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TUESDAY 10 MAY 2011National Chairman's ReceptionNational Gallery of Scotland, TheMound6.00pm-8.00pm, £30.00 per personThe National Gallery of Scotland'scollection of paintings and sculpture,dating from the early Renaissance to1900, is among the best in the world.Displayed in a series of beautifuloctagonal spaces it is enhanced byspectacular pieces of period furniturecreating the atmosphere of a countryhouse. Members will have theopportunity to enjoy the collection whilebeing served white wine, soft drinks andcanapés. A welcome and introductionby senior members of the gallery staffwill precede a short speech by NADFASChairman Gri Harrison. NADFAS AGM SCOTLAND 201128NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER & NI Area Visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse6.30pm-8.30pm. Cost per person, £35This tour of Scotland's official royalresidence highlights Holyrood's dramaticpast and its important role today. In thecompany of an expert guide, enjoy aprivate tour of the State Apartmentsoffering a unique opportunity to go'behind the ropes' in selected roomsand to visit the West Drawing Room,used by Royal Family members as aprivate sitting room. The tour ends witha glass of champagne and anopportunity to purchase souvenirs atgenerous THURSDAY 12 MAY 2011Archers' HallTwo visits - 10.00am to 12 noon and2.00pm to 4.00pm. Cost per person, £15(to include coffee, tea and home baking)Visit the home of The Queen's BodyGuard for Scotland, The Royal Companyof Archers. Originally formed as anarchery club, shooting remains anintegral activity. Founded in 1676, itreceived its first Royal Charter in 1704. Ithas a fascinating collection of silver, andits paintings are of great historicalRight: The Palace ofHolyroodhouse,Scotland's officialroyal residenceBelow: TheNational Galleryof Scotland'scollection ofpaintings andsculptures isamong the bestin the world WEDNESDAY 11 MAY 2011An Enlightenment Entertainment atthe Signet Library7.30pm-9.30pm. Cost per person, to include concert ticket andrefreshments, £25.00A concert is planned as the eveningentertainment after the AGM. Takingplace in the Signet Library, a magnificentGeorgian building in the heart ofEdinburgh's Old Town, the evening willbegin with a light-hearted introduction tothe building by Dr Iain Gordon Brown,Curator of Manuscripts at the NationalLibrary of Scotland, Vice President ofEDFAS and author of a history of theSignet Library. There will follow a concertby Concerto Caledonia, a highlyacclaimed group of musicians who play18th-and early-19th-century music onoriginal instruments including aharpsichord. With a guest vocalist theywill perform a programme of tunes andsongs introducing their choices withexplanatory anecdotes. During theinterval refreshments will be served.Generous support for this event of£1,500 has been confirmed by solicitorsand asset managers Turcan REVIEW / SUMMER201029Below: Queen'sCross, designedby CharlesRennieMackintoshNADFAS AGM SCOTLAND 2011 visits and eventsinterest. There will be a short historywith slides of the Royal Company givenby the Secretary, Lt Col RichardCallander OBE, followed by a tour. Dalmeny and Hopetoun House - twomagnificent houses close toEdinburgh on the shores of the Firthof ForthLeave Edinburgh by coach 9.30am,return 4.45pm. Cost per person,£45.00The Rosebery family has lived atDalmeny for 300 years. The housecontains a celebrated collection ofFrench porcelain and furniture inheritedfrom Hannah Rothschild, heiress toMentmore, and the present Earl'sgrandmother. Witness Napoleonic portraitsand a superb collection of paintingsfrom the 16th to 19th centuries. LadyRosebery (President, EDFAS) will greet theparty. Tea, coffee and shortbread will beserved and tours will be led by LadyRosebery and the Administrator. Depart to Hopetoun House for alight lunch in the Stables Restaurant anda welcome from Lord and LadyHopetoun whose family has lived heresince the house was built. Hopetoun isreputed to be one of Britain's finestexamples of 18th-century architecture.In 1822 King George IV made a statevisit to Scotland and his last publicengagement was at Hopetoun House.He dined on turtle soup and threeglasses of wine! After lunch there will betours of the house and members canexplore the grounds. Jupiter Artland Leave Edinburgh by coach10.00am,return 4.30pm. Cost per person, £45The creation of a wealthy art-lovingScottish couple, this contemporarysculpture garden, in the grounds ofBonnington House, lies on Edinburgh'swestern fringes. View dramatic outdoorartworks from some of the world'sleading sculptors, including AnishKapoor and Andy Goldsworthy. Alecture by owner Nicky Wilson andEducation Director Diana McMicking isfollowed by lunch and a guided Lennoxlove and Newhailes, two ofScotland's most important historichouses. Visit by coach 9.30am-5.00pm. Costper person, £45, to include allrefreshments, tours and brochuresLennoxlove is a mile south ofHaddington, East Lothian. The oldestpart of the house dates from the 15thcentury. In 1703, after a romanticbenefaction from Frances Stuart, theproperty was renamed Lennoxlove. Asthe home of the Maitland and Blantyrefamilies the house played an importantrole in the nation's political history. In1946 it was purchased by the 14thDuke of Hamilton who brought the vastHamilton archive together with a superbcollection of paintings and furniture. Thehouse is now owned by a family Trust.Newhailes, on the outskirts ofMusselburgh, to the east of Edinburgh,provided a retreat from the city for theDalrymple family, an influential dynasty of lawyers, for nearly 300 years. Duringthe Scottish Enlightenment the librarywas described as 'the most learnedroom in Europe'. In 1997 Newhailes wasgiven to the National Trust for Scotland.As it presented a remarkable survival ofan early 18th-century decorativescheme, the Trust preserved the houseas it first saw it.Coffee and lunch will be served atLennoxlove and tea/coffee and biscuitswill be available at Glasgow visit: Explore the genius ofCharles Rennie MackintoshLeave Edinburgh by coach 9.15am,return 5.00pm. £45 per person The tour starts at the Glasgow Art Clubwhere in 1893 a young Mackintosh wasinvolved in decorative details of the thennew premises. Here we will have timefor coffee and biscuits. Then on to theGlasgow School of Art. Mackintosh wonthe competition to design the building,and construction began in 1896. One ofthe most influential structures of the20th century, it retains its originalpurpose of a hard working art school.Enjoy rare insights into the breathtakingoriginal interiors, furniture and artwork.Next stop, the Charles RennieMackintosh Society Headquarters atQueen's Cross. Mackintosh designedthis building for the Church of Scotland.We will be met by the Director of theSociety for a short talk and lunch withwine. In the afternoon, we move on tothe Hunterian Art Gallery where the'Mackintosh House' comprises the re-assembled principal interiors andfurniture from the Mackintosh's homefrom 1906-1914. Images © Crown Copyright courtesy of Historic Scotland; Edinburgh Inspiring Capital; McAteer Photography; National Galleries Scotland