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portraiture to new heights ofcharacterisation and emotionalintensity whilst Van Goyen andJacob van Ruisdael explore theatmospheric possibilities oflandscape. Still-life emerges as asubject in its own right and thegenre paintings of a host of otherpainters culminate in the serenedomestic interiors of Vermeer.When booking please send acheque made out to GreaterLondon Area NADFAS and send astamped self addressed envelopeto the Study Course Organiser(SCO). No refunds are givenexcept in exceptionalcircumstances, unless there is awaiting list. Tickets can be sold onby the member concerned. SCOswill use their discretion as towhether to give a refund wherethere are very specialcircumstances.THE HISTORY OF LONDONTHROUGH ITS ARTISTS &CRAFTSMEN: PART II - THETUDORS & STUARTSDate(s):27 September, 18 October, 8 November and 6 December 2010, 10 January,24 January, 21 February, 21March, 11 April and 9 May 2011Venue: The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1Tutors: VariousPrice: £20 per morning, (coffee &biscuits included) (full daycourse now full)Contact: SCO Mrs Sue Mills,Homeclose, Raleigh Drive,Claygate, Esher, Surrey KT10 9DE. For full details of thecourse please include astamped self-addressedenvelope.ARCHITECTURE & SOCIETYDate(s):4 November 2010:Architecture & Society in theMiddle Ages: From EarlyChristian Basilica to GothicCathedralNADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER ART OF ANDALUCÍADate: 8 September 2010Venue:Lecture Room, CathedralCentre, Bury St EdmundsTutor:Gail TurnerPrice:£24 (inc. sandwich lunchand coffee)Contact:Kay Abbott Tel: 01728 454 312 or Lectures before and after lunch willbe on the art and architecture ofthe magnificent southern Spanishcities of Seville, Cordoba andGranada. The opportunity to visitthe aforementioned places will beavailable on an Area tour from 4-10 October 2010 (details onapplication). EDUCATION: COURSESFOUNDATION COURSE -INTRODUCTION TO HISTORYOF ART, PART IIDates:11 October 2010:Renaissance in Northern Europe8 November 2010: Baroque21 March 2011: Rococo & Neo-ClassicismVenue:The Priory Centre,Colegrave Street, LincolnTutor:Angela SmithPrice:£17.50 per day or £51 for all three daysContact: Patricia Wilson,Boothby House, Legbourne,Louth, Lincs LN11 8LH Tel: 01507 601 516This course will continue over threeyears. THE GOLDEN AGE OF DUTCHPAINTING 1600-1800Date: 13 October 2010Venue:Foakes Memorial Hall,Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1DGTutor:Clare Ford-WilleTime:10.30am-3.15pmPrice:£24 (inc. coffee and a light lunch)Contact: David Hattersley, 22 Malvern Drive, WoodfordGreen, Essex, IG8 0JWor email:davidhattersley@aol.comThrough her extensive slidecollection, Clare will describe therich and varied period during whichRembrandt and Hals pushAreaCourses... across the country during summer 2010 and beyondEAST ANGLIABelow: La Mezquita in Cordoba -The Art of AndaluciaEAST MIDLANDSESSEXGREATER LONDONHAMPSHIRE

12 November 2010: Architecture& Society in Renaissance Italy19 November 2010: Architecture& Society in 17th-CenturyBaroque Europe25 November 2010: Learning toLook at Architecture3 December 2010: EuropeanArchitecture in the 18th Century:Palladianism, Rococo &Romantic ClassicismVenue: Southampton City ArtGallery & Lecture TheatreTutor(s): Sally Dormer, PaulaNuttall, Clare Ford-Wille, MaryActon and Barbara PeacockPrice:£120 for whole course, or£24 per day (inc. coffee)Contact:For booking form sendan SAE to Jean Bolton, 20 Daniells Walk, Lymington,Hants SO41 3PN or Architecture can be seen to be animaginative blend of art andscience. It is also a civic activity, asbuildings are designed for peopleto live, work and play in. Inevitably,they therefore reflect socialpractices - although at times therequirements of society, namely thepatrons, come into conflict withartistic ideals. This course will traceboth the changes of architecturalstyles and those of social habitsand needs at different periods. HIGH VICTORIAN GOTHIC AT'THE MONASTERY',MANCHESTERDate: 6 October 2010Venue: The Monastery, GortonLane, Manchester M12 5WFTutor: Roger Mitchell Price: £36 (includes guided tour,refreshments and buffet lunch)Contact: We are sorry but thiscourse sold at as the Reviewwent to pressThe Monastery, which wasdesigned by EW Pugin, has beenlisted among the world's 100 most endangered sites. £6.5million later, it now makes astunning setting for an eventexploring the Gothic Revival and its wider context. Secular, religious and industrial architecture and decoration will bediscussed. THE STORY OF ART - IN THEFOOTSTEPS OF GROMBRICHIN ASSOCIATION THEUNIVERSITY OF PLYMOUTHDate: October 2010-February 2011Venue:University of PlymouthTutor: Geri Parlby and otherlecturersPrice: £250 (tbc)Contact:Ros Taylor, Blake'sFarm, Halse, Taunton TA4 3AGTel: 01823 433 871 or This course will provide achronological survey of the Historyof Art from prehistoric times to the20th century, as well as examiningthe religious, social and politicalcontexts in which the art wascreated. The first module of the coursewill cover the period dating fromprehistory to the 5th century AD,including primitive, Egyptian,Mesopotamian, Greek and Romanart. Each of the modules willcomprise a total of five full-daysessions, supported by two studydays. Students attending thecourse will have the opportunity tocomplete optional assignmentstowards a Foundation Certificatefrom the university.EDUCATION: COURSESSOUTH WESTAbove: Bath's Royal Crescent, a fine example of the Palladian REVIEW / SUMMER 2010 NORTH WESTBelow: Exploring the history of London through its Tudor craftsmen