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The cherry blossom was at its finest when 15 HallamshireDFAS members arrived in Japan for a 12-day visit to learnabout Japanese art and architecture. Their tour started inthe ancient capital of Nara, but took in Kyoto, Matsumoto,the Japanese Alps and Tokyo. The group visited palaces,castles, temples and private houses to learn abouttraditional architecture. They also saw examples of Japanesewestern-style buildings, such as a Tokyo school designed byFrank Lloyd Wright, and the futuristic Kyoto station madefrom steel and glass. The group visited several privatecollections, including the Miho Museum in the ShigarakiMountains and the Mori Arts Centre exhibiting modern arton the 52nd floor of a Tokyo skyscraper. They found thateven the Japanese food was a work of art! REVIEW / AUTUMN 2010 61SOCIETIES NEWSHallamshire DFAS studies art and architecture in Japan?DISS DFASIn April, 131 members of DissDFAS gathered to celebrate the Society's 20thanniversary with a glass ofbubbly and a slice of cake.Several founder membersattended, including thePresident, Andrew Philip, whoused his former military swordto cut the cake.?SOUTH WEST SCOTLAND DFASIn March, members of SouthWest Scotland DFASwelcomed NADFAS PresidentChristopher Lloyd to the 20th-anniversary celebration atDalswinton House. BarbaraCrichton marked theanniversary by donating£2,000 to support the displayof historic costumes atSouthside House inWimbledon. ?REIGATE DFASTo celebrate its 25thanniversary, Reigate DFASheld a lunch for 120 at WottonHouse in May. The guest listincluded David Battie from the'Antiques Roadshow', whogave a talk on his favouritethings. ANNIVERSARIESThanks to Teignbridge DFAS,120 children enjoyed medievalmask making in the excitinghistoric setting of ComptonCastle.The three-day event in Junewas organised by a partnershipbetween the Society (with helpfrom the Patricia Fay MemorialFund), the Helen Foundationand the National Trust.At the start of each day, thechildren developed their ideasby exploring the castle withartist Steve Newton. They thenused various materials to createunusual and highly individualmedieval-style masks. Anexhibition of the children'screations was on display at thecastle for the summer holidays.Pictured:Mask making atCompton Castle was enjoyedby all Teignbridge sponsors castle capers for kids

62NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN NEWS?GRAYSHOTT DFASGrayshott DFAS celebrated its25th anniversary with agarden party in the grounds ofcommittee member JennyLee's home. The HampshireArea Chairman joined thecelebrations and everyoneenjoyed the canapés andsunshine as they appreciatedthe garden in full bloom.?EXMOOR DFASExmoor DFAS marked its 25thanniversary in May with alunch at the Tythe Barn inDunster. Over 80 membersattended, together withNational Chairman GriHarrison. After lunch themembers were given a talkabout Dunster Castle and aguided tour.?LIMPSFIELD DFASLimpsfield DFAS celebratedits 35th anniversary at its Maylecture. The cake-cuttingceremony was performedjointly by Chairman AnnHollywood and patissierEileen Perryer.ANNIVERSARIESBrecknock's poll putsHarewood in the leadIn May, members of BrecknockDFAS spent five glorious daysexploring some of the finest statelyhomes and buildings of Derbyshireand Yorkshire. Returning to Wales,with a five-hour journey ahead,Jane Moyle, Visits Secretary,decided to operate a straw poll ofwhich they had enjoyed best. Itwas judged by ProportionalRepresentation, with people'ssecond, third, fourth, fifth and sixthchoices being taken intoconsideration.The result, with the most popularEngelmere DFASsupported a YoungArts project for Year 6pupils at GreatHollands School,Bracknell. The childrenworked with ceramicartist Sadie James tocreate a work of art tocelebrate UNICEF'schildren's rights work.They created aroundel in the form ofa jigsaw, which nowgraces the school'sentrance. The childrencut the pieces anddecorated them withthe words 'hello' and'peace' in thelanguages of theirdifferent ethnicbackgrounds.Engelmere promotes a peaceful hellofirst, was as follows: HarewoodHouse; Haddon Hall; CastleHoward; York Minster; ChatsworthHouse; Hardwick Hall and CalkeAbbey. In essence, the smallerprivate houses, which have notbeen too commercialised and havethe owner's personaltouches, came out on top.