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ARTS NEWS10NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING NewsArts and heritage updates from around the country. Compiled by Simon Tait12 landmarks for 2012 OlympicsLed by Arts Council England, 12works of art have been chosen as2012 landmarks in a £5.4mscheme in which 2,000 applicantswere sifted. The nine Englishregions will each have £500,000for the art, while Northern Irelandwill have £190,000, Scotland£460,000 and Wales £230,000.EastOn Languard Pointby thePacitti Theatre Company. Wholecommunities are being involvedwith 205 black flags being flownaround the coast, graduallyreplaced by the flags ofparticipating nations; there will bestreet feasts and a whole cul-de-sac of houses will be painted blackand become a theatrical arena;disused shops will houseexhibitions of ephemera.East MidlandsLionheartbyShauna Richardson. Threecrocheted lions, inspired bywill play, activated by the data, and audiences will be invitedto interact.North WestProjected ColumnbyAnthony McCall and FACT.Produced by Liverpool'sFoundation for Art and CreativeTechnology, Anthony McCall'scolumn of spinning cloud will risefrom Birkenhead's disusedMorpeth Dock, visible 10 metresaway, which will disappear andreappear in structured sequences.Northern IrelandThe NestbyBrian Irvine and John McIlduff (asDumbworld). The people ofNorthern Ireland will be asked todonate an item each to befashioned into a gigantic work ofart by artists and designers, andthen to become the official pointfor large-scale musical event.ScotlandForest Pitchby CraigCoulthard. Trees in a secluded partof a forest near Edinburgh will becleared and a football pitchcreated for one match only, playedby two teams of amateurs. Thetrees will form the goalposts andthe spectator stand, and after thegame the area will be left to returnto nature.South EastThe Boat ProjectbyLone Twin (Greg Whelan and GaryWinters). People in the south eastwill be asked to contribute awooden object of personalsignificance to be used in buildinga sea-going boat, which will belaunched in May 2012 on a two-week voyage. The boat will thenbe the centre of four arts events:performance, visual, test-basedand sonic.South WestNowhereislandbyAlex Hartley. An island the size of afootball pitch found by the artist inAbove right:Shauna Richardson, the East Midlands choice, with acrocheted lion Below: London's artists at a bus shelter Richard the Lionheart who wasassociated with the region, willdominate the Nottingham skyline. Richardson wants tohighlight crochet as acontemporary arts medium.LondonBus-Topsby Alfie Dennenand Paula Le Dieu. Forty busshelters across all the Londonboroughs will have LED panelsfitted to their roofs on whichLondoners will be able to sendmessages, play games and makestatements, exploiting the creativityof a new audience for art - thosewho travel on the top decks ofdouble-decker buses. North EastFlowby the OwlProject and Ed Carter. Anenvironmentally friendly watermillwill float on the Tyne with theartwork generating its own powerand monitoring the river'senvironment. Musical instrumentsthe Arctic will be brought to thesouth west through internationalwaters, will be given 'micronation'status, and will navigate the coastvisiting ports and harboursaccompanied by a travellingembassy. There are already 359signed-up citizens.WalesAdain Avionby Marc Rees.An abandoned DC9 aeroplanefashioned into a wingless bird will'nest' around the principality,pulled to each site by teams oflocal athletes and communitymembers.West MidlandsGodiva AwakesbyImagineer Productions. LadyGodiva's ride will be re-enacted asa progress from Coventry toLondon by a 10-metre highpuppet, made from aluminium andcarbon fibre, and symbolisingequality, fair play and justice.YorkshireLeeds Canvasby LeedsCanvas. This is a collaboration ofartists and arts organisations inLeeds that will use the buildings,streets and people of the city as a'canvas', with the assistance of theQuay Brothers as artistic directors.Opera North, Northern Ballet, WestYorkshire Playhouse, PhoenixDance, Yorkshire Dance, LeedsMet Gallery, Situation Leeds, andLeeds Art Gallery are all workingwith Leeds City Council. REVIEW / SPRING 2010 11ARTS NEWSNo morebuttonssays Kids inMuseumssurvey Museum visitors don't wanthands-on computer drivenattractions, preferringtraditional object displaysaccording to the charity Kids inMuseums. In its annualmanifesto, based on a surveyof families visiting museumsand galleries, it is the surprisenew element in a checklist of20 dos and don'ts."Visitors have said they don'twant unlimited hands-on anymore, they can do all that athome now," said Dea Birkett,Director of Kids in Museums."What they want is to touch areal bone - they want to betactile and get a sensualexperience. Let's face it, thetechnology is never going to beas good as Avatar. They wantthe thrill of the real."Another of the checklists hasalready got government action.Education Secretary Ed Ballshad pledged £25,000 tointroduce a 'flexible familyticket' for museums. The usualtwo-plus-two concessionavailable at most museums isonly available to a family of twoadults and two children,ignoring the shape of themodern British family andtaking no account of single-parent families. The manifesto also calls forpram parks in museums,adding to the convenience ofmothers with small children,and also other visitors whooften find large buggiesimpeding their access tomuseum exhibits. The British Museum, theWhitworth in Manchester, BristolCity Art Gallery, and the RoyalAlbert Memorial Museum andGallery in Exeter have all acquiredtapestries following the RamsesWissa Wassef Arts Centre'ssummer exhibition last year. The centre, in Cairo, wasfounded in 2005 in memory of theweaver and teacher who wasconvinced that everybody wascapable of being an artist, andwho in 1951 established a schoolto teach ordinary young Egyptianpeople tapestry making. He died in1974, but an exhibition of workdone at the centre was mounted atWallsworth Hall, Gloucestershire.There are already Wissa Wasseftapestries in The National Museumof Scotland, The Petrie Museumand the Victoria & Albert Museum.Museums buyWissa Wasseftapestries afterexhibitionMuseum school opens The first secondary school with amuseum specialisation has openedin Slough. The £23m LangleyAcademy, funded by the ArbibFoundation, is the first in thecountry to provide 'museumlearning', based on the model of aNew York school, with artifactsused for teaching conventionalsubjects. An example is an ancientoar blade used in design andtechnology, PE, English and historylessons. The academy has its ownmuseum with 500 objects, with aMuseum Learning Club run by thestudents. The oar theme is in themuseum's first exhibitionMovement, displaying 200-year-oldoars through to the British goldmedal winning boat from theSydney Olympics. Fittingly, theacademy was opened by Olympicgold medal winning oarsman SirMatthew Pinsent (pictured). New chair for Lightbox Retired businessman RogerHawksworth has becomeChairman of the Lightbox inWoking, Surrey. He succeedsRoger Umney who, as the firstChair, saw the project through fromplanning and fundraising from asingle room to the opening in 2007and winning the £100,000 prize forArt Fund Museum of the Year.Images: © Matthew Andrews 2009, Cypress and Olive Trees', Sawzi Moussa (1974)