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SOCIETIES NEWSLost local history inspires Young Arts in TruroTruro DFAS has sponsored aYoung Arts programme involvingevery Year 8 student in the city.Schools contributed a variety ofwork on the theme of Truro'shistory and architecture, includingphotography, glasswork, prints,paintings and models. The culmination of the Build Upprogramme was an exhibition thatattracted several hundred visitors.A highlight was a model of theSocieties NewsA snapshot of Society and Area activities across the countryBlackwaterDFAS funds Young ArtsprojectsThis year has seen BlackwaterDFAS successfully complete twoYoung Arts Projects. A grant fromNADFAS allowed the Society tofund an art exhibition andcompetition for senior pupils at twolocal secondary schools: MaltingsAcademy, Witham, and The PlumeSchool, Maldon.Over 80 paintings of a very highstandard were exhibited and thecompetition was judged by twowell-known local artists. TheNADFAS grant was used to fundfour awards for the best entries."Great exhibition of youngtalent", "Very impressive", and"Inspirational young artists" werejust a few of the commentsreceived from visitors to theexhibition. The event was a greatsuccess showcasing the work oflocal schools and in publicising thework of NADFAS and BlackwaterDFAS in general.The second project, started inMay, was the sponsorship of apainting at Great Totham PrimarySchool. The painting was designedto depict scenes illustrating theschool motto. It was carried out bya group of senior pupils as anextra-curricular activity.At an unveiling in July, theSociety presented the school witha cheque for £350 and a plaque. 58NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER of Truro Cathedral, madefrom cardboard boxes.Central to the display was alarge model showing a long-demolished area of Truro known asMiddle Row. The buildingsincluded the market house and thelock-up with its stocks. Speakersinside the model played asoundtrack of various voices, thechiming of the town clock andnoises of farm animals.The Middle Row model was alsofeatured at an exhibition in theRoyal Cornwall Museum.Left:Part of the exhibition basedaround a model of a landmarkletterboxBelow:The model of MiddleRow, the long demolished streetin Truro town centre REVIEW / WINTER 2010 59SOCIETIES/AREAS NEWSCeramic project takes Young Arts coordinator down memory laneAn entrancing ceramic wall decoration (pictured above) was installed on22 June 2010 at Ewhurst Church of England Infant School, Surrey, tocelebrate the completion of a £250,000 building project at the muchpraised village school.Every pupil was involved in the two-month Young Arts project, ablyguided by local ceramicist Penny Green.The finished work features significant local buildings, including thehouse in which Greater London Young Arts Area Representative GillianEeley, lived as an evacuee. She was a pupil at the school between 1940and 1947. Gillian generously sponsored the project in token of her sevenhappy years at the school.Pictured (l-r): Penny Green, Gillian Eeley, Sheila Drew (West SurreyYA Area Representative), and Yvonne Farrington and John Baker, YA Representative and Chairman of Cranleigh DFAS respectivelyStratford pupils discover thepower of musicStratford-upon-Avon DFAS sponsored two members of the City ofBirmingham Symphony Orchestra to share their skills with key stage 1pupils at the town's Wilmcote Primary School. Jackie Tyler (cello) andPeter Walden (cor Anglais and clarinet) demonstrated how musicalinstruments could tell a story and evoke atmosphere using differentrhythms, chords and notes.Pupils learned how to tell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff withmusical accompaniment. The music workshops were interspersed withart sessions as pupils created background scenery and images of thecharacters in the story.The children learned a great deal during the day then presented a verysuccessful performance to the school and their parents. North Wilts Young Arts Group heldan inspiring Seaside Painting Dayearlier this year. The colourful beach-inspiredcreations "put everyone in aholiday mood", according to theGroup Organiser Susie Weaver. The North Wilts Young Artsprogramme of summer eventsculminated in the annual Fun Day- a highlight was the 'HistoryMan', who showed medievalarmour and offered classes inarchery and jousting.Painting puts North WiltsYoung Arts in a summer mood