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Spring 2011 Page 53The Marco Review Shopping Guidecontinued from page 46continued on page 61Marco Town Center MallMarco's largest shopping center, this spacious tropical mall has 30 great restaurants and stores, including Publix. It offers a huge variety of merchandise including beach, casual and formal wear, shoes, jewelry, health foods and fl owers and is also home to Marco's active community theatre, The Marco Players. Map1 (C4) Lo-cated on the South east corner of the intersection of Collier Blvd and Bald Eagle Drive, it has entrances on Bald Eagle, Collier Blvd and East Elkcam Circle.. BLUE MANGROVE GALLERY - this lively gallery offers a wonderful collection of tropical art, furniture, gifts and jew-elry, including SW Florida's largest Trollbead collection, fea-turing new releases and limited beads. It's fun, colorful and exciting! 239.393.2405.. GEORGIE'S - this busy boutique has been a fi rm favorite of locals and visitors alike for the last 26 years. Owner Georgie Doll unfailingly pulls together a distinctive collection of top quality, high fashion ladies' clothing, shoes and accessories for all ages. 239.394.2621. MARCO CRAFT AND SHELL CO - this great little store has a wide selection of specimen shells and a new make and take craft space where you and your children can work on craft projects without messing up your home. The locally made handcrafted gifts will inspire you and the great selection of art, shell, memory book and jewelry supplies, along with the helpful, experienced staff, will help you bring your ideas to frui-tion. 239.394.7020. OBSESSION - whether you're 16 or 96 this glittering, beau-tifully appointed store will help you add a little sparkle to your life. With its great selection of up to the minute ladies' fashions, including clothing, shoes and accessories, this rela-tively new store has already attracted a huge band of glamor-ous fans of all ages. 239.393.6332. PERIWINKLES - if it's casual, easy to wear ladies', men's and children's clothing you're looking for, then a visit to Peri-winkles is a must. Featuring only brand named merchandise from Fresh Produce® and Life is Good®, their young at heart, colorful clothing, swimwear and accessories are the perfect match for the Marco Island lifestyle. 239.642.2334. SANDPIPER CLOTHIERS - quality clothing, shoes and ac-cessories from famous brand names such as Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyards Vines and Vera Bradley attract a wide range of cus-tomers (men, women and children) at this long established family run Marco Island store, which also has sister branches in Naples and Key Largo. 239.642.6691. THE UPS STORE - avoid airport hassles by getting your ex-cess luggage packed and shipped home ahead of time by the UPS store. They also offer a huge selection of packing sup-plies, in-store computer rental, high speed internet, copying, notary services and mail boxes. 239.642.0011. WIND TIDE - this recently opened store offers high quality apparel for the entire family featuring embroidered "Marco Island" sweats and tees for children, juniors, men and wom-en, as well as a good variety of sun dresses. 239.394.9463. YOUR ISLAND HOME - there's no need to leave the island to fi nd a great selection of high quality, yet reasonably priced, home decor and gift items - just visit Your Island Home in their new, larger location in suite #420! From luxurious bam-boo linens, sumptuous towels and decorative pillows to col-orful serving pieces, stemwear, lamps, photo frames and art-work, this store offers a remarkably wide choice of tropically themed items including locally hand painted holiday decora-tions and Marco Cat gifts. 239.642.7366

Having lived on Marco for over seventeen years, we've been asked many times what activities we'd recommend to fi rst time visitors. So we've put together this Insider's Guide. We're assuming that funds are unlimited (which, sadly, isn't often true at the moment) and the weather is perfect (which, happily, it usually is). Also that the vacationers are able-bodied and energetic (they'll need to be if they do everything we suggest here!) but don't forget, the ideas are interchangeable and along the way we've listed many other ideas which may be more applicable, so mix and match to create your ideal plan. For those of you who are only staying for a few days we've also marked with * the things we consider to be absolute "must sees". You'll fi nd more details about most of our suggestions in the ads and guides through-out the magazine. And please don't think, because we haven't recommended many restaurants (unless they offer something unique), we don't want you to eat while you're here! It's just that dining is so subjective we'd prefer you to make your choice by referring to our Dining Guide on page 110 and our more detailed Restaurant Review starting on page 113.DAY 1 - Getting to know us!Walk on South Beach Break yourself in gently with a stroll along the beach at the south end of the island. It's great to sit on the rocks at the tip of the beach, breathe in the clean salt air and watch fi shermen, birds and boats go about their business. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some dolphin or a manatee swimming by, and you should be able to fi nd some great shells here at low tide so don't forget to take a shelling bag along with you. For more info see "Life's a Beach" on page 34.Eco/Shelling/Sightseeing Boat Tours*SW Florida is famous for its wonderful wildlife and an eco boat tour is one of the best ways to see, experience and learn about it. You can expect to see dolphin (often jumping behind your boat) manatee, osprey, and many other water birds on most trips. Our area also boasts some of the best shelling in the world and, al-though you can fi nd wonderful shells on Marco, a boat trip to a local uninhabited island is by far the best way to fi nd unusual Best Happy HoursChefs' ExpressCocomo'sNacho Mama'sSale e PepeThe Sand BarSandcastles Sasso'sStiltsStonewallsSunset Grilleshells in abundance. See page 108 if you need help identifying your fi nds. Many of Ice Cream ParlorsBeebe's Ice CreamChocolate StrawberryCold Stone CreamerySweet Annie'sthe private boats will also customize your tour to include trips around the island, sightseeing in the canals, and per-haps lunch or dinner at a waterside restaurant. See our What to Do on the Water Guide starting on page 78. Sunset at a beachside bar*The sunsets don't come much better anywhere than they do here and they can seem even more spectacular with a cool glass of something in your hand! We recommend you try Sunset Grille, Stilts or the chickee hut at Capri Fish House.Continued on page 56