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111000Middlesex by the Numbers56Number of Student Clubs and OrganizationsOH, NO!The Destruction of Card CityHis nickname is "Cardman," and he created a spectacular display of card stacking in the College Center. Alex Perricone is a card artist, and before he graduated in May, he decided to create a "card city." He takes thousands of normal playing cards and stacks them, creating intricate designs, some that go seven feet high. He doesn't fold the cards or use glue or tape, just balances them on top of each other. On April 11, it all came tumbling down as he used a fan to raze Card City. His goal is to inspire people to realize " If you work hard enough, anything is possible."

A new student government was created at Middlesex with four Called the Student Government Association (SGA), the organization represents students and their interests."Students need to have input and the objective of the SGA is to help promote good relations between students, faculty, staff and the administration," said Linda Attuh, the president. Other officers included Vice President Matthew Scognamiglio, Secretary Danielle Hobbs and Treasurer Naomi Akanbi.officers and 14 representatives. Helping Kids Learn About Water and ConservationStudents in the graphic design program at MCC worked with representatives of the Middlesex Water Company to create a coloring book that helps children better understand the value of water and the importance of wise water use. Elementary school children from all over Middlesex County drew many of the panels for the book, which was designed by the MCC students. Copies of the completed books were presented toMiddlesex students, faculty and the College president in October and will serve as an important tool in the company's education and outreach efforts. Restaurants from all over the area offered samples of their best dishes atthe MCC Alumni Association's foodtasting in April. The event raised $3,700for the association's scholarship fund.Here, Bernadette M. Sohler, vice president of corporate affairs at Middlesex Water (left), reviews the finished work with Professor Maria Marshall and Ken Fernando.From left, Danielle Hobbs, Linda Attuh, Naomi Akanbi and Matthew Scognamiglio.