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TRAVEL/TOURShave our own festivals in Aldeburgh, BoltonAbbey, St Mawes and north Norfolk. Othernew tours for 2011 include Uzbekistan,The Crimea, the Pilgrim's Route toSantiago de Compostela, Villas & Gardensof Tuscany, and Jerusalem.www.kirkerholidays.comCall: 020 7593 2286 or for abrochure. Quote reference GNA.See pages 37, 41 and 45 for more.VOYAGES OF DISCOVERYThe key to a Voyage of Discovery cruiseis simplicity itself - see more, do more.You'll discover some of the great citiesand monuments from the ancient andmodern worlds. Our renowned guestspeakers unlock the secrets, while the650-passenger Discoveryis the perfectway to get to any destination. For thosewho choose not to fly, join Discoveryineither Portsmouth or Harwich and sail tofavourite locations in northern Europe,Scandinavia and Russia. Fly-cruiseoptions include the Mediterranean andthe Black Sea. Later the same year,Discoverywill cruise through the MiddleEast to India, the Orient and on toAustralia. An irresistible blend offascinating cultures, rich history andmagnificent landscapes promises acruise holiday that you'll never 822 0835.For more informationrefer to back cover of the ReviewTAILORED TRAVELFor Tour NADFAS we are currentlypromoting tours to Tallinn, the EuropeanCapital of Culture 2011, and to Jordan(see page 7 for details). For tailor-madetours for local Societies, as always Italyis our most popular destination,particularly Bologna, Tuscany, andVenice and Lake Garda. Flight tours toBerlin, Spain and southern France; andcoach tours to northern Europe,especially Amsterdam, Paris, Normandyand the Loire Valley, are also provingvery popular. With the increasedpopularity of the 'staycation', lots of TourSecretaries are booking tours within theUK for 2011, with Cornwall,Northumbria, Glasgow and Edinburgh,and Northern Ireland being particularfavourites. Every single one of our grouptours is tailor-made to the exactrequirements of the Society. That way,your tour is exclusively for your Societyand your Society alone and you get theexact tour your members want. 8665 9966SWAN HELLENICSwan Hellenic's Summer 2011 seasonblends 'must-see' sights of theMediterranean, northern Europe, theBlack Sea, north Africa and the Levantwith smaller, 'off-the-beaten-track'destinations such as St Kilda inScotland and Rovinj and Pula in Croatia.Our season of 'no-fly' cruises aroundthe UK, the Baltic, Iceland and Norwaynow depart from the historic naval cityof Portsmouth with purpose-builtfacilities and excellent travelconnections. Swan Hellenic's fascinatingwinter 2011/12 itineraries include areturn to Myanmar (Burma), a cruise inThe Gulf calling at Bahrain and ports inthe UAE, while also sailing to India,Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia,Indonesia and the Philippines. Ourinclusive tailor-made shore excursionprogramme seeks out the highlights ofeach country visited, while our renownedGuest Speakers' talks explain the pastand illuminate the 822 0677 (Refer to magazineinsert for more information)HEBRIDEAN ISLAND CRUISESOur Clyde and Argyll cruises at the startand end of our 2011 season provide theperfect opportunity to visit some of thearea's finest historic properties. Withmany not open to the general public atthis time of year, doors will be openedespecially for us. The ever popularwalking itineraries feature strongly,escorted by our familiar 'Footloose'guides. Our circumnavigation of Britainallows us to visit new ports of callincluding, Inverness, Edinburgh, Londonand the Channel Isles, with the excitingTaste of Normandycruise, departing 22August, venturing to France and prettyHonfleur. Travelling northwards viaCardiff, Eire and Northern Ireland wereturn to the familiar waters of the westcoast of Scotland before returning to theClyde to conclude another, 01756 704704See page 49 for more information REVIEW / WINTER 2010 51We are not endorsing any product in this section. Adverts are published for members'convenience. Normal terms and conditions apply (see page 3). Any travel ad carrying theTour NADFAS logo means a commission payment is made to NADFAS on the product ortrip advertised. Those that continue to support us through advertising only will not use theTour NADFAS name and logo.

345678SOTTINI FURNITURE FREESTYLE91011CHOOSE FREESTYLE FURNITURE FOR A SPACIOUS AND CONTEMPORARY FEEL. THERE ARE MORE THAN NINE WASHBASIN UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM, INCLUDING PEDESTAL UNITS OR CURVED WALL MOUNTED UNITS AND TWO TALL WALL MOUNTED UNITS PROVIDING STYLISH STORAGE SOLUTIONS .Tall units1 Tall unit with glass shelfW300 x D300 x H1763mmwith one door and two drawers E2796Worktop E28542 Tall unit with doorsW300 x D300 x H1763mm with two doors E2797Pedestal washbasin unitsFor use with:55cm Santorini Bow washbasin E62573 Wall mounted pedestal unit W360 x D300 x H475mm360mm Pedestal washbasin unit E27814 Floor standing pedestal unit W360 x D300 x H645mm360mm Pedestal washbasin unit E2782Pedestal washbasin units with standard worktopFor use with:45cm Santorini Ellipse washbasin E627440cm Santorini Bow washbasin E62585 Wall mounted pedestal unit with worktopW360 x D325 x H505mm360mm Pedestal washbasin unit E2781Pedestal worktop E28456 Floor standing pedestal unit with worktopW360 x D300 x H675mm360mm Pedestal washbasin unit E2782Pedestal worktop E2845Pedestal washbasin units with collar worktopFor use with:60cm Alchemy washbasin E984355cm Swirl washbasin E316255cm Bodoni washbasin E307560cm Oracle washbasin E679055cm Oracle washbasin E68207 Wall mounted pedestal unit with worktop with collarW360 x D325 x H505mm360mm Pedestal washbasin unit E2781Pedestal worktop with collar E28438 Floor standing pedestal unit with worktop with collar W360 x D300 x H675mm360mm Pedestal washbasin unit E2782Pedestal worktop with collar E2843Curved wall mounted washbasin unitsFor use with:70cm Delineo washbasin T099160cm Delineo washbasin T099355cm Santorini Ellipse washbasin E627245cm Santorini Ellipse washbasin E627455cm Santorini Bow washbasin E625740cm Santorini Bow washbasin E625860cm Celano washbasin J452655cm Celano washbasin J45259 600 Curved drawer wall mounted washbasin unitW605 x D470 x H300mm600mm Washbasin unit E2784Worktop E2850Also available:700 Curved drawer wall mounted washbasin unitW705 x D470 x H300mm700mm Washbasin unit E2785Worktop E2852500 Curved drawer wall mounted washbasin unitW505 x D470 x H300mm500mm Washbasin unit E2783Worktop E284612CARDIFF CASTLE52NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER Castle is truly ancient - it wasfounded by the Romans, and theNorman, Medieval, Tudor and Georgianperiods all left their mar - but it was theVictorians who made it one of thecountry's most memorable buildings.The transformation of the castle wasundertaken by the Marquesses of Buteand made possible by the vast wealthcreated by their Welsh coal industry. Thethird Marquess (1847-1900), an ardentantiquarian, shunned the industrialworld, but took delight in transforming hisWelsh seat into a feudal extravaganza.Lord Bute's architect, William Burges(1827-81), helped realise his dream.Burges was, if anything, even moreobsessed with the world of the MiddleAges than Bute and shortly after theirfirst meeting in 1865, the 18-year-oldMarquess commissioned Burges to re-design his plain, 18th-century sittingroom at Cardiff Castle. It was the first of 15 interiors to be given a dramatic'Gothic makeover'.For the Sitting Room, Burgesintroduced stained glass windows and a new carved stone chimneypiece, aswell as a painted frieze beneath abrightly coffered and coloured ceiling.The plain lower walls were hung withwoollen hangings, embroidered in amedieval style.The hangings were a major part of thedesign, as Burges knew the importanceof textiles in medieval interiors andwished to re-create the effect. Thecompleted interior was in use until 1947when the Bute family presented theCastle, although not its contents, to theCity of Cardiff and the building becamea College of Music and Drama. Manysplendid Victorian fittings were sold,removed or destroyed and Burges'shangings disappeared from sight forover 50 years. Lord Bute's Sitting Roombecame an office and some of thedecorations were obscured by a layer ofwhite paint during the 1950s.The room was partially restored duringthe 1980s, by which time the collegehad vacated. In 1994 some of Burges's(by now very fragile) hangings wererediscovered at Mount Stuart, the Butefamily seat in Scotland. Despite thesebeginnings, restoration of this important,but incomplete interior was going to bea challenging job. Who could possiblyundertake the expert task of accuratelyreplicating this single most importantelement of the interior?Elizabeth Hunter of Malvern HillsHeritage Volunteers takes up the story:"I first met Matthew Williams in 1996,when he came to speak to NADFASHeritage Volunteers. His talk mentionedHaving been a member,Programme Secretary andChairman of our local Society, Iwas, of course, aware of NADFASHeritage Volunteers, but I have beenincredibly impressed by theirprofessionalism and skill. Without them,our project wouldn't have happened. Thestory of the restoration of the interiornow forms an integral part of mylectures on Cardiff Castle and Burges,and brings the good work undertaken byNADFAS volunteers to a wider audience.A richtapestryVisitors to Welsh castles usually expect tosee a splendid ruin, but those coming toCardiff Castle are rarely prepared for thedazzling high Victorian rooms that greetthem. One of these has been restored withthe help of NADFAS Heritage Volunteers.The Castle's curator, NADFAS-accreditedlecturer Matthew Williams, tells the storyClockwise fromabove:TheSitting Room in1910 and as it istoday, restoredwith the panels insitu; detail fromone of thehangings, skilfullyreproduced byHeritageVolunteers(below)