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?ELY DFASEly DFAS marked its founding25 years ago with a luncheonparty in May. The assembledguests and members weregiven a warm welcome by thepresent Chairman, MaureenWoodbine, and were thentreated to readings and a filmabout John Clare, theHelpston poet, by PeterMoyse.?SCOTLAND & NORTHERNIRELAND DFASSusan Zuill received apainting as a thank you giftupon her retirement asScotland and Northern IrelandArea Chairman. The work waspainted by Christine Davies,Chairman of Borders DFAS,and presented to Susan byNADFAS National ChairmanGri Harrison.?KNOLE DFASKnole DFAS marked theretirement of Chairman HilaryThomas in May.Actor LancePierson entertained membersby recounting John Betjeman'slife through his poems. At thedrinks reception thecentrepiece was a stunning icesculpture featuring the NADFASand Knole DFAS logos. REVIEW / AUTUMN 2010 65SOCIETIES/AREAS/OVERSEAS NEWSBy Fiona RossingtonTouring Australia in March, my husband andI visited Toowoomba in Queensland. Wewere given a warm and friendly welcome byour hosts, Bob and Meaden Turner, by IanKing, who showed us round Toowoombaand told us some of the background fromhis family's experience, and by JenniferClarke. We attended a fascinating andinformative ADFAS evening lecture on 'Iran -Land of Great Kings, Shahs and Ayatollahs'by John Osborne. The lecture was held in abeautiful hall, in the Glennie School, with anArt Nouveau moulded ceiling, which wasfilled to capacity with about 100 people.Afterwards we had wine and canapés andthere was a tremendous buzz in the hall.Toowoomba is a delightful place high on ahill with many old Queensland houses. Thereare views over the Darling Downs andeverywhere are well kept parks and gardens.Toowoomba's Garden Festival draws visitorsfrom far and wide.OVERSEAS NEWS.Cotswold twinning trip toToowoombaBelow: Fiona Rossington, Cotswold DFASTwinning Rep, with Liz Hudson, theToowoomba ChairmanThe first North West Area Bursary, sponsored by the BrianMercer Charitable Trust, was awarded in May to ShonaHarrison from the Lancaster Institute for the ContemporaryArts (LICA). The bursary totals £6,000 and will contribute towards thecost of Shona's undergraduate degree and forthcoming MAstudies. It will also help her to set up a studio when shegraduates next summer. Shona commented: "Winning has not only allowed me thefunding to continue my art education, but has encouragedmy drive and desire to become a successful artist."In addition, LICA will receive £1,000 for a piece ofequipment which will benefit the department where Shonastudies. Three other students each received £500. They wereChristian Mills from LICA, and Ana Rosa Hopkins and JamesBostock from Manchester Metropolitan University. It ishoped that the bursary will be offered again in 2011.Shona's a first forNWA BursaryArun and Walburtonvolunteers receivecastle honoursArun DFAS and Walburton DFAS Heritage Volunteers havejust celebrated 25 years of work in Arundel Castle. TheDuchess of Norfolk, who is Patron of Arun DFAS, invitedpast and present volunteers to join her for a lunch inrecognition and thanks for their work. The 40 guests alsoincluded the castle's archive staff and Dr John MartinRobinson, Librarian to the Duke of Norfolk.At lunch, the volunteers shared stories of theirexperiences. The archive staff have asked volunteers to writedown their accounts so that these can become part of theCastle Archive. Over the years, their tasks have ranged fromcleaning and monitoring the condition of books in the libraryto dusting old ledgers out on the battlements. MaschaRichards, Chairman of Arun DFAS, commented: "In general,we are warmer and less dusty than previous years, but arestill fascinated by the history that surrounds us."

FREE TIMEThis issue's crossword wascompiled by Hazel Goldman. Thefirst correct entry we receive by 30 June and pull from the postbagwill receive a literary prize. Pleasesend your correct entries with yourname, address, Society and phonenumber to: Crossword 64,NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DA.Right: Porcelain treasures are thisissue's crossword themeACROSS1 Factory: POSED (5)4Moored to bottom of harbour (8)10German Prince who couldvote for Holy Roman Emperor (7)11Factory: LEACHES (7)12Fine type of pottery (9)13Inflamed swelling on eyelid(4)15Senussi leader or theMahdi's successor (7)17Lay down boundary lines (4,3)19French hotel chain (7)21Certificate (7)23Event such as a marathon (4)24 Factory: CREW STORE (9)27Factory: LOST RIB (7)28Factory: NEMESIS (7)29Adolescent (8)30Factory: BY RED (5)DOWN1Rug from the ram's family (9)2Spanish greeting has a songabout a shrub (7)3Do they go as far as they cango? (10)5Steal new ad-men withspecial titles (9)6Pay attention to malejournalist (4)7Minced tortoise (all but thetail) in this dish (7)8Bowler getting a duck (5)9Space sounds betterventilated (4)14Forecast support for men onother side (10)16Complete dozen (3,6)18Imagine holding bit of material, right? What a smell! (9)20A small amount in the wineproducer provides protection (7)22Having a wider angle isduller (7)23Figure made to steal books(5)25Play in afternoon - or theother way round? (4)26To get into South Africa'sclassic hall (4)SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD NO.63Congratulations to the winner ofthe competition in the summerissue: Mrs D Armstrong(Medway DFAS)This issue there is a simple check on some of the factories producing porcelain treasures. Across cluesare straightforward, with an anagram in capitals to help you along. Down clues are conventionallycryptic. All words and phrases, apart from 19 Across and 16 Down, are in Chambers DictionaryCrossword No.6466NADFAS REVIEW / AUTUMN