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JANE SELLARSCuratorof Art at Harrogate'sMercer Art Gallery, Janehas been awarded theFellowship of theMuseums Association. In this issue (see page22) she describes a long-awaited new exhibition of the work of JohnAtkinson Grimshaw.NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FOREWORDDECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETIESNADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DATel: 020 7430 0730 Fax: 020 7242 0686Email: (search 'NADFAS') Royal Highness The Duchess ofGloucesterNational Chairman:Gri HarrisonChief Executive:David BellPresident:Christopher Lloyd CVOVice Presidents:Martin Drury; Philippa GlanvilleDesmond Shawe-Taylor; The Rt Hon, Rt RevRichard Chartres DDFSANADFAS REVIEWEditor:Danielle Green (Tel 020 7430 0730)Art Director:John Paul YettonArt Editor: Jane Jackson Editorial Director: Glyn Wilmshurst Publisher: Judith Quiney, NADFAS Enterprises (020 7430 0730)Advertising Sales: Judith Quiney 020 7430 0730, Barr, 020 7430 0730, PublishingOrigination:DL Repro LtdPrinting: BGP© NADFAS 2010/11COVER IMAGEBoar Lane, Leeds byLamplight, 1881, JohnAtkinson Grimshaw, oil oncanvas, Leeds City ArtGalleryNADFAS Reviewis published quarterly andcirculated to its membership (ABC audited). Theclosing date for editorial for the March 2011issue is 10 January 2011.The views expressed in NADFAS Revieware notnecessarily those of the Chairman, Trustee Board or theEditor. Every effort has been made to check theaccuracy of the information in NADFAS Review. Howeverneither NADFAS nor NEL can accept responsibility forinaccuracies or omissions. Articles, photographs,drawings etc in NADFAS Reviewmay not be reproducedwithout the written permission of the Chief Executive ofNADFAS. The Association accepts no responsibility forgoods and services advertised in NADFAS Review,whether the advertiser be a member or not.Advertisements are published for convenience ofmembers and members choosing to buy or sell throughthe medium of this magazine do so entirely at their ownrisk. © NADFAS 2010/11LEGACIES: With your will you can help NADFASfurther in its unique work as the leading ArtsEducational Charity. Remember, donations toNADFAS are tax-efficient, being free ofinheritance tax, and every sum, no matter howsmall, is welcome. For more information contact:David Bell, NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DA Average Net Circulation Jan-December 2009, 77,968ABC AUDITEDRepresenting NADFAS, I get to see a number of interestingplaces. The last few weeks have been no exception. What sticksin my memory is a succession of remarkable ceilings and floors:the exquisite fan vaulting of the Henry VII chapel and the 13th-centuryCosmati pavement in Westminster Abbey; the beautifully restoredGothic grandeur of Robert Walpole's papier-mâché ceilings atStrawberry Hill; the moulded gilt ceiling in Goldsmiths' Hall; and theunrestrained rococo carved ceilings and elaborate parquetry staircase atClaydon House, Buckinghamshire. All are testament to thecraftsmanship of earlier generations, achieved without modern tools ortechnology, and underline the importance of encouraging craftsmanshiptoday. Through the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund nationally we providegrants for conservation students, apprentices and interns. On page 5you will find news of our second Zena Walker Scholar, ElizabethHippisley-Cox, who is studying the conservation of stained glass at YorkUniversity. We look forward to hearing more about her work over thenext three years. Zena Walker founded and supported a number ofSocieties in Yorkshire so it is entirely appropriate that our new scholar is based there.It was good to see many of you at the recent private view at Goldsmiths' Fair where we allappreciated the fine contemporary craftsmanship on display in the opulent surroundings ofGoldsmiths' Hall. Bryony Knox, who designed the silver box we commissioned last year tocelebrate the 20th anniversary of our sister association in Australia, was one of those at the Fair. Itwas an excellent event and one which I hope we can repeat.At this time of year we begin to think about next year's Trustee elections. On page 40 you willfind the reflections of one of our longest serving Trustees, Colin Winchester, who retires from theboard in May. There is also a list of the skills we are seeking from our potential Trustees. I lookforward to meeting those of you who are interested in finding out more about becoming a Trusteeat the information day on 20 January at NADFAS House. This Reviewalso sees the launch of ournew Affiliate membership scheme, described in detail on page 42. Affiliate membership is intendedfor those who are interested in NADFAS but don't want to join a Society, or are unable to do so. Itwill enable us to spread the word about NADFAS more widely and is an opportunity for those onSociety waiting lists (more than 6,000 at the last count) who want to be more involved. It isreasonably priced, and for the first time it is possible to give Affiliate membership to friends andfamily as a gift. So, as you think about Christmas, why not introduce someone else to thepleasures of NADFAS? Gri Harrison National ChairmanCHRISTINE LALUMIAis Deputy Director ofLondon's GeffryeMuseum. On page 34you can read her articleabout the museum'sChristmas Past,Christmas Presentexhibition, in whichseasonal traditions, oldand new, are explored.GWEN YARKERis aFellow of the Society ofAntiquaries, anindependent art historian,and was recently Dorsetcoordinator for the PublicCatalogue Foundation. On page 30, she exploresan exhibition thatilluminates the lives ofGeorgian Dorset REVIEW / WINTER 2010