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6NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER NewsNational Association headlines and updates, plus news from our sponsors and members' letters Lady Ford A tribute by Pamela Cohn, NADFAS National Chairman 1998-2000Valerie Ford, who sadly died inMarch after a short illness, hadbeen involved with NADFAS overmany years. She was FounderChairman of Wey Valley DFAS andthen Surrey Area Representative inthe 1990s. By the mid-to-late1990s the Surrey Area of NADFAShad grown so large with so manySocieties that a division seemedinevitable. This task was entrustedto Valerie, who possessed therequired skills of diplomacy toachieve it: and so, the East andWest Surrey Areas of NADFAS were created.In 1998 Valerie was elected tothe Executive Committee ofNADFAS. Her role was to head theEvents and Forward PlanningCommittee - a brief which suitedher well. Her organising abilitiesand meticulous attention to detailAND A FURTHER TRIBUTEFROM THE SOCIETYFOUNDED BY LADY FORD.It was with immense sadness that everyone at The Wey ValleyDFAS learned of the death of ourFounder Chairman, Lady Ford. Valerie will be greatly missed,especially in this, the 21stAnniversary of our founding. Sheremained an enthusiastic andactive member of our Society since she became our firstChairman in 1989; she was alwayssupportive of and interested in ourcurrent programme, giving praiseor, when asked, offering help orsage counsel. She always said that she initiallyjoined NADFAS as she thought itwould be "a wonderful way tomake new friends". We shall allmiss her kindness and friendship.The National Churches Trust,which works in close partnershipwith NADFAS Church Recorders,has launched a survey of the UK'schurches, chapels and meetinghouses -the first of its kind. The National Churches TrustSurvey 2010 includes buildings ofevery Christian denomination, of allages and conditions, and looks athow they are maintained, repaired,funded and used by their localcommunities. The survey, whichaims to create a national picture ofthe status of these churches, willremain online until mid-June.were exercised to the full. This wasclearly evident when thePresident's Annual Receptionswere held - especially the one atthe Dean Gallery of Modern Art inEdinburgh, in 1999.Among Valerie's other interestswere her love of flowers and herskill as a flower arranger. In duecourse this led her to becomePresident of the NationalAssociation of Flower ArrangingSocieties (NAFAS).Valerie possessed great charmand dignity, as well as a livelysense of humour. She was a mostloyal and conscientious colleagueand over the years she contributedgreatly to the continuing successand development of NADFAS.Left:Lady Ford, an individual ofgreat charm and dignityFirst UK survey of Christian places of worshipAll churches, chapels andmeeting houses in the UK arebeing encouraged to complete thesurvey. The online survey offersguidance, useful tips and technicalsupport to help participants.The National Churches Trust hasdesigned the survey in close co-operation with heritage bodies,Christian denominations and thoseresponsible for churches' upkeep. The survey offers a uniqueopportunity for communities withresponsibility for a church buildingto share their successes and raiseany concerns. By understandingthe experiences of communitiesacross the UK, the Trust can offerpractical assistance and advice.Andrew Edwards, ChiefExecutive of the National ChurchesTrust, said: "A single, nationalsurvey will make a considerabledifference to ourunderstanding of churchbuildings across the UK.These buildings areimportant, not just asplaces of worship butalso as centres of locallife. This survey isseeking to capture thecontribution they make to ourheritage and our communities."The survey can be found at www.survey.nation-alchurchestrust.orgQuestions about filling in thesurvey can be addressed directto Charlotte Walshe at, pleasewrite to: The National Churches Trust, 31 Newbury Street,London EC1A 7HU