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page 68 REVIEW / AUTUMN 2010 63SOCIETIESNEWSGade Valley DFAS wanted to ensure that its 40th-anniversary year would have an impact on the localcommunity. It embarked on a Young Arts project atWoodfield School, Hemel Hempstead, which catersfor children with severe learning disabilities. With a donation of £500 from Gade Valley and anadditional grant of £150 from the Patricia FayMemorial Fund, the school was able to arrange an artday run by sculptor Joanna Scott. With her help,students decorated a large kinetic sculpture in theshape of a Chinese Air Dragon and made individuallanterns from flexible wire. The structures were lit by solar lights and hung inthe trees in the school grounds as a lasting reminderof the students' work.The Society celebrated its 40th anniversary atChenies Manor in Hertfordshire, where the NADFASinaugural meeting took place in 1965. Gade Valley project lights up local schoolCLAIRE BURGE We are sad to report the deathof Claire Burge, the founderand President of Orwell DFAS.Members will miss herfriendship, calm manner andexcellent advice. Claire foundedthe Society in 1999 and wasChairman until 2004, afterwhich she became President.JENNIFER OTLEY 1939-2010A tireless member and long-time Treasurer of ScarboroughDFAS, Jennifer Otley (pictured)served as a Heritage Volunteeron a variety of projects andwas also a Church Recorderand Area Representative. Herpresence and wise counselwill be sorely missed. Jenniferis survived by her husbandJohn, sons Kevin and Darrelland grandson Jake.JOHN WEBB-JENKINS1939-2010It is with great regret thatWalton & Hersham DFASreport the sad loss of theirChairman, John Webb-Jenkins. John was adedicated and committedChairman and his suddendeath in April came as a greatshock to the Society.John joined Walton andHersham DFAS in 2004 afterhis retirement and he wassoon persuaded to stand forVice Chairman and thenChairman in 2008. OBITUARIESSchomberg retires from Magic Lantern postDiana Schomberg is retiring after 16 years as theAdministrator of Magic Lantern. The organisation, which aims to inspire youngpeople with an enthusiasm for the arts, has deliveredaround 700 presentations a year in schoolsthroughout London, the Midlands and the NorthEast. Diana wishes to thank the various NADFASSocieties and individual members for what has beentheir valuable support over the years.Pictured right:A local school child takes part in a Magic Lantern presentation

64NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN NEWScopy dates fornadfas review2010 & 2011Winter 2010:14/09/10Spring 2011:10/01/11Summer 2011:24/03/11Autumn 2011:01/07/11If you are sending in newsitems for NADFAS Review andyou are able to email them,please send them sent separatelyshould be clearly labelled. Also, please avoid sendingphotos embedded in textdocuments as we are unableto use these.If text was previouslyemailed, please send a copyfor reference.We still welcome stories fromSocieties and members whodo not have access to email.We apologise to Societieswho have sent in stories thatdo not appear on thesepages. We welcome allsubmissions but due to anoverwhelming amount ofentries we are not always ableto publish all of them. For abetter chance of seeing yourstory in print, photographicquality is key. Ideally, photosshould be emailed as jpeg ortiff files at print-quality highresolution (300dpi).Many stories about Society activities are still being sentwithout accompanyingphotos. We encourage readersto always send in pictures.They make for a nicer lookingmagazine and give your storya much better chance of being featured. For details ofpicture specifications, pleaserefer to the information at thebottom of this page.More than 12,500 people visitedand participated in the first everopen-air arts festival at LoseleyPark on a hot summer weekend inJune. Children and adults alikeenjoyed a mixture of theatre,dance, music and visual arts in acelebration of Surrey, itslandscape, heritage and culture.The NADFAS West and EastSurrey Areas, in partnership withthe Surrey Hills Society, organisedart and crafts workshops anddemonstrations with six furtherpartners, as well as a photographiccompetition for the young.The large NADFAS standshowcased the Association'svolunteering activities: two ChurchRecords were on display, as wellas three replica brasses for brassrubbing. Two exquisite antiquequilts, on loan from Loseley House,allowed the Heritage Volunteers totalk about how they had workedon their conservation. Other artistswithin the marquee got visitorsinvolved in a host of activities.The organisers say it was a hot,active and a very rewardingexperience.Surrey art celebrations get off to agreat startFifteen members of Rutland DFAS enjoyed avaried trip to Andalucia, Spain, in May. They visitedSeville and Ronda. In Malaga, they saw thePicasso Museum and Cathedral. However, thehighlight of their trip was a tour of Granada'sstunning Alhambra.Rutland DFAS enjoys anAndalucian adventureHaslemere DFAS timed its visit to Istanbul very well inMay -it is currently the European Capital of Culture. StSaviour's Church in Chora has just been renovated andthe Fruit Room in the Harem at Topkapi Palace has beenreopened to the public. Thirty-six members of the Societyenjoyed an itinerary taking in these sights, as well as theBlue Mosque, Haghia Sophia, the spice bazaar and aboat trip along the Bosphorus. As further luck would haveit, the group managed to avoid any delays caused byvolcanic ash on their journey home. A Turkish delight for Haslemere DFAS