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page 68 REVIEW / SPRING 2010 51Opposite:HebrideanadventuresRight (top tobottom):European Capitalof CultureIstanbul; regalRajasthan; musical fresco atGlyndebourne;Leptis Magna;GullfossWaterfall, IcelandVOYAGES OF DISCOVERYTemples, tombs and feluccas conjureimages of ancient Egyptians.Safeguarded by North African sands,Cyrene and Leptis Magna testify to thegreatness of ancient Greeks andRomans. Fortified Valletta holds echoesof the Crusaders. Stepping-stones forPhoenicians, Sardinia and Sicily holdtheir own unique identity within today'sworld. Tunis is fascinating - the modernintertwined with ruins of its Carthaginianand Roman past. Charming Cartagenashares history with Murcia and its 13th-century baroque cathedral is one ofSpain's finest, while Malaga with its3,000 years of history provides theperfect end-point for your voyage.Our renowned guest speakers unlockthe secrets, while the four-star Discoveryprovides the perfect way to visit eachdestination. It will be a truly memorablecruise experience.In Search of Ancient Civilisations 13 days from November 6, 2010 From £1,299 per 017 1814KIRKER HOLIDAYSOne of the most popular late autumnbreaks each year is our tour to Sussexfor three performances at Glyndebourneby the Glyndebourne Touring Opera -this year the three included operas areDon Giovanniby Mozart, TheCoronation of Poppaeaby Monteverdiand La Cenerentola by Rossini. Our tour is based at the charmingDeans Place Hotel in the historic villageof Alfriston not far from Glyndebourne.Best seats, three dinners and twoexcursions are included.Glyndebourne touring opera October 25-28 and 28-31, 2010 From £798 per person 020 7593 2286HEBRIDEAN ISLAND CRUISESTake the opportunity to explore theHebrides, full of history and naturalbeauty in the company of Historian andNADFAS accredited lecturer Dr DavidGee. Starting and finishing in Oban, thehighlights of this cruise include Eriskay,where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in1745, and the Glenfinnan Monumentwhere he raised his army. Castles,including Eilean Donan, Kinloch CastleTRAVEL/TOURSWe are not endorsing any product in this section.Adverts are published for members' convenience.Normal terms and conditions apply (see page 3). Any travel advertisement carrying the Tour NADFAS logomeans a commission payment is made to NADFAS onthe product or trip advertised. Those that continue tosupport us through advertising only will not use the Tour NADFAS name and logo.on Rum, Dunvegan Castle (seat of ClanMcLeod for over eight centuries) andClan McLean's Duart Castle, where wehave a champagne reception before ourfarewell gala dinner on the last night.We dine in one of Skye's renownedrestaurants, visit the British mainland'smost westerly point and see one of theStevensons' lighthouses atArdnamurchan.This cruise gives a wonderful overviewof the Hebrides and with excellent talksby Dr Gee is a great introduction tocruising with Hebridean Island Cruises.Heritage of the Hebrides Seven nights from May 27, 2010From £3,090 per 704700INDIAN ODYSSEYDiscover the best of regal Rajasthan inthe sought-after company of one ofNADFAS's most popular accreditedlecturers - Oliver Everett. Thisextraordinary tour takes you through theculture, heritage and colours ofRajasthan. Starts in the shimmering lakecity of Udaipur and then journey throughthe hand-picked royal cities of Jodhpur,Jaiselmer, Bikaner and Jaipur. Meanderthrough the breathtaking majesticpalaces and forts of Rajasthan that stillstand in grandeur today, telling tales of abygone era. Experience patterns of locallife, art and devotion. Each of theseroyal cities has historical episodes whichhave enriched its past and contributedto the present. Oliver will put the tour inthe rich context of Rajasthan's history,personalities, architecture, arts, craftsand traditions. Rajasthan, its Culture and History, withOliver Everett13 days from February 5, 2011From £2,750 per person, includingreturn flights, accommodation(double/twin share), all inter-city travel,some meals, sightseeing and 08454 300107

EDUCATION DEPARTMENT52NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING Education Department is oneof the busiest at NADFAS House.It has two full-time members ofstaff, Katherine Hill and EdwardBradshaw, plus four regular volunteers,Polly Bishop, Sue Harvey, Liz Simpsonand Pat Wood. They are all experiencedmembers of their local Societies andeach work at NADFAS House one day aweek. The volunteers are involved withall aspects of the EducationDepartment's diverse work and offersupport both to Societies and toNADFAS's 280 accredited lecturers.The Education Department helpsSocieties plan their programmes. Itadvises programme planners onsubjects, gives feedback on visitsorganised by other Societies, andresearches exhibitions and forthcominganniversaries of significance for thedecorative and fine arts. It also assiststhe Area Co-ordinators for Education(ACEs) -volunteers who organise studydays and courses on behalf of theNADFAS Areas. Details of these eventscan be found on page 18 and onNADFAS website Education Department overseesthe recruitment and accreditation of theEducation, education,education.Interviewing potential lecturers, researchingexhibitions and helping Societies planprogrammes is all in a day's work for theEducation Department at NADFAS Houselecturers. Every year, the Departmentreceives enquiries from over 150 peoplewho want their details to be included inthe NADFAS Directory of Lecturers.Each candidate has to completeNADFAS's stringent selection procedure,which includes observation of a lectureby a NADFAS member and giving ashort presentation on decorative or finearts to a panel of NADFAS members atNADFAS House. Successful candidatesare invited to join the Directory.Standards are very high and only 12 orso 'new to NADFAS' lecturers areaccepted each year. NADFAS lecturerscome from myriad backgrounds and talkknowledgeably on all aspects of thedecorative and fine arts - from glass,metalwork and costume design toportraiture, modern sculpture andarchitecture. Art and design fromprehistoric history to the 21st century iscovered, as is art and culture from allcorners of the world. Members whohave heard a lecturer they considersuitable for NADFAS audiences areencouraged to call the EducationDepartment as we are always on thelook out for talented lecturers.Every year, the Education Departmentorganises the Directory Meeting,NADFAS's biggest annual meeting,which brings together programmeplanners from over 330 NADFASSocieties and over 160 of its accreditedlecturers. During the morning session,following a welcome address from theNational Chairman, the 'new toNADFAS' lecturers give shortpresentations introducing themselvesand their subjects, while establishedlecturers present new titles. Theafternoon session sees Society reps andlecturers discuss future bookings.For the past 10 years, the DirectoryMeeting has been held at KensingtonTown Hall. Though this venue willcontinue to host NADFAS's LondonAGMs, space has become ratherlimited. After consultation with Societyrepresentatives and lecturers, it wasdecided to move the Directory Meetingto a larger venue and so this year it willbe held at Lawrence Hall, one of theRoyal Horticultural Society's exhibitionhalls. It is hoped this architecturallystriking art deco building in Westminsterwill allow room for more people toattend the meeting. The increasedspace has enabled NADFAS to invitefour travel affiliates -Hebridean IslandCruises, Swan Hellenic, Tailored Travel,and Voyages of Discovery - to themeeting to offer advice on Society toursand individual travel. EcclesiasticalInsurance, another affiliate, will alsoattend. In addition, two equipmentcompanies, Hillbrow UK and MJ Visual,will be on hand to answer questionsabout digital technology. (For more seepage 40.) However, moving to a newvenue inevitably provides the EducationDepartment with challenges and its staffhave been working for the past sixmonths to ensure the day runs smoothlyand is enjoyable for all attendees. Left:TheNADFASEducation teamin actionBelow:Lecturesubjects covereverything fromportraiture toantique jewellery