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DR IAIN GORDONBROWNis Vice-President of EdinburghDFAS, Principal Curatorof Manuscripts in theNational Library ofScotland, and Presidentof the Old EdinburghClub. On page 54 heexplores the architecturaldichotomy of the city.NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FOREWORDDECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETIESNADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DATel: 020 7430 0730 Fax: 020 7242 0686Email: (search 'NADFAS') Royal Highness The Duchess ofGloucesterNational Chairman:Gri HarrisonChief Executive:David BellPresident:Christopher Lloyd CVOVice Presidents:Martin Drury; Philippa GlanvilleDesmond Shawe-Taylor; The Rt Hon, Rt RevRichard Chartres DDFSANADFAS REVIEWEditor:Danielle Green (Tel 020 7430 0730)Art Director:John Paul YettonArt Editor: Jane Jackson Editorial Director: Glyn Wilmshurst Publisher: Judith Quiney, NADFAS Enterprises (020 7430 0730)Advertising Sales: Judith Quiney 020 7430 0730, Barr, 020 7430 0730, PublishingOrigination:DL Repro LtdPrinting: BGP© NADFAS 2010COVER IMAGESilver vases with gold stardetail and 'orange' surfacetexture, by Goldsmiths' Fairexhibitor Brian WilliamsonNADFAS Reviewis published quarterly andcirculated to its membership (ABC audited). Theclosing date for editorial for the December 2010issue is 14 September 2010.The views expressed in NADFAS Revieware notnecessarily those of the Chairman, Trustee Board or theEditor. Every effort has been made to check theaccuracy of the information in NADFAS Review. Howeverneither NADFAS nor NEL can accept responsibility forinaccuracies or omissions. Articles, photographs,drawings etc in NADFAS Reviewmay not be reproducedwithout the written permission of the Chief Executive ofNADFAS. The Association accepts no responsibility forgoods and services advertised in NADFAS Review,whether the advertiser be a member or not.Advertisements are published for convenience ofmembers and members choosing to buy or sell throughthe medium of this magazine do so entirely at their ownrisk. © NADFAS 2010LEGACIES: With your will you can help NADFASfurther in its unique work as the leading ArtsEducational Charity. Remember, donations toNADFAS are tax-efficient, being free ofinheritance tax, and every sum, no matter howsmall, is welcome. For more information contact:David Bell, NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DA Average Net Circulation Jan-December 2009, 77,968ABC AUDITEDAs I write, the Big Society is much in the news. We may not all beclear about what it is, but NADFAS is certainly an excellentexample of thousands of volunteers making a difference. OurHeritage Volunteers and Church Recorders make a substantialcontribution to the conservation of our heritage, and our Young Artsvolunteers support and organise hundreds of arts projects for youngpeople in their local communities. Passion for the arts and thepreservation of our heritage are clearly powerful motivators, but none ofit would happen without the drive and energy of our Societies.NADFAS has been out and about this summer. At Art in Action atWaterperry House in July, the weather was kind and the standproduced a greater number of enquiries than usual, with our fourlecturers attracting full houses daily. Equally popular was our stand atLoseley Park House at the Surrey Festival organised by the two SurreyAreas (see page 64 for more). Thanks to all those who gave of theirtime to make these events so successful.We had a very good AGM in May. Our President, Christopher Lloyd,(whose house is featured on page 38) and our Vice-Presidents joined us for the morning,introducing presentations from some of our partner organisations. We also heard from our firstZena Walker scholar, Katya Belaia, whose inspirational talk has now been turned into a podcast.The podcasts from the last two AGMs are being distributed to Societies for you all to see in duecourse. The AGM report can be found on page 22, and our Hon. Treasurer's Report on page 24 isalso worth a read. It is re-assuring that NADFAS finances are in good shape thanks to somecareful housekeeping last year by David Bell and his team at NADFAS House. In January I went to inaugurate our newest Society, Waveney Valley; well worth the journeydespite atrocious weather. Their opening lecture was on the Staffordshire Hoard, and a week or solater I was able to see some of the pieces on display at the British Museum. The Art Fund, withwhom we have close links, ran a successful appeal earlier this year to save these treasures for thenation. Their new Director, Dr Stephen Deuchar, talks about the work of the Fund on page 28.As we begin a new lecture season, have a look at the two special days in London in Octobermentioned on page 9. There is also still time to book for the events planned around our EdinburghAGM in May next year (see page 8) - a feast of cultural treats organised by our hardworking AGMcommittee in Scotland.Gri HarrisonNational ChairmanANDREW ALLEN is alecturer, writer and tourleader who specialises inart history and themodern history andpolitics of Syria and itsneighbouring countries.On page 46 he shareshis insights on some ofSyria's most fascinatingcultural attractions.CLARE PARDYheadsthe Fine Art Department of insurance groupEcclesiastical, enabling her to visit importanthouses, see wonderfulcollections and meetfascinating people -including NADFASPresident ChristopherLloyd (see page 38) REVIEW / AUTUMN 2010