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page 68 REVIEW / AUTUMN 2010 56 NATIONAL NEWS Updates, letters and a tribute to Shuna Cronin.8 NATIONAL EVENTS Book your place at the 2011 NADFAS AGM.11 ARTS NEWS Art Fund Museum of the Year and Britain's first City of Culture announced. Plus, the Museums, Archives and Libraries Council under threat.14 WHAT'S ON Gallery exhibitions taking place across the UK this autumn.18 AREA COURSES A nationwide programme of NADFAS courses.22 DELIVERING A POSITIVE MESSAGE Full report on this year's NADFAS AGM including, on pages 24-27, the Association's annual review and accounts.28 IN SAFE HANDS Stephen Deuchar, the newly installed Director of the Art Fund, speaks to NADFAS Review about his plans for the charity and about protecting the nation's heritage.32 ARTISTRY AND ARGENT On the eve of this year's Goldsmiths' Fair, Amanda Stucklin explores some of the techniques used by today's generation of jewellers and silversmiths.Clockwise fromtop left: At homewith NADFASPresidentChristopher Lloyd(p38); the ArtFund's StephenDeuchar (p28);Syria uncovered(p46)ContentsAutumn 2010THE NADFAS GIFT CATALOGUE CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 4038 MASTERFUL COLLECTION Clare Pardy meets NADFAS President ChristopherLloyd and his wife Frances at their Suffolk home to uncover the personal stories and friendships that lie behind their collection of art.42 NEW BEGINNINGS A call to action, plus information on resources and funding for readers interested in the invaluable task of founding new NADFAS Societies.46 TOURS Breathtakingly exotic and historically rich Syria in the spotlight. Plus stepping back in time in Pompeii and Herculaneum.54 A TALE OF TWO TOWNS Iain Gordon Brown, Vice President of Edinburgh DFAS, highlights the fascinating architectural duality of Edinburgh ahead of next year's NADFAS AGM, which will be held in this fine Scottish city. 57 OFFERS Exclusive offers for NADFAS members.58 SOCIETIES NEWS The latest news and updates from local and overseas Societies.66 CROSSWORD This issue's brain teaser.

6NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN NewsNational Association headlines and updates, plus news from our sponsors and members' letters Tom gets the Bigger Picture The ash cloud from Icelandicvolcano Eyjafjallajoekull may havecaused travel chaos, but memberson visits with Tour NADFASaffiliates have been impressed bythe way the situation was handled.Oneexample was the April 12-16 visit to Istanbul by TailoredTravel. After the eruption, a speedydecision led to a coach trip acrossPictured:A YoungNADFAS YoungArtist Award waspresented to TomSinghgolden atthe first summershow at TheBigger PictureGallery atLondon's CrystalPalace. It wasdouble successfor Tom becausehis picture, of a magnificent fire-breathingdragon, waspurchased on the event'sopening night.Paul Martin ispictured (left)presenting theaward to Tom.Tour affiliates commended for volcano decisionsEurope and a ferry home. TheDirector in England, MichaelEnglish, and the local guide,Ibrahim, were able to coordinatethe alternative route home with oneof the tour group, Chris Bruce,who assumed the role of groupleader. "The entire group was most impressed with your care andgenerosity in providing us with accommodation and foodwhen our official visit had expired,"said Mr Bruce. "It was selflessgestures like this that kept ourmorale up and made us realise wewere not alone." He went on to say: "I can assureyou that you have some 32 ferventfans dotted about the country,including one in Holland, who willbe singing the praises of TailoredTravel long and loud." Among themany glowing letters received byother members of the tour camethe following quote: "I do not knowhow to thank you for yourexcellent arrangement for ourexodus from Istanbul. How youmanaged to plan it all was amiracle." Photos: