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10NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER 2010kBelow:KatySanders at workon an 18th-century portraitof a Lord Mayorat the GuildhallArt GalleryKATY SANDERSKaty is a recent graduate from theConservation of Easel Paintingsdiploma course at the CourtauldInstitute of Art. NADFAS is fundingher to work part-time for six monthsin the Guildhall Art Gallery's paintingsconservation studio, in the City ofLondon, which complements herother part-time work in a privatepaintings conservation practice.Katy is currently working on ananonymous early 18th-century portrait ofa Lord Mayor. The painting requires a fulltreatment, including the removal ofdarkened varnish layers, and structuralwork to reinforce the canvas. "This internship is a fantasticexperience for me. I am particularlyenjoying the experience of being amuseum conservator, learning from theconservation team and working with thegallery's varied collection," Katy says."Every day is differentas there are somany jobs to do, such as measuringenvironmental levels at Mansion House,assessing paintings for loan and actingas a courier. My treatment of A Portraitof a Lord Mayoris progressing well andI am grateful for the valuable opportunityprovided by this internship, to gainexperience that is different to myprevious training and so important to myfuture career."(Katy has since secured a permanentpart-time position as Assistant OilPaintings Conservator at NationalMuseum of Wales.)UNIVERSITY OF YORKA Patricia Fay Memorial Fund bursarytotalling £2,500 has enhanced thelearning experience of four studentsstudying for an MA in Stained GlassConservation at the University of York.Through its two-year Master'sprogramme in Stained GlassConservation and Heritage Management,Rising starsNADFAS Review catches up with some of the current Patricia Fay MemorialFund award recipients, with beneficiaries ranging from stained glassconservation students to a brand new NADFAS SocietyGRANT RECIPIENTSthe University of York is establishingitself as an international influence instained glass and conservation studies,attracting world-class staff and students,conducting cutting-edge research, andpromoting preservation of stained glassaround the world. In 2008 the Universitylaunched an MA in Stained GlassConservation and Heritage Management.This innovative programme integrates thetechnical and academic study of stainedglass history and conservation and hasbeen designed to meet widely-recognisedinternational needs for a graduatequalification in this field. The programmewill soon celebrate the graduation of itsfirst cohort of students, four of whomhave received support from NADFAS.Their details follow.KATHRIN KOWOLIKKathrin is a second-year student whowill graduate in September 2010.Following a formal apprenticeship inGermany and several years in commercialpractice, a chance encounter with one ofthe York tutors set her on a new course:"By a fortunate coincidence I gained theonce-in-a-lifetime chance to continue mystudies in York and to specialise in glassconservation." Her professional expertise and hercommitment has been an asset to thecourse from the outset and she hasemerged as an exceptionally talentedconservator. Her placement in thesummer of 2009 was spent at thePeters Studio in Paderborn, where sheworked on a wide range of stainedglass, from medieval to 19th-century. In2010 the NADFAS bursary has enabledher to pursue a challenging dissertationproject based at the Dombauhütte ofCologne Cathedral, one of Europe'smost prestigious studios.ALEXANDRA JUNG Alexandra is a first year student whojoined the York programme following asuccessful career as a stained glasspainter and craftswoman. She isrelatively new to conservation and art-historical research but her aptitude isalready apparent. "In taking the MAcourse in York I wish to consolidate mypractical experience and improve mytheoretical basic knowledge gainedduring my education at the StaatlicheGlasfachschule in Hadamar. In addition, REVIEW / SUMMER201011specialised craft in York." Despite beingnew to the craft of stained glass, Kimhas worked hard to acquire new technical skills and has taken fulladvantage of the programme's fullyequipped teaching studio to work onindependent projects. She will spendher summer placement at the CathedralStudios in Canterbury.FYLDE DFASFormed last year, with assistancefrom a New Society award of £500from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund,Fylde DFAS was the 350th Society to join the NADFAS fold. SocietyChairman Hilary Alcock takes up the story."The Steering Committee met for thefirst time in March 2009 and sevenmonths later we welcomed NationalChairman Gri Harrison to our InauguralMeeting in Lytham St Annes. WeAbove:KathrinKowolik (picturedon the right) isemerging as a highly talentedstained glassconservator this course enables me to see thetheory and practice of stained glassconservation in a much widerinternational context." She will spend hersummer placement at the Peters Studioin Paderborn, and the NADFAS bursarywill also enable her to spend some timeat BAM in Berlin (Bundesanstalt fürMaterialforschung und -prüfung), whereshe will participate in the internationalresearch project BEGLARES, concernedwith the conservation of concrete andglass in architecture.DANIELLA PELTZFirst-year student Daniella is anexperienced stained glass artist andconservator from New York City, whereshe worked extensively on 19th- and20th-century stained glass. She hasalready studied for short periods inEurope but is now consolidating with apost-graduate qualification that shehopes will move her career to the nextlevel. The opportunity to develop skills inconservation studies and heritagemanagement made the York courseparticularly attractive. Her summerplacement at the Metropolitan Museumin New York will afford her theopportunity to work on medieval stainedglass and participate in scientificanalysis and research. KIM ACKERLEY Kim graduated in History of Art at theUniversity of York in 2009, where shehad already identified stained glass asthe focus of her academic interests. "Idecided that I wanted to undertake theStained Glass masters course in Yorkbecause I enjoyed the idea of thepractical and academic mixture of skillthat I would learn. I felt that the Masterscourse offered a unique opportunity tolearn about a very interesting and