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Paige and Nicky L'HommedieuFor Paige and Nicky L'Hommedieu, support of Middlesex County College is a family tradition. Paige's father was the College's first chairman of the Board of Trustees. An executive with Johnson & Johnson, he had a passion for the College that he passed along to his son and daughter-in-law."My father was involved in Middlesex County College from the very outset, when the College acquired the property, hiring the first architect, and selecting the first president, Frank Chambers. Because of my father, Middlesex County College was in our blood. He believed in it, and we became believers too."Paige said he thinks the financial support they give the College has transformed lives, allowing graduates higher-paying jobs and more personal satisfaction.But he has another reason for being involved in the College Foundation."It's fun," he said. "We are invited to the scholarship functions, we get to meet the students. It's fun to talk to them; it's fun to hear their stories. It gives us so much pleasure."They feel Middlesex County College is so important that they are passing this love of the College on to another generation."We believe in it and now so do our children," Nicky said.Jessica Cortese '08Ask Jessica Cortese what she likes about Middlesex County College, and she'll give you a list. But one reason above all: the diversity."In a class I can have students from Nigeria, Algeria, Pakistan - from all over the world," she says. "And something beautiful happens. There's this interactive learning with your peers. It really enriches the learning."MCC boasts not only cultural diversity, but scholastic diversity as well."We offer 100 degree and certificate programs, and the students are coming from a multitude of backgrounds and ages," she said. "The students are learning how to learn, and at the same time, the professors are coming up with new and innovative ways to teach to accommodate all those different learning styles and backgrounds."Jessica graduated from MCC in 2008 and is now working toward a master's degree at The College of New Jersey.Profiles

2011 Operating RevenueTuition and Fees 61%Middlesex County 22%Other 2%New Jersey 15%2011 ExpendituresOperation & Maintenance 14% Institutional Support 20% Instruction 47% Student Services 9% Public Service 6% Academic Support 4%Middlesex County College's Total Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 was $79,071,662.Middlesex County College Finances