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Fishing is an addiction. Why? It's the excitement, sometimes chaos, that is created when you hook up on a fi sh. The rod starts to jump and bend, the sound of the drag squeals as the line disappears from the spool. For most captains the best feeling is the look on the face of someone (child or adult) when they get their fi rst fi sh. The sense of accomplishment and that's when you know they're hooked. They can't get the next bait in the water fast enough.This summer and fall, a trip on the water will be the highlight of your Marco Island visit. There are several different trips you can do and so many species that you can catch. The closest would be the backwaters, this is a scenic area that holds the 10,000 islands together. This vast mangrove tree wilderness is home to many species of fi sh such as snook, redfi sh, sheepshead, black drum, pompano and sea trout. Now that the waters are warming up and the bait fi sh are moving into the backwaters, the snook and redfi sh are moving into the mangrove bays. The tarpon will continue through early summer and slow in the fall. The waters are always calm, very scenic and just a short travel distance from the dock, with dolphin sightings almost every trip.If you prefer the deeper waters head offshore to a wreck or reef. In summer it heats up here with great grouper, shark and snapper fi shing. The fall will bring a southerly migration of King and Spanish Mackerel as they head south for the warmer waters. The action is good and you never know what you will catch.Six Chuter charters offers several types of trips ranging from 4hr combo trips for the family with fi shing, shelling and sightseeing to 4,6 and 8 hr fi shing ex-peditions throughout the mangrove islands or the Gulf of Mexico. The dolphin watching is great and occasionally you may even see some manatees. No mat-ter what trip you take, the captains will make it the most memorable day of your vacation and they will see you again next year because you will come back. it's an addiction.Captain Shaun Chute of Six Chuter Charters is a lifetime native captain of Marco Island and for over 18 years he has run a charter business comprising of 5 charter boats from Rose Marina on Bald Eagle drive. He employs 4 other captains (or as he calls them. fi shing fools!) and they just can't get enough! They have all fi shed together throughout the 10,000 islands, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean but each of them have different backgrounds: Capt. Steve Sorbara has fi shed competitively on the redfi sh tour and still competes in local tournaments. Capt. Rob Fiermonti has a lifetime of experience fi shing the west coast of Florida, as well as fi shing tuna and billfi sh off the coast of the Carolinas. Capt. Chris Gill, a Carolina boy, was raised fi shing stripers and while in the Coast Guard fi shed the waters off Alaska. Capt. Sean Couturier was raised here and has fi shed the waters around Marco since he was a kid, which he thinks he still is!98

99ON THE WATERcontinued on page 100. SIX CHUTER CHARTERS - You're guaranteed to catch fi sh on this four boat fl eet located at Rose Marina. Backwater, near-shore, offshore and kayak fi shing with combo trips including shelling and sightseeing for the whole family. 239.389.1575. STOP'S MARINE CHARTERS - (Est. 1986) charter fi shing in the coastal Ten Thousand Islands area of the Everglades with Capts Luke and Josh. Accommodating up to 6 passengers at low per person rates or by private charter. 239.394.8000.. SUNSHINE TOURS - Backcountry and offshore fi shing, private and shared charters. 239.642.5415. UNREEL - Offshore and Inshore sport fishing aboard brand new state-of-the-art fi shing boat with Capt Joe Cacaro. 239.641.1094. WILD THING CHARTERS - Capt Randy Hamilton will take you offshore and make your rod sing on his custom 30' cabin boat with restroom. 239.821.7054Cruises. KEY WEST EXPRESS - Save hours of driving by taking this relaxing three hour trip on a jew powered vessel to Key West, either for the day or stay overnight. 591 Bald Eagle Dr., Marco Island Map 1 (3C) 1-888-539-2628. MARCO ISLAND PRINCESS - 96ft luxury cruise vessel, offering narrated sightseeing, luncheon, sunset, dinner and party cruises. Daily departures from Rose Marina. Map1 (3C), 239.642.5415Eco/Nature/Shelling by Powerboat. BACK WATER ADVENTURE - Get up close to our amazing wildlife on 3-4 hour guided sightseeing tours on the latest water craft to reach SW Florida - deluxe 2 seater catamarans which are safe and easy to operate with speeds up to 30 mph. 239.877.4531What to do on the Water Guidecontinued from page 97. DOLPHIN EXPLORER - 3 hour eco, photo expedition where you can participate in dolphin study with naturalist on 28 passenger power cat. Visit their booking cart at Rose Marina, 951 Bald Eagle Drive. Map1 (3C) 239.642.6899. DOUBLE R's MANATEE & ECO TOURS - Year round narrated boat tours in a pristine area which is home to one of South Florida's largest herds of manatee, just 30 minutes from Marco. The stable boats leave from Port of the Islands Marina every day for trips into the Gulf of Mexico. Now also offering 1 hour manatee viewing tours for $25 for adults and $15 for children. Call for times. Map3 (23Q) 239-642-9779. EVERGLADES AREA TOURS - See amazing wildlife on these power boat excursions into the 10,000 Islands and Everglades, leaving daily 9am, 11am, 3pm and sunset from Calusa Island Marina in Goodland. 239.695.3633. EVERGLADES BACKCOUNTRY EXPERIENCE - Capt Rodney Raffi eld, 5th generation native guide, offers 2 hour wildlife & birding trips in the Everglades National Park. 239.695.4626. FLORIDA BACKCOUNTRY ADVENTURES - Private boat tours into the backwaters of the 10,000 islands with experi-enced local guide and photographer Capt Alex Saputo. www.fl 239.595.7495 See article "Tailor Made to Suit You"starting on page 10.. MANATEE SIGHTSEEING ADVENTURE - Personal 1½ hour eco-tour into a remote manatee hideout. Quality manatee visuals guaranteed. No see - no pay! Only 2-6 passengers on 13 passenger rated boats so there's no crowding and there'splenty of room for your manatee encounter. After a dynamite manatee visual, check out alligators, endangered birds and more manatees. See why nature lovers take this tour two or three times per year. Map3 (23Q). Call your new friends, Captains Barry and Carol 239.642.8818ON THE WATER