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National NewsNational Association headlines and updates, plus news from our sponsors and members' letters NEWSNADFAS was again represented atArt In Action, at Waterperry Housein Oxfordshire, in May. For the thirdyear running, NADFAS-accreditedlecturers gave the time to supportthis venture and were rewardedwith full lectures and veryNADFAS gets busy at Art In Actionenthusiastic audiences. We were also delighted to seemany existing members andgroups from all around the countrywho visited the four-day event.Thanks go to the lecturers whotook part: Libby Horner, GeraldDavison, Roger Mitchell and JanJefferson, and to the wonderfulband of volunteers who helpedman the NADFAS stand and helpthe lecturers. It was an event enjoyed by all. Ifyou are interested in volunteeringor lecturing at the 2011 Art inAction(21-24 May, 2011) pleasecontact Judith Quiney at NADFASHouse on 020 7430 0730.Above:Members enjoy a lectureat this year's Art In REVIEW / WINTER 2010 5

6NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER page 64 of the autumn issue of NADFAS Reviewwe mistakenly published a photograph of the Garrick Clubnext to a story about the Celebrating Surreyarts festival at Loseley Park.I was saddened to learn ofShuna Cronin's death in the last issue of NADFAS Review,but the news also evoked verymany happy memories of my travels - both nationally and internationally -withNADFAS Tours. I embarked on my very firstNADFAS Tour in December1977, destination: Moscow. I can't honestly rememberwhether or not Shuna wasactually with us on thatparticular occasion, but the tourcertainly bore her stamp ofmeticulous planning andattention to detail. Over the years, other holidaysfollowed, one of the highlightsbeing the 1983 NADFAS 15th-Anniversary Tour to Venice onthe Orient Express in thecompany of our then President,Sir Trenchard Cox. My travels continue and Ihope to visit Krakow with newlyinaugurated Oxford DFAS in theSpring of 2011.Kathryn HopkinsFormerly of WODFAS andVADFAS, currently of OxfordDFASTourmemoriesNADFAS is now registered with JustGiving( which enables onlinefundraising. The site can be used by members andtheir family and friends to create pages in memoriamor for sponsored events. Donations are made bycredit or debit card, and Gift Aid can be claimed.Proceeds from the site go to the Patricia FayMemorial Fund. Our registration was prompted bySociety requests to enable donations to the Fund tobe made more easily. The first donations through JustGiving were in memory of the late Madeline Ireland, amember of Egerton DFAS. Our grateful thanks go toher family and friends, who have raised more than£1,000 for the Fund.LETTERSREVIEW£2.50THE MAGAZINE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETIESAUTUMN 2010977174012900903NADFAS signs up to JustGivingCorrections and clarificationsCongratulations to Roseanne Williams (pictured below), aformer NADFAS Trustee who served from 2002-2007, whohas been elected to the National Trust Council.Rewarding times forNADFAS-backed artistsNADFAS is delighted to announce that thenew recipient of the NADFAS Zena WalkerScholarship is Elizabeth Hippisley-Cox(pictured), who is a student at York Universityand is studying Stained Glass Conservation.The NADFAS/Cockpit Arts Award went toluthier Alex Bishop, who makes and repairsstringed instruments.Former NADFAS Trustee electedto National Trust CouncilImage: © York Glaziers Trust