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page 68 REVIEW / SPRING 2010 39ART HISTORY ABROADSchool teachers tell me thatmarking their students' writtenwork can be disheartening, butto me it is a tasty distraction from thewildly ringing telephones and generalorganisation required prior to coursedeparture. Every year, a panel of threejudges is assembled from the Art HistoryAbroad (AHA) team and NADFAS tojudge the Sir Trenchard Cox scholarship.In 2009 it was my turn once again, and Iset about the scripts with relish.We ask candidates to write a shortessay on an artwork or building thatthey love, and another on that whichthey loathe. As you can imagine, thisleads to some lively pieces as the authorstruggles to express their passion for artwhile simultaneously trying to bearticulately ghastly about it. The winningcandidate receives the full fees (worth£2,500), which can be put towards anyone of AHA's courses in Italy.Loved works in 2009 included theParthenon Sculptures, The NationalTheatre and David's Death of Marat.Loathed artists included Dali, da Vinciand Hirst (twice). Covent Garden tubestation also got it in the neck. I also sawthe most original and somewhat startlingpairing yet: in his 'Essay of Enjoyment',a boy declared that Tracy Emin's MyBedwas worthy because "the youngbinge drink, have one night stands andare often unpleasant, and I should know.", while his 'Essay of Loathing'attacked the bendy bus. The candidatewas unsuccessful as it was felt that hehad spent too much of his essay longingfor the return of the Routemaster, ratherthan despising the bendy bus. The winner of the 2009 scholarshipwrote a powerful appreciation essay onthe 5th-century BC Wounded Niobidsculpture and a devilish assault on MarkRothko's The Sacrifice of Iphrigenia. Herfinal sentence, exasperation at thecomplex meaning of modern art thatwas "accessible to only the privilegedA fine balanceArt History Abroad's Dan Evansexplains that when judging the Sir Trenchard Cox scholarship it is theentries that demonstrate both reason and passion that catch his eyefew who had the chance to study them"captured the attention (if not theagreement) of all the judges.When reading the entries, I try to leavemy personal opinions to one side. I findmyself smiling wryly when I agree withthe candidate, but I do remember myeyes widening in horror a few yearsback when a boy described theLaocoon sculpture group: "as charmlessas the priest is helpless". In all honesty,disagreeing with my sentimentalitiesusually works in the candidates' favour,because while a differing opinion makesthe heart quickenand the mind whir, itreminds me to remain unbiased. Ifrequently use that Laocoon line whenteaching in the Vatican.Some write proseessays, others takethe academic line, and this usuallysparks the judges' first debate. Can andshould those that write beautifully bejudged on an equal footing with thosewho collate information, and put forwarda clinical argument? We generally agreethat a mixture of the two makes for amore interesting and qualified script. Apassionate plea must have substanceand conversely, a clinical argument isunreadable without fervour. It is exactly how we go aboutrecruiting our tutors. Somebody has todisplay to us that they radiate a passionfor Italy, life and learning. We look forthose that have the patience (andaptitude) to explain Aristotelian theologyin only a few sentences, and we wantour ambassadorial tutors to be involvedwith every part of the students'experience of Italy, not because theywant to fuss, but because they want topass on their own passion. Our tutorsare the secret to our courses' success.A word to future entrants -strike thisbalance and you will succeed in my eyes,and if the essay doesn't get you a prize,your outlook may well get you a job. . Details of 2010's winner can befound on page 8AHA offer two-week and five-weekcourses in the summer holidays, aswell as six-week courses for thosetaking a gap year. There is a series ofcourses directed at parents as well. The deadline for the Sir Trenchard Coxscholarship for 2011 courses isJanuary 7, 2011. Application forms canbe downloaded from the NADFAS andAHA websites. All applicants shouldcontact the Volunteering Dept atNADFAS notify AHA. Call 01379 871800 orsee Above:DanEvans teachingin Giusti

AGM & ADM 2010 EXHIBITORSVisitors to this year's AGM atKensington Town Hall will noticethat the layout is slightly differentto previous years. Catering is beingmoved to the Small Hall upstairs, freeingup the ground floor for a larger selectionof stands from our sponsors, accreditedtravel partners and other exhibitors andsuggested suppliers. Exhibitors at this year's event willinclude the following:. Tailored Travel. Swan Hellenic. Voyages of Disovery. Hebridean Island Cruises(All of the above NADFAS touraffiliates will be available to answerany questions members may have onindividual and group tours.). The Lightbox(The Surrey/Sussex-based museumand gallery will be providinginformation on new events, Friendsmembership, group visits, and theWalter Sickert exhibition among otherthings.). The Courtauld Institute(Visitors will be able to see the work ofKatya Belaia, the first recipient of theZena Walker Scholarship. Katya willalso be giving a talk to members atthe AGM.). Ecclesiastical Insurance(The NADFAS affiliate will be availableto answer questions about insuranceissues.)Meanwhile, with the ADM (AnnualDirectory Meeting) now taking place atthe larger premises of the LawrenceHall, one of the Royal HorticulturalSociety's exhibition halls, in London(please turn to page 52 for furtherinformation), the increased space hasenabled us to invite four travel affiliates -Hebridean Island Cruises, SwanHellenic, Tailored Travel and Voyages of Discovery - to the meeting to offeradvice on Society tours and individualtravel. Ecclesiastical Insurance will also be inattendance. In addition, two equipmentcompanies, Hillbrow UK and MJ VisualPresentation Systems, will be on handto answer questions about digitaltechnology relating to lecture andmeeting requirements. Hillbrow UK, which provides andinstalls projectors, large-projectionsscreens, radio microphones and otherequipment for lectures, has beenworking with NADFAS Societies formany years now.A suggested NADFAS supplier, in thepast few months the company hasprovided training sessions and on-siteequipment demonstrations for Societiesin counties including Essex, Hampshire,Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Recently, the company also providedthe afternoon session for the Hampshireand Isle of Wight Area Digital Study Day.Elsewhere, MJ Visual PresentationSystems offers more than 30 years ofexperience in the audio visual sector,and is able to offer impartial advice toSocieties on presentation and visualdisplay installation requirements. The company offers a competitivelocal and national service in the sale,hire and installation of audio visualequipment. 40NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING and greetHow visitors to this year's AGM and ADM will have the opportunity to catchup with a selection of exhibitors and NADFAS affiliatesAGM 2010 DETAILSThis year's NADFAS AGM takes placeon 19 May at Kensington Town Hall,London.Among the highlights will be the launchof a further three podcasts. There will also be talks by the followingguest speakers:. Nick Way, Director General, HistoricHouses. Marilyn Scott, Director of the Lightbox,Woking, Surrey. Katya Belaia, first recipient of the ZenaWalker Scholarship. Dr Aviva Burnstock, Head ofConservation and Technology, theCourtauld InstituteThe layout of Kensington Town Hall willbe slightly different to previous years,with catering moving to the Small Hallupstairs. Access is by lift and stairs,enabling a larger selection of stands onthe ground floor for members to view(see opposite).Programme of events:9.30: Doors open11.00:Partnership and Recognition -Our Achievements12.30:Lunch break13.45:AGM begins15.30:(approx) AGM endsDates and locations for future AGMs:2011:11 May, Assembly Hall, Edinburgh2012: 9 May, Kensington Town Hall,London2013: 8 May, Kensington Town Hall,LondonRight:KatyaBelaia, recipient ofthe Zena WalkerScholarship, willgive a talk at the AGM