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PHILIPPA GLANVILLEis a social historian,silver expert, formerkeeper of Metalwork atthe V&A and a NADFASVice President. On page22 she gives insight intohistorical eating anddrinking as a preview toa new exhibition at theHarley Gallery. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FOREWORDDECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETIESNADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DATel: 020 7430 0730 Fax: 020 7242 0686Email: Royal Highness The Duchess ofGloucesterNational Chairman:Gri HarrisonChief Executive:David BellPresident:Christopher Lloyd CVOVice Presidents:Martin Drury; Philippa GlanvilleDesmond Shawe-Taylor; The Rt Hon, Rt RevRichard Chartres DDFSANADFAS REVIEWEditor:Danielle Green (Tel 020 7430 0730)Art Director:John Paul YettonArt Editor: Jane Jackson Editorial Director: Glyn Wilmshurst Publisher: Judith Quiney, NADFAS Enterprises (020 7430 0730)Advertising Sales: Judith Quiney 020 7430 0730, Barr, 020 7430 0730, PublishingOrigination:DL Repro LtdPrinting: BGP© NADFAS 2010COVER IMAGEAndrea del Verrocchio,Head of a woman, 1470sImage © the Trustees of theBritish MuseumNADFAS Reviewis published quarterly andcirculated to its membership (ABC audited). Theclosing date for editorial for the June 2010 issueis 24 March 2010.The views expressed in NADFAS Revieware notnecessarily those of the Chairman, Trustee Board or theEditor. Every effort has been made to check theaccuracy of the information in NADFAS Review. Howeverneither NADFAS nor NEL can accept responsibility forinaccuracies or omissions. Articles, photographs,drawings etc in NADFAS Reviewmay not be reproducedwithout the written permission of the Chief Executive ofNADFAS. The Association accepts no responsibility forgoods and services advertised in NADFAS Review,whether the advertiser be a member or not.Advertisements are published for convenience ofmembers and members choosing to buy or sell throughthe medium of this magazine do so entirely at their ownrisk. © NADFAS 2010LEGACIES: With your will you can help NADFASfurther in its unique work as the leading ArtsEducational Charity. Remember, donations toNADFAS are tax-efficient, being free ofinheritance tax, and every sum, no matter howsmall, is welcome. For more information contact:David Bell, NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DA Average Net Circulation Jan-December 2009, 77,968ABC AUDITEDThe last year has again seen a rise in our membership levels -thelargest for a number of years -with three new Societies joiningthe association since October. The task of starting a new Societyis a challenging one but the rewards are great and thanks must go to allthose who have taken up that challenge over the years. The NewSocieties team work untiringly to support each new venture during itsgestation and we look carefully at the feedback we receive to see howwe can improve the service. We are of course always interested to hearfrom members of places where there is no Society but the potentialsupport for one.When Societies join the Association, part of the process is to agree tosupport the charitable aims of NADFAS, summed up in our strap line'arts education and heritage conservation'. For an individual joining anestablished Society it is not always apparent that as well as thelectures, study days and visits - the education part of the remit - theirSociety is also committed to support the conservation of our heritageand to help inspire the next generation with a passion for the arts. Sowhen I'm asked why we seem to put so much emphasis on the work of Church Recorders,Heritage Volunteers and Young Arts, my answer is always the same: they are as much a part ofNADFAS as the more obvious lecture programmes, and have been from its earliest days.The Society News section of every Review always carries reports on these activities and wefeature more in the Volunteering Supplement each summer. However as I travel round the countryvisiting Societies and hear what their members are doing I am acutely aware that these reportsrepresent only the tip of the iceberg. It is difficult to convey the scale and scope of the workNADFAS volunteers are engaged in, the education programmes we support, and the grants weaward. All I can say is that it is inspirational, impressive and I am glad to say increasinglyacknowledged by other organisations. We are approaching the two major events in the NADFAS annual calendar. The Annual DirectoryMeeting takes place in March when your Society representatives have the opportunity to meet andhear our lecturers. The AGM follows in May when we report back on the year and highlight someof the activities Societies are supporting. I look forward to meeting many members on bothoccasions. Gri HarrisonNational ChairmanJUDY RUDOEhasworked at the BritishMuseum since 1974,specialising in jewellery,together with manyother aspects of thedecorative arts. She hasbeen a NADFAS lecturersince 1988 and writesabout her new book onpage 42.STEVEN PROUSEhasphotographed HerMajesty Queen Elizabeth IIand the Beckhamsamong others. In Januaryhe spent time with PatriciaFay Fund Award recipient,and trainee thatcher JoshSharman. You can see hispictures of Josh in actionon page REVIEW / SPRING 2010