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page 68 REVIEW / SPRING 2010 63SOCIETIES/AREAS NEWSPictured is Grantham andDistrict DFAS's new badge ofoffice, as described in the lastissue of the Review. Designedby young silversmith ChloeCussell, the badge representsthe GADDFAS logo, which inturn replicates the design ofwindows found on Georgianhouses in GranthamAshtead DFASsamples Granddelights of VeniceMembers of Ashtead DFAS enjoyed a packed schedule on their visit toVenice. After crossing the Grand Canal by the Rialto Bridge, they spentan afternoon viewing the wonderful Tintoretto-covered Scuola Grande diSan Rocco and the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari with itsmagnificent Titians and 15th-century choir stalls. Their trip also included visits to the islands of Murano, the centre of theglass-making industry since medieval times; colourful Burano, famous forits handmade lace; and Torcello, with its ancient Byzantine Cathedral. The group took guided tours of the contrasting art collections on showin the Academia Gallery and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Otherhighlights of their visit were the awesome St Marks Basilica, themasterpieces of the Doge's palace and the simple pleasures ofwandering Venice's atmospheric narrow streets. The group weredelighted with their glimpse into the past and present glories of Venice.Talented school leavers in the EastAnglia Area were targeted byNADFAS in partnership with theRoyal Society of British Artists(RBA) in a painting competition. Paintings for the East AnglianArea Young Arts Competition wereselected from exhibitions held at10 local schools. The winningpainters were Oliver Stobbart ofHills Road Sixth Form College,Cambridge, and BethanyBurgoyne of Framlingham College,Suffolk (her entry is pictured). Thecompetition was judged by JamesHorton, President of the RBA(pictured centre); John Glover(pictured left), a Suffolk artist; andPeter Kennedy-Scott, a NADFASlecturer. The winning works can beseen at The Mall Gallery, Londonfrom 10 March to 21 March.RBA and NADFAS reward young artistsA group from Upper Thames DFAS traded cold and wet October weather for perfect days in Italy. Their packed tour took in Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia,Prato, Volterra, Siena and San Gimignano. Particular highlights included the magnificent Duomos with Donatello's beautiful pulpits, the leaning tower,and private palaces and gardens. The group described the scenery as spell-binding and the ice-cream as too good to miss.Upper Thames DFAS enjoys Tuscan culture and ice cream

64NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING NEWS?CHEAM DFAS Cheam DFAS celebrated its25th anniversary at its AGMlast autumn. All memberswere invited to stay after themeeting to enjoy a celebratoryslice of cake and a glass ofwine. Three former Chairmenjoined the current committeeto toast the Society.Pictured left to right: LucyWhitrow; David Knill-Jones;Sylvia Cartwright; JoyceWatkins; Jenny Lugton; JennyHurden; Mary Green; CynthiaJohnston; Geraldine Doyleand David Warne.?HARROW DFASHarrow DFAS marked its rubyanniversary with a day trip tothe Berkshire village ofCookham, where the artistStanley Spencer once lived. InOctober, Valerie Woodford,Founder Chairman andPresident of the Society,joined members for acelebratory lunch at theGrim's Dyke Hotel, Harrow.?PORTSDOWN DFAS In October, 95 memberscelebrated the Society's silveranniversary with a lunch atthe Langstone Hotel, HaylingIsland. Two founder membersas well as the NationalChairman and the AreaChairman joined thefestivities. Tim Wannacottfrom TV show 'Bargain Hunt'entertained everyone with atalk about his career. ANNIVERSARIESHeritage Volunteers show Worcester workHeritage Volunteers from MalvernHills and City of Worcester DFASshave been responsible for theconservation of the RoyalWorcester Pattern Books over thepast year. In October, theydemonstrated their work to 180members of the two Societies andthe Art Fund at an event tocelebrate the acquisition of thearchive by the Worcester PorcelainMuseum. The acquisition wasmade possible by a gift of over£55,000 from the Art Fund inrecognition of the 40th Anniversaryof NADFAS. The archive comprisesfive special order books, 27tableware pattern books, 300loose designs for medals, 1,000loose tableware designs as well asa print of the Warmstry factory in1778 and a drawing by AlfredParry of the Severn Street factoryin 1890. Speakers at the eventincluded NADFAS Vice PresidentMartin Drury; Sam Driver White,Chairman of the WorcesterPorcelain Museum; Curator DrWendy Cook; and HeritageVolunteer team leader IsobelNicholls. National Chairman GriHarrison also attended.   Stratford-upon-Avon DFAS has donated more than £1,000 to fund tworesident artists to work with young children in schools.At Tanworth-in-Arden Nursery School, artist Emily Warner trained the staff in ways to encourage creative learning activities. Emilyworked with the children on exciting projects such as makingrainforests from leaves and creating shadows and reflections withtorches and then recycling the images into other media such aspaintings. A video record was made of the projects so the children canrevisit them in class. Artist Roz Ingram helped a group of pupils at Bridgetown PrimarySchool to create a ceramic mosaic for the school's outdoor entrancewall. The project took about three months to complete and the wholeschool was involved in choosing the contents of the mosaic. Thecolourful result shows the River Avon, the 15th-century CloptonBridge, famous buildings and people such as Shakespeare, as well assome swans (the school's emblem).  Rainforests created inStratford-upon-AvonHidden frontalgains newlease of lifeA silk altar frontal, hidden for years,has been rededicated during theHarvest Festival of the church inwhich it was found.