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FREE TIMEThis issue's crossword wascompiled by Hazel Goldman. Thefirst correct entry we receive by 30 December and pull from thepostbag will receive a literary prize.Please send your correct entrieswith your name, address, Societyand phone number to: Crossword65, NADFAS House, 8 GuilfordStreet, London WC1N 1DA.Right: Elizabeth Theresa Fox-Strangways (1773-1844) andElizabeth Kitty Acland (1772-1813),1777, Thomas BeachACROSS1I breathe heavily outside,because of the emulsion (5)4Smallest rebuff? (9)9Grave and acute, in amanner of speaking (7)10Rub and the man turnsgreen (7)11STORED (6)12Music, a medley includingEuropean element (7)14HON THRILL (9)16Register a fish (4)18Parking in a former tip (4)19Before tears are shed bythe edentates (9)22Old soldier or cadet has tobe trained (7)23AS MARY (6)26Lamentations of obviousway back (7)27Coaching without a recipefor dumplings (7)28Can anyone disguise suchvexation (9)29HE needing CAB (5)DOWN1Quietly left to have financialcheck for approval (7)2Become liable forfashionable dog (5)3Ten pence - the number for Ulysses' wife? (8)4First soldier has twisted belt (4)5The clue, mama, it turned out was perfectlygroomed (10)6SHY USE (6)7Trace idea that is wrongand root it out (9)8It doesn't normally containmother's ruin (7)13Enjoying two socialevents? (10)15Having failed to observeone's credit rating (9)17Tom has a curry in thecellar (8)18GAP PAIR (for victor atbattle of Actium) (7)20Smart and sly, hits out (7)21MONEY? Right (6)24A car's smashed thebones in the pelvic area (5)25Turn up with the Frenchwho cast a knowing eye (4)SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD NO.64Congratulations to the winner ofthe competition in the autumnissue: Lilian Crossley(Stratford-upon-Avon DFAS)Clues in capital letters are anagrams of artists who painted in one county (11 across), apart from 18 down who comes from a much older era and is not an artistCrossword No.6566NADFAS REVIEW / WINTER