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MEDIA AWARDSSocieties received recognition for theirresourcefulness and creativity in thisyear's Media Awards. The results,announced at the AGM, are listed belowin reverse order:PRINTED MATERIAL Highly-Commended:Liverpool DFAS - Newsletter andPromotional LeafletOrwell DFAS - Promotional Poster Runner Up:West Somerset DFAS - PromotionalLeafletWinner:Borders DFAS - Newsletter DIGITAL MEDIAHighly-Commended:Croydon DFAS - DVD: FairchildesMosaic ProjectTruro DFAS - Pre-lecture PowerPointPresentationBlockley DFAS - Pre-lecture PowerPointPresentationBirmingham DFAS - WebsiteExe DFAS - WebsiteRunner Up:Greater London Area - WebsiteWinner: Fylde DFAS - REVIEW / AUTUMN 2010 23Delegates enjoyed podcastsdemonstrating the work of ChurchRecorders and Young Arts, as well asone called 'NADFAS at Work' featuringWest Surrey Area Chairman DeniseTopolski and former Greater LondonArea Chairman, Joy Manners. Thepodcasts demonstrate the work carriedout by different branches of NADFAS,from local Societies and volunteers in alldisciplines, to the Association'shardworking Trustee BoardGri Harrison, who describedvolunteers as playing an "important roleas the public face of NADFAS", detailedthe achievements of all three disciplines.Sixty-two Church Records werecompleted in 2009, she said, bringingthe total to 1557. In 2009, HeritageVolunteers also embarked on 75 newprojects, while almost £170,000 waspaid in grantsto Young Arts initiatives.NADFAS Chief Executive David Bellthen took to the stage to consider thefuture priorities for the Association.Looking at Communication first, heurged members to make use of the newIT database, emphasising how it would"streamline your committee work andmake communications easier". He alsoflagged up progress on the onlineDirectory of Lecturers whose workingprototype was being tested at the timeof the AGM, adding that a facility foronline submission of lecturer feedbackforms was in the offing.On membership, he outlined boostedlevels of financial support for newSocieties, as well as hands-on supportfor vulnerable Societies struggling withfalling members or committeesuccession. He added that there wouldbe a major update of the NADFASHandbook in 2010 that would make thisvaluable resource "as convenient andaccessible as possible for members".On a final note, David Bell addressed the areas in which NADFAShopes to boost its public recognition.This includes development of NADFAS'sAbove: Media Awardwinners collecttheir prizes, while sponsorsand partnerscatch up withmembers Left to right: The TrusteeBoard: GriHarrison(NationalChairman);Nigel Yallop(National ViceChairman);Chris Robinson(Hon Treasurer[co-opted]);Jacqueline Ball;Danny Bonwitt;Liz Knox;Jill Makepeace-Warne;Miles Roberts;June Robinson; Kate Siebert;Heather Spencer;Janet Thomson;Colin Winchesternew presence on social media sitesFacebook and Twitter and increased use of the NADFAS podcasts. "We intend to make these more readilyavailable to members," he said. "They are a persuasive way of delivering a positive message to theoutside world."In her closing statement, Gri Harrisonstressed that with a new government inplace and austerity measures at the topof its agenda, the impact on the artscould be "profound", adding thatNADFAS's volunteer arms would be inincreasing demand as museums beganto feel the pinch.It only remained then for her to thankdelegates and remind everybody thatnext year's AGM would be taking placein Edinburgh. For further details on the 2011 AGMand how to book, turn to page 8

AGM ACCOUNTS24NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN annual review Drawing from his recent AGM presentation, NADFAS Treasurer Chris Robinsonoffers a summary of the Last year I said that despite thethen economic outlook, we werestill well placed for the future, but that we were being very cautious due to:-the economic situationthe fact that one of our travel affiliates,Hebridean International, had gone intoadministration, resulting in us sufferinga bad debt us expecting a reduction in ouradvertising and tours commissionincome stock markets continuing to fall, whichhad reduced our reserves cover tobelow our target level at the time ofthe AGM.These factors, together with thereduction of interest rates tounprecedented levels, meant that thesmall deficit we had budgeted for in2009 would be higher, despite uscutting some expenditure. 'Results better than expected'In the end, our results turned out to bemuch better than expected as:-we recorded a deficit of under£12,500the stock market recovery in thesecond half of 2009 resulted in ourreserves recovering substantially andbeing above our target at the end ofthe yearwe increased our charitable giving.Therefore, NADFAS continues to be wellplaced for the future.INCOMEIn 2009 the General Fund's income was£1.37 million - nearly 10% lower than2008. Our income, (as shown in the lefthand pie chart on page 27) is stilldominated by subscriptions, advertisingand tours commission.The key points of interest were that:- our income from affiliation feesincreased by over 3%, as once againGENERALDESIGNATEDTOTALTOTALCONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIALACTIVITIES (INCLUDING INCOME AND 2009200920092008EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT)FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2009£000£000£000£000INCOMING RESOURCESIncoming resources from generated fundsVoluntary incomeSubscriptions and fees from membersGift AidDonations, legacies and other similar incomeEducational course fees and eventsActivities for generating fundsTrading subsidiaries' incomeOther incomeInvestment incomeBank interest and investment incomeTOTAL INCOMING RESOURCESRESOURCES EXPENDEDCosts of generating fundsCosts of generating voluntary incomeGift Aid -Societies' administration costsFundraising tradingTrading subsidiaries expenditureEducation courses and eventsCharitable activitiesSocieties and Area grantsEducation VolunteeringMembership servicesGovernance costsTOTAL RESOURCES EXPENDEDNET INCOME/(EXPENDITURE) BEFORE TRANSFERSTRANSFERSGross transfers between fundsNet incoming/(outgoing) resources before other recognised gains and lossesOTHER RECOGNISED (LOSSES)/GAINSGain/(loss) in the value of investmentsRealisedUnrealisedNet movement in fundsRECONCILIATION OF FUNDSTotal funds brought forwardTotal funds carried forward1,028.822.9 1,051.7 1,018.6 -94.5 94.5 79.0 2.7 5.8 8.5 43.1 15.3 162.5 177.8 216.9 307.0 -307.0 333.9 -8.5 8.5 37.2 16.9 12.2 29.1 98.0 1,370.7 306.4 1,677.1 1,826.7 -30.3 30.3 27.0 -119.9 119.9 131.2 443.4 -443.4 442.4 5.3 -5.3 2.3 195.0 78.5 273.5 267.0 240.8 26.4 267.2 274.5 325.9 55.9 381.8 415.6 144.6 -144.6 172.7 1,355.0 311.0 1,666.0 1,732.7 15.7 (4.6)11.1 94.0 (28.2)28.2 --(12.5)23.6 11.1 94.0 (11.5)(1.7)(13.2)-76.6 57.4 134.0 (138.8)52.6 79.3 131.9 (44.8)1,078.1 1,596.8 2,674.9 2,719.7 1,130.7 1,676.1 2,806.8 2,674.9