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18NADFAS REVIEWSUPPLEMENT/ SUMMER RECORDERSNADFASARTS EDUCATION AND HERITAGECONSERVATIONFor the last few years SarumDFAS's Church Recording grouphad been recording the smallchurch of St Nicholas of Myra inLittleLangford, Wiltshire. There was likely achurch on this site before the NormanConquest. Surrounded by farmland, ithad been a peaceful place to work. At last the Record was finished, and inDecember 2009 we invited the vicar andchurch wardens to join Sarum DFASmembers for their Christmas lecturewhen we would present them not onlywith the completed Record but analbum of photos not required for theRecord. Previously Records had beenpresented during a church service, butthis meant our members did not have achance to see and learn about the workof the CR group. It also gave the churchrepresentatives a chance to learn moreabout NADFAS and enjoy a lecture. In January the vicar invited some ofthe group to join the congregation forevensong. It was a frosty evening, andAfterwards, we met the congregation, who were amazed by the Record's detail, and fascinated to learn that every one of the 1500 NADFAS Church Records is in the same format and that copies are kept in national and local archives.It was a lovely evening. We all found itquite emotional, not only seeing howmuch our work was appreciated butalso being part of a service that wouldhave changed little since the church wasbuilt in the 12th century. A small countrychurch lit by candles on a cold winternight, filled with people celebrating thestart of a new year as worshippers haddone there for almost a thousand years.A few weeks after the service Ireceived a letter from the church wardensaying that only after further examinationof the Record did they realise just howmuch work had gone into it and theygave me a book token for all my work. Jill Makepeace-Warne is CR GroupLeader of Sarum DFAS and aNADFAS TrusteeAbove:SarumDFAS ChurchRecorders andthe CR AreaRepresentative(third from right)with the vicar and churchwardens of St Nicholas of Myra. JillMakepeace-Warne is picturedsecond from left Jill Makepeace-Warnedescribes how a Church Recording projectbrought New Year's inspiration to a Wiltshire congregation at the start of 2010A bright startthe first time that we had seen thechurch at night and also full of people. Itwas delightful to see the church still withChristmas decorations and everysurface covered with twinkling candles.At the start of the service the vicarwelcomed us and said that the ChurchRecorders probably knew more aboutthe church thanany ofthe congregation.He began his sermon by saying that atthis time of the year, when we were allexamining our lives to decide on NewYear resolutions and when we weresoon to celebrate the giving of gifts bythe Three Wise Men, it was appropriateto have the completed Record ondisplay that evening. Our group, he said,had examined every detail of the churchand made a gift of our work.It was a lengthy service and despiteseveral warm layers the chill began tocreep in. One of the group whispered to me, "Do they have heating?" I whispered, "Look in 'Miscellaneous' -there are four electric heaters!"

VOLUNTEER RESOURSESNADFASARTS EDUCATION AND HERITAGECONSERVATIONFor further information, please contact the Volunteer Department at NADFAS House on 020 7430 0730, email or write to NADFAS House, 8 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1DA, marking your envelope 'Volunteer Resources'NADFAS volunteershave access to a rangeof resources to helpthem with their activities