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SOCIETIES NEWSStirling launches first Scottish Church trailAs part of its 20th-anniversarycelebrations, Stirling DFASdesigned and launched Scotland'sfirst NADFAS Church Trail. TheBridge of Allan Parish Church waschosen for the trail as it featurescarved oak furniture by Scottishdesigner Charles RennieMackintosh and stained glass by anumber of leading artists.On a beautiful sunny day,children from the Stirling YoungArts Group were first to test outthe trail through the church and itssurrounding area. They learnedabout the stained glass, furnitureand textiles, and were encouragedto make drawings. An Easter egghunt in the grounds of the churchwas a perfect ending to a morningthat was thoroughly enjoyed by thechildren and their parents. StirlingDFAS looks forward to welcomingmore visitors to the church andhope that the trail inspires childrento explore other churches at homeand abroad.Societies NewsA snapshot of Society and Area activities across the country58NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN 2009, Cheam DFAS, inconjunction with Sutton EducationBusiness Partnership (Art in theWorld of Work) sponsored aproject at Nonsuch High School forGirls in Cheam. The project paidfor artist Jennie Grover to show thestudents how to make clay reliefplaques and from these createlatex moulds; and then to use thelatex moulds to cast morepermanent plaques in Crea-Stone.The theme was 'Identity' andeach student brought in a personalitem, such as a shoe, aPersonal treasures set the scene in Cheamphotograph or some treasureditem. The initial clay plaques werethen made incorporating the objectin whole or in part.The finished work, a collage ofthe Crea-Stone plaques painted inacrylic and yacht varnish to imitatethe effect of oxides on clay, hasbeen mounted on board and isnow displayed in the school.Right:Detail of one of theplaquesLeft:A Nonsuch student getscreative with the clay REVIEW / AUTUMN 2010 59SOCIETIES NEWSPewsey learns the art ofTurkeyworkThe elegant 17th-century Merchant's House in Marlborough provided aninspiring setting for Pewsey Vale DFAS Heritage Volunteers taking part ina Turkeywork project. Turkeywork, a type of stitch originating in a villagein Asia Minor, first appeared in England in the 1500s.The project began in 2000 after the Friends of the Merchant's Housebought a Turkeywork chair from Christie's. A further 12 replica chairswere commissioned. An enthusiastic group of Heritage Volunteersattended a Royal School of Needlework training day and work on thechairs started in 2004. Volunteers attend whenever they have time toundertake the painstakingly detailed work. The public can watch them atwork when the house is open. To date, two carvers and a chair havebeen completed. Another chair is about to be delivered to the upholstererand four more canvases are being worked on. Leeds DFAS supportschildren's centreA donation from Leeds DFAS has helped to provide disabled childrenwith a free arts activity holiday. The Leeds DFAS donation, matched by funding from the Patricia FayMemorial Fund, has been used to buy art materials for Lineham FarmChildren's Centre. Every year 1,400 disabled local children benefit from abreak at Lineham Farm. A bright art room offers children the opportunityto design and make colourful items, including mosaic mirrors and batikand screen-printed T-shirts.It's been a busy year for Leeds DFAS as the Society celebrated 25years of Church Recording in April. Jane Hedley, NADFAS ChurchRecording Chairman, joined the celebrations and all nine Records thathave been produced by the Leeds group were on display. The festivitiescontinued at All Saints' Church, Otley, where members and guests took atour of the church and enjoyed a buffet tea.Kids have amonster timein RichmondSince 2008, Richmond DFAS has been workingin partnership with Orleans House Gallery tosponsor arts activities in local schools. Thelatest project was at Collis Primary School withthe artist Bessie Turner. Drawing on their studyof the effects of diet on the evolution of animals,the children designed and built monster skulls.The children's creations were wonderfullyimaginative and they also produced somebeautifully illustrated thank you letters.