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On lower, more spacious,floors, the Royal Apartments boastEnglish, Flemish and Brusselstapestries, while the Great Gallery ishung with Dutch painter Jacob deWet's (1610-1871) portraits of kings. Incontrast, the adjoining Queen's Gallery,built in the shell of the former HolyroodFree Church, boasts exhibitions ofpieces from the Royal Collection.Another royal, QueenVictoria, has her stone effigy perchedon the roof of the National Gallery ofScotland. This building, situatedbehind the Royal Scottish Academy,was constructed in 1858 and designedby a key figure of the Greek revivaliststyle in Scotland, architect andNADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER201025Left:The BalmoralClock towersdramatically overan illuminatedPrinces StreetNADFAS AGM SCOTLAND 2011engineer William Playfair (1759-1823).Beyond its neo-classical columns thereare works by Raphael, Titian,Rembrandt, Rubens, Turner and theImpressionists, as well as the nationalcollection of Scottish art, whichincludes paintings by Ramsay,Raeburn, Wilkie, McTaggart and Burns.On the outskirts of the capital andbeyond, into East Lothian, you'll find anumber of stately houses, such asDalmeny, Hopetoun, Newhailes,Winton House and Lennoxlove. Thelatter, now a five-star hotel, dates backto the 1300s and is owned by theDuke and Duchess of Hamilton.Theyhave recently restored the interiordetails, as designed by Sir RobertArchers. This private club provided thebodyguards for the King's 19th centurytour. The interior features portraits ofnotable members, including one byRococo-era painter, Allan Ramsay(1713-1784).Back to the Royal Mile - at itsbase, behind the parliament buildingand in the shadow of Arthur's Seat,you'll find the official Scottishresidence of Her Majesty the Queen,the Palace of Holyroodhouse, built in1126. Up a narrow staircase, in theupper levels of this building, are MaryQueen of Scots' eerily atmosphericapartments, where she witnessed hersecond husband, Lord Darnley, murderher secretary, Rizzio.

NADFAS AGM SCOTLAND 201126NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER (1864-1929) in 1912. EachNovember, the grounds are the venuefor the Lennoxlove Book Festival(,attracting authors such as AlexanderMcCall Smith. Another historic building providingvisitors with luxurious accommodation isWinton House, which hasa number ofself-catering cottages in its grounds. It isbased around a 15th-century towerhouse, Wintoun Castle, reconstructed byarchitect William Wallace (d.1631),before being extended by architect JohnPaterson (d.1832) in a Gothic Baronialstyle. Its otherwise imposing 17th-century feel is offset by the ratherwhimsical stone 'barley twist' chimneys.The approach along the granddriveway, which leads towardsHopetoun House in South Queensferry,makes for the perfect mise-en-scene.This Georgian house, designed byarchitects Sir William Bruce (1630-1710), William Adam (1689-1748) andhis sons John and Robert, wascompleted mid 18th-century and hasviews out to the Forth Bridge. Ithas remained almost unaltered over thecenturies, bar a state dining room,designed by James Gillespie Graham(1776-1855) in elegant Regency style. NADFAS's 2011AGMwill takeplace atEdinburgh'sAssembly HallonWednesday 11May. An excitingprogramme ofevents (featuringvisits to theplaces outlined inthe article) isbeing organisedby Scotland & NIArea, as detailedover the page.(NB Itineraries aresubject tochange. Forupdates refer tofuture issues ofNADFAS Review).Entry to all eventsis by ticket only.To book ticketsfor all events,please completethe form on page30. Details onhow to book yourplace at the AGMwill be available inthe next issue ofthe Review.