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Rio RangeRio RangeThe Rio is the best combination album in the market today with the option of either using full sized prints or utilising the overlays that are included with the albumThe Rio crosses the boundary from contemporary to traditional all in the same album and is supplied in either a black or soft white finish.These on trend book bound albums are supplied with a taped edge page which exudes quality and are coated with a slightly stronger repositionable adhesive. The black version comes with a black edged book bound block and the soft white comes with a silver edged book bound block. We have also introduced the pick & pack service which enables you to order the exact combination of overlays you need to maximise your presentation when using the Rio. 9

10AcrylicAc rCylico CvoveerrImage Celebrate your signature image onthe front cover of your albumfor everyone to see behind one of our Acrylic covers. Our Acrylic covers come in both Contempo and Sara variants; each cover incorporates a quarter bound spine which highlights the high quality materials used in their construction.The acrylic covers are supplied with either a black leather look material or in red, white or black Croc effect material.The acrylic panel is ground and polished to a high spec finish making this high end product one of the best in the market.