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FREE TIMEThis issue's crossword wascompiled by Hazel Goldman. Thefirst correct entry we receive by 30 June and pull from the postbagwill receive a literary prize. Pleasesend your correct entries with yourname, address, Society and phonenumber to: Crossword 63,NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street,London WC1N 1DA.Right: The Scottish Monument inEdinburghACROSS1*Scottish portrait painterwho worked at George III'scourt (5,6)7Eat free meal at 4 O'clock (3)9Politician at OxfordUniversity dipped into beerglass (7)10Haggle a good deal (7)11*Middle name of 14Across (6)12Changes in it are due toinactivity (7)14*Scottish designer (10)16Paintings of a run alongback street (4)18Get a rise on the movingstaircase (4)19*Scottish writer ofdoggerel such as the TayBridge Disaster (10)22Get on level terms with thetomato sauce (7)23Second pilot wasconfused and made amistake (6)26Holy man lured away byapple cake (7)27Time to make water andplay around (7)28Main area (3)29Unity marred developmentwhich was basic (11)DOWN1It can make much of achum (7)2 Flower left out of bed at home (5)3It is following New Europewith this inflammatory pain (8)4A region in the Near East (4)5 U-boat raid perhaps leadingto surrender (10)6Told stories about Darnleywhich were left out (6)7For first class crumble andpastry, go up to thisrestaurant (9)8Yearly books on flowers (7)13Accumulated reserve ofsoup? (10)15After ice confection, onegoes here (9)17Drive to find shelter andgain new deal (8)18There's a place and timesfor the destructive little beasts (7)20Many put energy intoattempt but few win it (7)21Conservative had gold veil (6)24Elected, so help to raisethe country (5)25Time to change something (4)SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD NO.62Congratulations to the winner ofthe competition in the springissue: June Ryan(Stafford DFAS)There is a Scottish theme to the crossword in this issue. Asterisked clues are not cryptic, butcontain a brief Scottish referenceCrossword No.6366NADFAS REVIEW / SUMMER