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50NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING horizonsWhether you're after Byzantine masterpieces, bubbling geysers or baroquecathedrals, our travel affiliates have something for you. We present a round-up of some of the standout tours on offer this yearSWAN HELLENIC Sail fjords, whale watch and discoveractive volcanic landscapes and remoteislands aboard Swan Hellenic's Sagas ofIce & Fire cruise. Departing on July 28, 2010, enjoy thecountry-house ambience of Minervaasshe sails north from Dover through thewaters of the Forties, Fair Isle andFaeroes before arriving in Iceland. Enroute, explore Kirkwall in Orkney andLerwick in Shetland - closer to mainlandNorway than Scotland - and close-cruise the volcanic island of Heimaey.Iceland offers unique landscapes ofwaterfalls, glaciers, geysers, bubblingmud pools and lunar-like landscapes, aswell as prolific wildlife including whales,puffins, dolphins and vast colonies ofsea birds. Discover cultural treasures inthe National Museum in Reykjavik andexplore the excellent Maritime Museumat Isafjordur in the remote north-westfjords. Returning south to Dover viaTorshavn in the Faroe Islands andScotland's elegant capital city,Edinburgh, this 'no-fly' cruise offers afascinating opportunity to discover theNorse world. Sagas of Fire & Ice cruise16 days from July 28, 2010From £1,638 per person inclusive ofthe 5% loyalty discount extended 017 1793TAILORED TRAVEL Beautifully located between theBosphorous and the Sea of Marmara,Istanbul is 'a diamond betweensapphires' according to Osman, thefounder of the Ottomans. The city whereAsia meets Europe is this year theEuropean Capital of Culture so there isno better time to experience thiscultural, historic and artistic treasuretrove. Our Tour NADFAS escorted five-day tour of Istanbul takes in themagnificent 17th-century Blue Mosque,the Byzantine masterpiece of HagiaSophia, the home to Ottoman sultansfor nearly 400 years at Topkapi Palaceand the maze of streets making up theGrand Bazaar.Istanbul - Where East Meets West5 days from April 27, 2010 From £859 per 020 8665 9966TRAVEL/TOURS REVIEW / SPRING 2010 51Opposite:HebrideanadventuresRight (top tobottom):European Capitalof CultureIstanbul; regalRajasthan; musical fresco atGlyndebourne;Leptis Magna;GullfossWaterfall, IcelandVOYAGES OF DISCOVERYTemples, tombs and feluccas conjureimages of ancient Egyptians.Safeguarded by North African sands,Cyrene and Leptis Magna testify to thegreatness of ancient Greeks andRomans. Fortified Valletta holds echoesof the Crusaders. Stepping-stones forPhoenicians, Sardinia and Sicily holdtheir own unique identity within today'sworld. Tunis is fascinating - the modernintertwined with ruins of its Carthaginianand Roman past. Charming Cartagenashares history with Murcia and its 13th-century baroque cathedral is one ofSpain's finest, while Malaga with its3,000 years of history provides theperfect end-point for your voyage.Our renowned guest speakers unlockthe secrets, while the four-star Discoveryprovides the perfect way to visit eachdestination. It will be a truly memorablecruise experience.In Search of Ancient Civilisations 13 days from November 6, 2010 From £1,299 per 017 1814KIRKER HOLIDAYSOne of the most popular late autumnbreaks each year is our tour to Sussexfor three performances at Glyndebourneby the Glyndebourne Touring Opera -this year the three included operas areDon Giovanniby Mozart, TheCoronation of Poppaeaby Monteverdiand La Cenerentola by Rossini. Our tour is based at the charmingDeans Place Hotel in the historic villageof Alfriston not far from Glyndebourne.Best seats, three dinners and twoexcursions are included.Glyndebourne touring opera October 25-28 and 28-31, 2010 From £798 per person 020 7593 2286HEBRIDEAN ISLAND CRUISESTake the opportunity to explore theHebrides, full of history and naturalbeauty in the company of Historian andNADFAS accredited lecturer Dr DavidGee. Starting and finishing in Oban, thehighlights of this cruise include Eriskay,where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in1745, and the Glenfinnan Monumentwhere he raised his army. Castles,including Eilean Donan, Kinloch CastleTRAVEL/TOURSWe are not endorsing any product in this section.Adverts are published for members' convenience.Normal terms and conditions apply (see page 3). Any travel advertisement carrying the Tour NADFAS logomeans a commission payment is made to NADFAS onthe product or trip advertised. Those that continue tosupport us through advertising only will not use the Tour NADFAS name and logo.on Rum, Dunvegan Castle (seat of ClanMcLeod for over eight centuries) andClan McLean's Duart Castle, where wehave a champagne reception before ourfarewell gala dinner on the last night.We dine in one of Skye's renownedrestaurants, visit the British mainland'smost westerly point and see one of theStevensons' lighthouses atArdnamurchan.This cruise gives a wonderful overviewof the Hebrides and with excellent talksby Dr Gee is a great introduction tocruising with Hebridean Island Cruises.Heritage of the Hebrides Seven nights from May 27, 2010From £3,090 per 704700INDIAN ODYSSEYDiscover the best of regal Rajasthan inthe sought-after company of one ofNADFAS's most popular accreditedlecturers - Oliver Everett. Thisextraordinary tour takes you through theculture, heritage and colours ofRajasthan. Starts in the shimmering lakecity of Udaipur and then journey throughthe hand-picked royal cities of Jodhpur,Jaiselmer, Bikaner and Jaipur. Meanderthrough the breathtaking majesticpalaces and forts of Rajasthan that stillstand in grandeur today, telling tales of abygone era. Experience patterns of locallife, art and devotion. Each of theseroyal cities has historical episodes whichhave enriched its past and contributedto the present. Oliver will put the tour inthe rich context of Rajasthan's history,personalities, architecture, arts, craftsand traditions. Rajasthan, its Culture and History, withOliver Everett13 days from February 5, 2011From £2,750 per person, includingreturn flights, accommodation(double/twin share), all inter-city travel,some meals, sightseeing and 08454 300107