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copy dates fornadfas review2010Summer 2010:24/03/10Autumn 2010:30/06/10Winter 2010:14/09/10Spring 2011:10/01/11If you are sending in newsitems for NADFAS Review andyou are able to email them,please send them sent separatelyshould be clearly labelled. Also, please avoid sendingphotos embedded in textdocuments as we are unableto use these.If text was previously emailed,send a copy for reference.We still welcome stories fromSocieties and members whodo not have access to email.60NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING NEWSInaugural meetings were recently held to launch three new Societies, Fylde DFAS (pictured above left), Oxford DFAS (pictured above right)and Waveney DFAS.Fylde Chairman Hilary Alcock and the new committee were joined by the National Chairman, Gri Harrison, five mayorsand mayoresses, the Chairman of Lancashire County Council and a Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire. The lecturer was Valerie Woodgate.The new Oxford Society was inaugurated at an event in early October where David Battie from theAntiques Roadshowgave a lecture. TheChairman is Patricia Dugdale (pictured standing with other committee members) and the Secretary is Mikala Lange. The Church Recorders of Croydon DFAS presented their Record of thehistory of St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Addington, Surrey, on a Sunday inNovember. The two volumes were accepted by the church wardens andblessed by the Revd Dr Jeanne Males.Addington, a small village near Croydon, was home to six Archbishopsof Canterbury during the 19th century. The Archbishops used St Marythe Blessed Virgin as their parish church and contributed to itsmaintenance and development. The church is small with parts datingback to Saxon times. Points of interest include a chancel withspectacular painted decoration, three windows by CE Kempe andmemorials dating from the early 16th century. Croydon records Saxonchurch history in AddingtonSandersteadcelebrateswith numbers'2' and '9'More than 70 members ofSanderstead DFAS attended the29th annual lunch, held atWesterham Golf Club, on 29October 2009. Chairman, RenateThurlow, welcomed the Society'soldest member, 92-year-old LordCroham (both shown below).After lunch members wereentertained by Roger Packham(President of the Bourne Society),author of Cricket In The Park - TheLife and Times of Lord Sheffield1832-1909. REVIEW / SPRING 2010 61A grant of £2,000 has allowedmore historic costumes to bedisplayed at Southside House,Wimbledon, London.The story starts in 2006, whenRichard Kendall, the administratorof Southside House, discoveredtwo unopened trunks hidden in itsdepths. He called NADFAS in andthey sent textile conservatorZenzie Tinker to examine thecontents. The trunks had beenpacked away in the 1930s and thecontents were still wrapped in thenewspapers of the day. The firstcontained household linens and ateam of volunteers catalogued andpacked the items for conservation.The second trunk revealed ahoard of the finest gowns, fancydress costumes and accessories.The gowns have been dated tothe turn of the 20th century, andconsist of approximately 19 Worthcostumes (a silk day dress ispictured) and others from fashionhouses in Paris.NADFAS decided that a seriousapproach to restoring thecostumes was necessary. A£5,000 grant from the Patricia FayMemorial Fund was awarded tothe team. This, in turn, wasmatched by Adam Munthe onbehalf of The Pennington-Mellor-Munthe Charitable Trust whichadministers Southside House. Atotal of £10,000 was put intoconserving and mounting sixdresses, a jacket and severalblouses. In April last year, thespecially designed new CostumeRoom on the ground floor of thehouse was opened. However, the WIDFAS team ofHeritage Volunteers wanted moreof the wonderful costumes to berestored and displayed. Theirefforts resulted in the grant of£2,000 from the Greater LondonGrants Committee. WIDFAS hopes to create arotating display in the CostumeRoom for visitors to see. If furtherfunds are raised, conservation canprogress and more gowns will beadded to the display. The House is open for guidedtours on Wednesdays andSaturdays, Sundays and BankHolidays from Easter Saturday tothe end of September. Groupvisits are always welcome byappointment. NADFAS groups areespecially warmly welcomed.For details ortelephone 020 8946 7643.Wimbledon raises more for coutureSOCIETIES NEWSObituaryALAN TAIT  1934-2009Alan Tait, Chairman ofSandwich Evening DFAS, diedon 19 October 2009. Hissuccessful career included aperiod as Professor of Moneyand Finance at the University ofStrathclyde and as Director ofthe International MonetaryFund's Geneva office. After retiring in 1999, he wasappointed an Honorary Fellowof Trinity College, Dublin, andan Honorary Professor of theUniversity of Kent. In the sameyear, he moved to Sandwich,Kent, with his wife Susan.As Chairman of SEDFAS forthe last three years, heorganised popular tours acrossEurope. He was also a talentedamateur painter and in Octoberhe oversaw the hanging of alarge triptych, Views ofCanterbury Cathedralin King'sSchool Canterbury. Sadly, lastJuly he was diagnosed with arare form of untreatable cancer.We apologise to Societieswho have sent in stories thatdo not appear on thesepages. We welcome allsubmissions but due to anoverwhelming amount ofentries we are not always ableto publish all of them. For abetter chance of seeing yourstory in print, photographicquality is key. Ideally, photosshould be emailed as jpeg ortiff files at print-quality highresolution (300dpi).To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the partnershipbetween Dulwich DFAS and the Horniman Museum inForest Hill, London, a lunch party was held inOctober. Heritage Volunteers past and present werethanked for their outstanding contribution to themuseum's work.Dulwich DFAS Heritage Volunteers started work atthe Horniman in 1974, making them one of the firstHeritage Volunteer groups in NADFAS. Thursdaymornings are always DDFAS mornings at themuseum. Having regular volunteers means that thefull-time conservators have had invaluable support forroutine tasks, enabling them to focus on theirspecialist skills. Recent volunteer projects haveincluded cleaning 200 figures depicting Londontrades made by local craftsman Cyril Cole (picturedbelow), and preparing silver jewellery for a display ofTuareg textiles opening in March. Dulwich DFAS toasts successful partnership