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Continued on page 92Of course it goes without saying that you'll never see everything that Marco has to offer in just a day, so if you decide to stay longer here is a plethora of ideas to keep you busy for the rest of the week!Marco's Best Happy HoursCapri Fish HouseCocomo'sMango'sNacho Mama'sSale e PepeThe Sand BarSandcastles Sasso'sSunset GrilleBreakfast Anyone?All week...HootsMango's Dockside BistroSale e PepeThe Sand BarStonewallsSusie's DinerSundays....Capri Fish House Day 2 - A different view of the areaPARASAILINGThis has to be one of the most exciting ways to get the best view of the Island! You can see for miles from up there, often spotting fi sh and dolphin in the clear water below. It's safe and fun for all ages so call Marco Island Watersports, (642-2359), to book the ride of a lifetime!EVERGLADES ADVENTURE TOURSYou just can't come to SW Florida without visiting the Everglades - it would be like going to Africa and not going on Safari! We recommend before you go it alone you book a trip with Vantastic Tours (394-7699), a Marco based company which will take you there in style in a comfortable air-conditioned van. The trip includes an airboat ride and is a very easy and informative way to see this unique environment.sail AWAYIf you're looking for a peaceful yet exhilarating way to enjoy the amazing scenery and wildlife around Marco Island, why not take a sailing tour? Off the Hook Adventures (571-4665), Cross Cruises (580-8765) Serenidad (272-0939) or Cool Beans Cruises (777-0020) offer trips of variable length, some of which include shelling on remote barrier islands and romantic sunset sails. TropicBird Sailing (595-4828) offers luxury full day excursions deep into the 10,000 Islands, which include lunch. Day 3 - Getting down to some funCHARTER FISHING Marco and the 10,000 islands are world famous for amazing sports fi shing and, because of our unique location, you can choose between offshore, near shore/reef fi shing and backwater fi shing. See our 'What to do on the Water Guide' on page 97 for details of our many wonderful charter captains. RENT A KAYAK OR STANDUP PADDLEBOARDKayaks and Paddleboards are available for rent on South beach from Paul's Beach Rentals, 239-642-1202 or at Tigertail Beach Park, 239-642-8414. Or maybe try a guided Backwater Adventure on a deluxe 2 seat catamaran, 239-877-4531 or a kayak eco or fi shing tour with Marco Island Kayak Adventures, 239-389-1575, Florida Backcoun-try Adventures, 239-595-7495 or Everglades Area Tours, 239-695-3633. Endless Summer Adventures, 239-285-7922, also offer paddleboard rentals, tours and fi tness classes.continued from page 114Continued on page 118116

117Thinking of buying? Condos are selling from as low as $44,000 to over several million with 75% of our condos selling between $100,000 and $500,000. Two bedroom beachfront condos with a view start at about $350,000 and a cozy condo near or across the street from the beach starts at $100,000. The combined condo main-tenance fees and annual property taxes typically range from $10,000 to $15,000 for beach front properties; $6,000 to $9,000 for condos on a canal or natural waterway and $4,000 to $8,000 for inland landlocked condos.Condos can be fi nanced with a 20%-30% down payment. At a 4% interest rate and a 30 year mort-gage, you can fi gure on paying $4.77 per month for each $1,000 of mortgage and at 5% interest that amount is $5.37 per month. Real estate taxes will be between 1%-1.5% of the purchase price. Although major insurance is included in your condo fee, you can add insurance to cover the interior fi nishes, furnishings and for liability coverage. Most condos include water/sewer, trash pick-up and basic cable in the monthly fee. Presently there are 622 condos for sale on Marco. 302 Beach front, 41 Gulf front, 145 Water Direct, 35 Water indirect and 150 Inland. 430 condos sold in 2011 and the majority of them ranged between $100,000 and $500,000. CONDO LOCATIONSStop by our offi ce at 207 N Collier Blvd., to pick up a free map of Marco which will orient you to-wards where all our condos are located. You will see that 32 condos are neatly spaced right on our crescent beach; 37 clustered at the south end near South Beach - many with canal access for boat-ing and fi shing; 29 are located in the north end of the island, including the tranquil Olde Marco area, many with river views; 12 bordering Smokehouse Bay with proximity to restaurants and shopping; 18 along Collier Blvd., and easy access to the beach. Seven more upscale condos can be found in ex-clusive gated Hideaway Beach and a dozen or so more along the South end gulfside of the island and Caxambas Pass. The rest are scattered around the island and on San Marco Road (SR 92) going east towards Goodland and our other bridge. Every beachfront condo north of the Residents' Beach was built by the original developer, Deltona Corporation - Mackle Brothers (except the Crescent Beach condo). Most of the condos south of Residents' Beach and San Marco Road were built by other builders and are considered luxury.Altogether, we have 161 condo buildings with 10,600 condos ranging in size from a 400 square foot studio to a 5 bedroom, 10,000 square foot penthouse. A large percentage of our standard two bed/ two bath condos are in the 1,000 square foot range. Some smaller condo associations have less then ten units, many have 20 to 60 condos and the larger condo associations can go up to over 300 units. You'll fi nd them inland, on the canals and waterways and on the beach. Almost all of them have pools, fi tness centers and social rooms. All of them are people friendly and half of them are pet friendly for owners. Each condo has a unique view, interior and feel. The oldest condos were built in 1967 and the newest one in 2007. Marco's beachfront is now completely built out. Since most condos have excellent security systems and managers to greet visitors, the only way to get inside and see for yourself is by way of an open house, a friend in the building, or through a Realtor. Curiosity motivates many visitors and residents to check out other condos while they are here. This will famil-iarize them with the variety of condos on the mar-ket and quite often sales are created from these visits and open houses. RENTING YOUR CONDOAlmost all the condos allow monthly rentals and some allow weekly. Two bedroom condos are popular and the ones near the beach rent for $3,500 a month in season (January, February and March); two bedroom condos on the beach in season rent for $5,000 to $6,000 per month and three bedroom beachfront condos go for $7,000 to $8,000 per month. If you come during our sum-mer months, condos can be rented for half these prices. Many owners rent their units to help off-set their taxes and maintenance fees. None of the condos on the island allow renters to bring pets but owners can have a pet at about half the condos. (Thank you Gary Elliot for sharing all of these valuable condo facts. Gary is a full-time realtor with ERA FLAGSHIP REALTY at cell 239.248.1776.)Realty Review... Continued from page 16Continued on page 119