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page 68 REVIEW / WINTER 2010 55OFFERSOffersThe latest special deals available to readers of the Review20/21InternationalArt FairWestminster Abbey Kings, queens, statesmen andsoldiers; poets, priests, heroes andvillains -the Abbey is a must-seeliving pageant of British history.NADFAS members can takeadvantage of a special two-for-oneticket offer to visit this wonderfulbuilding, founded in 960.www.westminster-abbey.org020 7222 5152HHA membership Privately owned historic houses are special places. Many are still familyhomes, lived in by the descendants of the people that built them. TheHistoric Houses Association represents owners of historic properties in theUK, from large stately homes to small manor houses. This combination ofhouses, contents, works of art, gardens and parks forms a uniquecontribution to our nation's heritage. For individuals or families who supportthe aims and work of the Association and enjoy visiting historic houses,there is Friends Membership. Friends form a valuable body of enlightenedsupport. When you become a Friend, you get a special membership cardthat allows you free entry to some 300 properties. NADFAS members canbenefit from a £3 reduction in the price of Friends Membership (thediscounted rate is £35 before 1 January 2011; £37 after). To claim the offer,call 01462 896688 and mention Watts Gallery's Hopeemergency appeal came about asa result of a contractor going in toadministration (see Arts News,page 11). The gallery is now justshort of the final £70,000 tocomplete the restoration. To helpraise funds, it is offering for sale aprint from a drawing by artist BarryMartin of Watt's sculpture Clytie,which has been generouslyproduced by CCA Galleries. Thesigned print is on sale for £295,but for NADFAS members there isa special price of £275. To claimthe offer, please call 01483 813 584 and mentionNADFAS.www.wattsgallery.orgWatts Gallery'Hope' printThe 20/21 International Art Fair will take place at the Royal College of Art,in Kensington Gore, London SW7, from 17-20 February 2011.This is thefifth year of the fair, which predominantly features modern andcontemporary art from the UK, but it also has a significant number ofdealers who specialise in work from China, Japan, Russia, Poland andthe Ukraine. Artists include Matisse, Miró, Picasso and Chagall (all workson paper), urban art from the US, plus British 20th-century favouritessuch as Henry Mooreand David Hockney.According to theorganisers: "Both dealersand visitors really like thevariety of art on offer, theaccessible price range,the manageable sizeand, most importantly,the friendly atmosphere."Entry is £6 per person,but NADFAS memberscan take advantage of atwo-for-one entry offer.Call 020 8742 1611 forfurther information on the Fair.Left:Gregory Volkov,Man with a White Bird2 FOR 1 OFFERThis coupon is redeemable for onefree admission with one paidadmission. Cheaper ticket free.Name .............................................Address ................................................................................................Postcode .......................................Email ..............................................Entry valid from now until 31 March 2011 during regularvisiting hours. Please see www.westminster-abbey.orgorcall 020 7222 5152 for opening timesOriginal coupon only -no photocopiesaccepted. Coupon valid when completedand upon presentation of valid NADFASmembership card. Offer applies to individualticket purchases only, not groups. Pleasebe reassured that your details will not beshared with any third parties.?

ALDER HEY PROJECT56NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER says this is the mostrewarding project she has ever done,never having worked with sick childrenbefore. "I was thrilled to have thisopportunity as my work takes me into awide range of environments and theyare all very different. Sometimes it'sabout community engagement andcreating a sense of pride and ownershipof an environment. Sometimes it isabout raising aspirations and engagingthe disengaged. Sometimes it's aboutcreating something beautiful and havingfun. The Alder Hey project has been aunique experience, and it was a privilegeto be invited into a very personal world,with families going through the mostpainful and difficult time imaginable. Iwas not sure how I would feel, but onmy first day I met Alice -what anamazing young lady! Alice's Bird, Joy,was inspired by Prince William's visit toAlder Hey and, like Alice, Joy isgorgeous, vibrant and full of fun."Hope, the bird created by teenagerOliver, is beautiful. When I received thechildren's designs I couldn't believe thata teenage boy had written this: 'Hope;the ladders on the back are the hurdlesthat the families have to face and thehearts on the wings are the people thatwrap their arms around you and care foryou'. Oliver has gone to America forthree months for a treatment that is notavailable in the UK. Hope is now finishedand ready to be installed. Oliver is verycreative and I felt proud when his mumtold me that after working with me he ishoping to do a mosaic project for hisGCSE Art. I have offered Oliver a workplacement. That is something great thathas come from this project. Noteverybody appreciates how important itcan be for people in situations such asthis to have time and space where theycan forget, briefly, the difficult path theyare on. It has been said to me thatperhaps the money could be better spenton research or a scanner, but for somepeople scanners and research will nothelp. Some need quality time and happymemories. One parent told me this was'the best day they had ever spent inhospital'. That sounds a bit ironic but thisnine-year-old girl had spent years inhospital. For her mum to say that the dayshe had spent with mewas the best outof perhaps many made me feel humble."NADFAS has done a amazing job infinding the funds and getting this projectoff the ground. It makes a huge differenceand I cannot think of anybody who has amore rewarding and fulfilling job than Ihave, and it's thanks to organisationssuch as NADFAS that these things canhappen -well done you!" Iris Nightingale is President and YoungArts representative of Liverpool DFAS Our Society was advised by amember to approach the veryactive Art Group at Alder HeyChildren's Hospital in Liverpool. Theyagreed to participate in a collaborativeproject, so we engaged an artist,Patricia Lee, who had designed themosaics for one of the 'Mini-Superlambanana' sculptures which hadformed such a memorable part ofLiverpool's year as European Capital ofCulture, and the outcome was to designand build two 'Fat Birds' which could befixed in the garden for all to enjoy. Wewere granted a Patricia Fay MemorialFund grant for half the cost, and ourmembers raised the remainder for thedesign of one Bird, and the Hospitalfunded the other. Patricia worked mainlywith teenagers in the oncology unit,where some very sick children aretreated for cancer. The children wereasked to design patterns suitable forapplying to the fibreglass bodies of thebirds as mosaic tiles. They showedmuch enthusiasm and creativity as theidea captured their imaginations. Forchildren confined to bed, the Birds werebrought to them on a trolley.The Fat Birds are named 'Hope' and'Joy' and since their completion Patriciahas been asked by the hospital todesign three more Birds of the samesize, plus a larger one.On the wings of hopeWhen artist Patricia Lee was asked to takepart in a NADFAS art project at Alder HeyChildren's Hospital, she had no idea that itwould be her most rewarding yet. IrisNightingaletells the storyPictured:One ofthe Alder Heychildren workson a 'Fat Bird'mosaic design