduate Management Admission Test ( GMAT). The final decision on admis-sion to the graduate portion of the pro-gram will be made by the Graduate Admission Committee in accordance with guidelines established by the Faculty Council of the Lubin School of Business. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS DEFERRALS Students who have been admitted to a graduate program at Pace University but who wish to delay their entrance for a period of time may request a deferral by writing to the Office of Graduate Admission prior to the start of the semester for which admission has been granted. The request must specify the semester the student anticipates entering the program. The graduate admission staff considers each request for deferral indi-vidually and retains the right to grant or deny admission for a future semester. DECISION APPEAL An applicant who is not approved for admission may appeal the decision. The appeal should be made in writing to the Office of Graduate Admission within one month of notification of denial.

42009 Work toward greatness. LUBIN SCHOOLOF BUSINESS APPLICATION FEE Applicants from outside the United States must remit the $ 65 application fee by international money order or by a check drawn from a U. S. bank. DEADLINE DATE AND STATUS International applicants who require a student visa are advised to apply well before the priority deadline dates and must apply for full- time matriculated status. Any international student whose under-graduate degree is equivalent to a four year baccalaureate conferred by an American college or university and who meets all other requirements, may be admitted directly into an MBA/ MS program in the Lubin School of Business as a matriculant. Likewise, an international student who holds a three year baccalaureate and has completed a master's program is eligible for matriculation. BRIDGE PROGRAM FOR INTERNATIONALSTUDENTS Aspecial program designed for the highly qualified international student whose under-graduate degree does not meet the U. S. equivalency criteria. Any international student whose under-graduate degree is notequivalent to a four year American baccalaureate and who has not completed a master'sdegree may seek admission by means of the Bridge Program for International Students. The purpose of the program is to provide supplementary coursework to those students with strong academic records who are judged capable of successfully completing a graduate cer-tificate or the MBA/ MS so that they meet the four year equivalency requirement for graduate study. The GMATis required for Bridge Program applicants. Once the applicant's eligibility for the Bridge Program for International Students has been determined, a course of study of up to 30 credits designed to remedy the applicant's academic deficiencies and to preparethe applicant for the graduate pro-gram will be outlined. Up to 15 creditsof post- baccalaureate course work taken by the applicant either abroad or in the U. S. A. may be applied toward the 30 credit bridge requirement as determined by the Office of Graduate Admission in conjunction with the Lubin School of Business. If a student is admitted to the program, aBridge Program Agreement and Bridge Program Course Outline describing the required premaster's course work will be sent with the letter of acceptance. The admitted student is required to sign and return the Bridge Program Agreement as a condition of acceptance and is bound by the requirements stipulated. Upon completion of the Bridge Program, students with a grade point average of 3.0 will be permitted to continue on in the grad-uate program; those with less than a 3.0 will be dismissed without appeal. TRANSCRIPTS If foreign language transcripts are issued, English translations attested bythe institution of origin, the student's Ministry of Education, a U. S. consular officer, or a professionally certified translator approved by Pace University must accompany the official transcripts. Please contact the Pace University Office of Graduate Admission for alist of approved translators. All materials submitted become the confidential property of Pace University and cannot be returned or forwarded to the applicant or a third party. TESTOF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE ( TOEFL) If you earned a bachelor's degree in a country where English is not the official lan-guage and English is not your first lan-guage, you must submit a Test of English as aForeign Language ( TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) score that is no more than two years old. A TOEFLscoreof 600 ( paper- based version), 250 ( computer- based version), 100 ( Internet- based version), or an IELTS score of 7.5 is preferred to demonstrate the requi-site proficiency in English for admission directly to Pace University's academic pro-grams. However, the Admission Committee may require additional testing if, for example, as a result of materials submitted as partof your application, therearecon-cerns about your ability to read, write, and speak English sufficiently to meet the demands of your intended curriculum. In that case, or if your TOEFLor IELTS score is belowthe guidelines stated above, your admission will be conditional upon your successful completion of an intensive Eng-lish language program at the Pace Univer-sity English Language Institute ( ELI) or a similar program approved by Pace University's ELI. STUDENTVISAS To receive Form I- 20 from Pace Univer-sity, which is required in order to obtain an entry visa, the applicant must demonstrate that he or she has sufficient funds available to pay for tuition and living expenses for one year of study in the United States. Students must provide evidence of addi-tional financial support of $ 5,000 per year for a spouse and $ 5,000 per year for each child that accompanies the student to the United States. All applicants who will require a Pace University student visa must submit the Pace University Financial Affidavit for International Students included in this application packet. All monies pledged on the Pace University Financial Affidavit for Interna-tional Students must be verified. Monies can be verified in any one or more of the following ways: A. Abank letter on bank letterhead in Eng-lish, which contains the applicant's or applicant'ssponsor'sname, account number, the amount of money in U. S. dollars, and the signature of a bank official; B. Aletter of support from a sponsoring scholarship program, fellowship program, or grant organization. ADDITIONALINFORMATION Information regarding applying for your nonimmigrant visa or transferring/ changing status if already in the U. S. will be included in your official acceptance packet. In order to assist you, it is required that your home address be provided on the application for admission. Please note that, as specified by U. S. immigration regulations, students who haveentered the U. S. on a tourist visa or on avisa waiver must be in proper status prior to enrolling in classes. Special situations regarding immigration status should be discussed with an adviser in the Office of International Programs and Services. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT INFORMATION