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BEYOND WESTERNCIVILISATIONSDates: 4 October, 1 November,29 November, 13 December2010; 10 January, 7 February, 7March, 28 March, 18 April, and16 May 2011Venue:Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1Time:10.45am-3.30pmTutors:VariousPrice:£285 for the whole courseor £30 per day (if spaces areavailable)Contact:Sarah Sanderson, 6 Avenue Road, Teddington,TW11 0BT or email: home.sandersons@btinternet.comThis two-year course will exploregreat civilisations as theydeveloped their own art streams.In the first year we will exploreChina, Japan, India and SouthEast Asia. In the second year wewill look at Russia, north, centraland south America, sub-SaharanAfrica and Australia. Full detailsavailable from the SCO, pleaseapply with a stamped selfaddressed envelope.GARDEN DAYS -SUMMERGARDENS 2010 WITH JAMESBOLTONThese days are 'self-drive';directions are given to each venue.Entrance charges, tours ofgardens, morning coffee, luncheonand afternoon tea are all included.Contact SCO:Di Lines, 32 LawnCrescent, Richmond, SurreyTW9 3NS or email:dlines@onetel.comDate: 25 June 2010 - NorfolkVenues:Hunworth Hall,Hunworth; Lawn Farm, Holt;Swannington Manor,SwanningtonTime:10.30am-5.30pmPrice:£72 per personHunworth Hall was built in 1699 inthe Dutch style, and this is echoedin the formal gardens. Old estatemaps provide the inspiration forthe contemporary layout createdby the current owner. Clippedbeech, thuja and evergreen oakhedges divide the gardens. Twocanals are overlooked by acharming pavilion and there is aworking kitchen garden. At LawnNADFAS REVIEW / SPRING AND MYFANWY PIPERAND BENJAMIN BRITTENDate:18 May 2010Venue: Snape Maltings, SuffolkTutor:Frances SpaldingPrice:£14 plus £7 for optionalafternoon (if available)Contact:Kay Abbott Tel: 01728454 312 or Pipers were great friends ofBritten and Peter Pears, whocollected many of Piper's pictures.Piper was the set designer andMyfanwy the librettist for several ofBritten's operas. In the afternoonthere is a limited number visit tothe Red House, Britten and Pears'home in Aldeburgh, on a first-come, first-served basis.EDUCATION: COURSESPlease contact the Study Course Organiser to book on the relevant course. When booking please send a cheque made out to Greater London Area NADFAS and send a stamped self addressed envelope to the SCO of each course. No refunds are given except in exceptional circumstances, unless there is a waiting list. Tickets can be sold on by the member concerned. SCOs will use their discretion as to whether to give a refund where there are very special circumstances.MARY THE VIRGIN - HERAPPEARANCE IN PAINTINGAND SCULPTURE FROM THE7TH TO 19TH CENTURIESDate:26 March 2010Venue:Art Workers Guild, 6Queen Square, London WC1Tutor:Clare Ford-WilleTime:10.30am-3.30pmPrice:£30 (incl. coffee)Contact:Di Lines, 32 LawnCrescent, Richmond TW9 3NSor email: This study day of three separatelectures provides an opportunity to examine the many differentways in which the Virgin Mary hasbeen represented in art over thecenturies. We will consider the many waysin which Mary appears with theChild as a baby or as an adult -either on her own or with the AngelGabriel -and in what ways theseimages change over the time,depending upon social, political or religious ideas, in the work ofartists such as Donatello, Jan vanEyck or Giotto.AreaCourses... across the country during spring 2010 and beyondEAST ANGLIAAbove: Exploring depictions of the Virgin Mary in art with Greater London AreaGREATER LONDON