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page 68 REVIEW / SPRING 2010 57Impney Hall was built between1869 and 1875 for John Corbett,the 'Worcestershire Salt King', hiswife Anna and their family. JohnCorbett rose from the son of aDelph canal boat carrier tobecome one of the mostsuccessful entrepreneurs of hisage. This book tells the story ofthis extremely wealthy industrialistand great philanthropist and of hissplendid Victorian mansion'Impney Hall'. Each of thechapters tells a different part of thestory of this Victorian countryhouse, through the second part ofQueen Victoria's reign and into the20th and 21st centuries. There will be a book signing andinformal talk by the author atImpney Hall, Droitwich Spa onMarch 6 at 7pm. All are welcomeand admission is free.To buy the book at the specialprice of £15 (RRP £20) plus £2p&p, contact J Hodges at 7Amber Reach, Spring Lane,Worcester WR51AU or NADFAS Review whenyou order to take advantage of thespecial offer.  For more information Tate BritainOFFERSTreasures of Lambeth Palace Library The 400th Anniversary exhibition of Lambeth Library, spanning the period 1610 to 2010,reveals centuries of history and hints at the depth and intellectual value of the items in theLibrary's care, some of which will be on display for the first time. It draws fromthe incomparably rich and diverse collections of manuscripts, archives and printed books builtup over the past four centuries. Treasures include a Gutenberg Bible (Mainz, 1455), the firstbook printed in Western Europe from movable metal type; the 12th-century Lambeth Bible,regarded as one of the monuments of Romanesque art; some unique witchcraft tractscollected by Bancroft through his interest in debates over diabolic possession and exorcism;and Henry Jacob, To the right high and mightie Prince, Iames ... An humble suppliation fortoleration (Middleborough 1609), annotated angrily by King James I.The exhibition runs from May 17 to July 23 at Lambeth Palace Library, which is pleased tooffer the special price of £7 (normal price £8) for pre-booked tickets. To do this, call 0871 230 1107 and quote 'NADFAS' or enter the special concessionarycode NADFAS when booking at Impney - the story ofa Victorian country houseThe Rex WhistlerRestaurant at Tate Britainis one of the most originalrestaurants in London,bringing together afantastic modern Britishmenu, award-winningwines and a spectacularsetting. The restaurant is theperfect complement toyour visit to Tate Britainwhere current exhibitionsinclude works by HenryMoore, Douglas Gordonand Chris Ofili amongartistsNADFAS members arebeing offered atraditional afternoon tea for £7.25. Call 020 7887 8825 tobook and formore information aboutwhat's on at the gallerythis spring.

SOCIETIES NEWSAyrshire Heritage Volunteer makeshand-written Robert Burns findAn Ayrshire DFAS HeritageVolunteer working at the RobertBurns Birthplace Museum hasdiscovered a book with adedication on the flyleaf written inthe poet's own hand. The Heritage Volunteers werehelping the National Trust forScotland to prepare books andartefacts for storage when theexciting find was made. The Heritage Volunteer team isalso helping Ayrshire Archives withpacking records in preparation fora move to new premises.Societies NewsA snapshot of Society and Area activities across the countryEaling DFASvisits theBaltic citiesEaling DFAS members enjoyed avaried trip around the four Balticcapitals of Helsinki, Tallinn, Rigaand Vilnius. They explored theculture and architecture of thesefascinating cities and found theSoviet influence to be particularlyinteresting. In Tallinn, they visitedthe palaces and gardens of Peterthe Great and the award-winningart gallery, Kumo, with its collectionspanning three centuries ofEstonian art. The members had amemorable insight into life underSoviet occupation when theyvisited The Museum of SovietOppression in Riga and the formerKGB Headquarters in Vilnius. Otherhighlights of their trip includedseeing the ballet Bayadarein theVilnius Opera House and samplingmulled wine and gingerbread atHelsinki's Christmas festivities. Funding from Farnham DFAS ensured that 'incendiary' ceramicist TomBarnett could provide some fiery entertainment in August. Crowds ofchildren and adults had fun making the bricks for the 'bottle' sculpture aspart of the Message in a Bottleproject run by the West Street Potters. Aceramic fibre blanket was secured around the completed 'bottle' on theday before firing and became the temporary kiln. Firing began in earlymorning and by twilight the kiln was belching fire and smoke. When Tompeeled away the red-hot blanket at about 9pm the most dramatic sightgreeted all present and a great cheer rang out. It was a fitting end to afantastic summer project.A fiery show in Farnham58NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING trip to the capitalfor Reigate DFASReigate DFAS enjoyed an outing toSouthwark Cathedral andBankside in October with twoexcellent guides, one at thecathedral and one who took themalong Bankside. The group wasable to travel by train to LondonBridge and then walk to the sights,making it an eco-friendly trip too.