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page 76 REVIEW / SPRING 2011 15ARTS NEWSRoad crossing listedThe first zebra crossing to be givenlisted building status has beenannounced by English Heritage,and it is already the most famous inthe country. The crossing at Abbey Road,North London, has been designatedgrade II listed, 41 years after it wasmade famous by The Beatles whowere photographed crossing it forthe cover of their album, AbbeyRoad. Since then, many thousandsof pilgrims have made their way tothe quiet St John's Wood avenue tobe photographed there."It's been a great year for me and for The Beatles," Sir PaulMcCartney said, "and hearing thatthe Abbey Road crossing is to bepreserved is the icing on the cake."Tate Directorpromises new look for MillbankTate Britain is to get a £45mremodelling of its interiors and thefamous Millbank classical porticofacing the Thames will bereestablished as the mainentrance - the second majorrecasting of the museum in adecade. First opened in 1897,galleries are to be reconstructedto 21st-century standards, withnew walls, roofs and floors toincrease capacity for hanging andimprove the environmentalconditions. New galleries are alsoto be created, displacing theshop, which is to be relocated.  The scheme has beeninstigated by Tate Britain's newDirector, Penelope Curtis, whotook charge last April. ACE to take onmuseumsFollowing the abolition of theMuseum, Libraries and ArchivesCouncil in a years' time, ArtsCouncil England has agreed to take on responsibility formuseums and libraries. ACE will take on Renaissance on the Regions, which is beingremodelled, library development,and the acceptance-in-lieu of tax scheme for works of art and heritage. "This is a unique opportunity tojoin together the historic and thecontemporary; to do away withthe artificial divide caused bydifferent funding streams andcreate a more coherent culturaloffer," said Dame Liz Forgan,ACE's Chair. "We want everyonein this country to have theopportunity to discover art,culture, history and sciencethrough a rich and varied network of local museums, artsorganisations and libraries."It is now possible to take a tour of some of the world's best museumswithout leaving your seat. Google, the internet search giant, has used the technology from itsStreet View project to create the Art Project, with over 1,000 artworksavailable to view in detail. Computer users can wander through 17 of the world's top museums, including the Uffizi in Florence, the NationalGallery, MoMA in New York, the State Hermitage Museum in StPetersburg and the Palace of Versailles. In addition, each gallery haschosen one piece for examination in extra detail, even to a level beyondwhat is possible with the naked eye.The Freer Gallery at the Smithsonian in Washington chose ThePrincess from the Land of Porcelainby James McNeill Whistler as its highresolution image. Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Nightis the star exhibitfrom MoMA and the Hermitage chose Return of the Prodigal SonbyRembrandt Harmensz van Rijn. Go towww.googleartproject.comGoogle launches online museum tourThe Heritage Lottery Fund ispromising an extra £45m forprojects in 2011, thanks to betterNational Lottery sales and arealignment of beneficiary goodcauses. It is part of an overall£250m budget rise announced byHLF chair Dame Jenny Abramsky. "£250m will make a real differenceacross the UK," she said. "We thinkit's important to be increasing ourinvestment in smaller grants, havingseen the heritage benefits of peoplegetting involved at a local level... weknow that community involvement isthe key to long-term success."  Already £72m has been allocatedto four community programmes:£23m for the repair of churches,£21m for small grants programmeYour Heritage, £17m for theLandscape Partnership scheme forconserving landscapes, and £11mto help regenerate historic areas inthe Townscape Heritage initiative. The full list of grants in the £250mbudget for 2011-12 will beannounced in April, but HLF hasalready announced a higherallocation for grants of over £5m-£30m in 2011-12 (an increase of£10m). There have also beenchanges to procedures in responseto the challenges facing potentialand current applicants, includingrelaxing match funding requirementsfor those who are finding it hard toraise funds elsewhere to just 10% ofoverall grant for grants over £1mand 5% for grants under £1m.Lottery fund gets £45m boost One of the finest collections oftheatre art, compiled by 20th-centuryBritish playwright WSomerset Maugham, is to go ondisplay at Holburne Museum in Bathin May, when the museum reopensafter a £13.6m refurbishment.The museum will receive 21 ofMaugham's 30 pictures, all by 18th-century artists working in the heydayof British theatre. The 15 oils and sixwatercolours include works byFrancis Hayman, anda masterpieceby Johann Zoffanywhich showsDavid Garrick and actress SusannahMaria Cibber in Thomas Otway'splay, Venice Preserv'd, performed in1762. The remaining nine pictureswill go to the Theatre Royal Bath.Maugham's theatreart will go to Bath

WHAT'S ONBARBICAN ART GALLERY Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown,Gordon Matta-ClarkPioneers of the DowntownScene, New York 1970s3 March - 22 MayDetails: 020 7638 MUSEUM Afghanistan: Crossroads of theAncient World3 March - 3 JulyDetails: 020 7323 8000/8299www.thebritishmuseum.orgTHE BRUNEI GALLERYSOAS A Disappearing World:Ancient Traditions Under Threatin Tribal India14 April - 25 JuneDetails: 020 7898 ARTS CENTRE". a multitude of soap bubbleswhich explode from time totime."Pino Pascali's Final Works 1967- 19684 March - 1 MayDetails: 020 7472 5500www.camdenartscentre.orgCOURTAULD GALLERYLife, Legend, Landscape: Victorian Drawings andWatercoloursUntil 15 May Details: 020 7848 MUSEUMWim Crouwel: A Graphic Odyssey30 March - 3 July Details: 020 7403 6933www.designmuseum.orgDRAWINGS GALLERYWINDSOR CASTLEPrince Philip: Celebrating Ninety YearsUntil 22 January 2012Details: 020 7766 PICTURE GALLERYFriends Easter Open Exhibition22 April - 8 May Details: 020 8693 COLLECTIONDouble Portrait: Ida Barbarigoand Zoran Music13 April - 12 June Details: 020 7704 9522www.estorickcollection.comFASHION AND TEXTILEMUSEUMSue Timney and the Art ofTimney-FowlerUntil 25 AprilDetails: 020 7404 8664www.ftmlondon.orgFLEMING COLLECTIONWill Maclean: Collected Works1970 -20108 March - 4 June Details: 020 7409 5730 FOUNDLING MUSEUMStories of the World: LondonUntil 13 March What'sOn... at museums and galleries this spring. Compiled byAnnie Davies16NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING Below:Enamelled glass beaker from Begram (1AD-2AD), British MuseumDetails: 020 7841 MUSEUMAt Home In Japan: Beyond TheMinimal House22 March - 29 AugustDetails: 020 7739 GALLERYSOUTHBANK CENTREBritish Art Show 7: In The DaysOf The CometUntil 17 AprilDetails: 0871 663 WAR MUSEUMOnce Upon A Wartime: ClassicWar Stories For ChildrenUntil 30 OctoberDetails: 020 7416 5320/ GALLERYAngela De La Cruz30 March - 30 AprilDetails: 020 7724 2739www.lissongallery.comMALL GALLERIES Royal Institute Of Painters InWater Colours 201130 March - 10 April Details: 020 7930 GALLERYBridget Riley: Paintings andRelated Work Until 22 May 2011Details: 020 7747 PORTRAIT GALLERY Ida Kar: Bohemian Photographer 10 March - 19 June Details: 020 7306 GALLERYBUCKINGHAM PALACEDutch Landscapes 15 April - 9 October Details: 020 7766 ACADEMY Modern British Sculpture Until 7 April Details: 020 7300 © National Museum of Afghanistan: Thierry Ollivier / Musée Guimet; Royal Collection: 2010 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; Pallant HouseGallery, Kearley Bequest, through The Art Fund (1989): Luke Gertler; Mikado Maids designed by Raymond Honeyman for the Ehrman Tapestry