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New Year 2010 www. marcoreview. com Page 35 What's New? Continued from page 23 On the Move Chocolate Strawberry's move to N Collier didn't turn out to be as easy as expected. They had hoped to be open back in October but sadly, permitting got in the way. But they are open now and the chocolates and strawber-ries will taste all the better for the long wait, especially on Valentine's Day! Salon & Spa Botanica has new owners, Tom Brummitt & Dr Janet Polito, but don't worry Debbie and her team will be carrying on as normal. Saucy Sauce Make a Memory on N Collier has a versatile new all natural sauce in stock that can be used as a dip, marinade, sauté sauce or addition to icing. With a wonderful fl avor of orange marmalade and coconut, it can be used on chicken, pork, seafood or shellfi sh and, take it from us, it is yummy! COLLIER BLVD

" People in America take better care of their cars than they do their own bodies" said Ginny Richards, when I met with her recently. Ginny is an Acupuncture Physician with Skin Renewal Systems and she is a great believer in people taking personal responsibility for their health... " we only get one body so we all need to take exercise, eat the right foods and look after ourselves on a daily basis" she told me. Ginny also believes that if we keep our bodies in balance with regular acupuncture treatments we can not only alleviate pain in specifi c areas but we can also strengthen our immune system and even protect ourselves from falling prey to illness like the ' fl u. The Chinese Way She went on to say that when she studied at the Yuhuang Ding Hospital in China, three days in the lunar calendar were chosen at set intervals during the summer, when the people were at their healthiest, to " immunize" them against getting sick during the winter months. Of course these were not immuni-zations as we know them - plum blossom seven star needles and herbal poultices were the weapons of choice in China. Whole Body Medicine American acupuncture pracitioners have borrowed ideas from the East and adapted them to our needs in the West. Everything in the human body is connected and if there is something wrong with an individual part it has a detrimental affect on the whole. Unlike Western medicine, which is becom-ing more and more specialized and focuses on specifi c health issues, acupuncture is medicine for the whole body and promotes not only physical health but spiritual and mental wellbeing as well. Allowing Your Body to Heal Itself Ginny explained to me that the human body is an amazing machine which is designed to heal itself. It achieves this by circulating " qi" energy through pathways called meridians. Acupuncture points are " windows" to the meridian that can be used for balancing purposes or homeostasis, as it is called in Western medicine. As a bottleneck can clog the natural fl ow of traffi c on a freeway system, these meridians can become congested or stagnant. Acupuncture needles placed in specifi c spots can un-block them, allowing stagnant energy to fl ow freely once again and enabling your body to do what it is engineered to do, heal itself. The Chinese have known this for centuries but Western science has only recently proved it to be the case when, in a French study, dye was injected into acupuncture needle sites and traced as it followed the energy fi elds all around the body.