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ART, WAR AND PROPAGANDADate:28 April 2011Venue:Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1Tutor:Anthony KellyTime:10.30am-3.30pmCost: £30 (inc. coffee)Contact:Rosemary Baldwin, 24 Speer Road, Thames Ditton,Surrey KT7 0PW. art can emerge from theworst conditions: wars, conflicts,bitter religious and ideologicaldisputes. From classical antiquityto modern times, fascinating andchallenging paintings, posters andpamphlets demonstrate theseductive power of images, butalso the sometimes uncertainboundaries between art andpropaganda. Images in manydifferent media will be used toexplore relationships betweenaesthetics, persuasion and identity.THE CULT OF BEAUTY: THEAESTHETIC MOVEMENT INBRITAIN 1860-1900Date: 18 May 2011Venue: Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1 Time: 10.30am-1pm (Visit to V&A Museum 2.30pm-4pm)Tutor: Anne AndersonCost: £30 (inc. coffee & biscuits)Contact:Ann O'Donovan, 29 Brookside, Hornchurch,RM11 2RR. Email: MEMBERS MUST PURCHASETHEIR OWN TICKETS TO THE EXHIBITIONThe first international exhibition to explore the unconventionalcreativity of the AestheticMovement in Britain (1860-1900)will be held at the V&A Museumfrom April to July 2011. Aestheticsensibilities produced some of themost sophisticated and beautifulartworks of the Western tradition.The cult of beauty lay at the heartof aestheticism and Dr Andersonwill tell us about the mostimportant people leading this newmovement, such as John Ruskin,Dante Gabriel Rossetti, WilliamMorris, Oscar Wilde and LordLeighton, some of whose work willbe on show. Other items onNADFAS REVIEW / SPRING IN THETWENTIETH CENTURYDate: 17 May 2011Venue: Foakes Memorial Hall,Great Dunmow CM6 1DGTutor: Linda SmithTime:10.30am-3.30pmCost:£25 (inc. coffee & biscuitsand a light lunch)Contact:SAE to David Hattersley,22 Malvern Drive, WoodfordGreen, Essex 1G8 0JWThe day will focus on ideas andstyles down the decades so thatwe may recognise and contextualisethem in galleries and sculptureparks anywhere in the world. EDUCATION: COURSESThe course begins with the1900s and the critical influence ofRodin in rejuvenating sculpturaltradition, thence to Cubism andthe forward-looking ideas of theFuturists and RussianConstructivists. In the 1930s we see Giacomettiintroducing Surrealism and theparallel development of abstractionand totalitarian art. Post-war, British sculpturecomes to the fore through HenryMoore and Barbara Hepworth, andthat of the United States throughDavid Smith. We dwell on the attitudes of the1960s sculptors inspired bymodern consumer culture, beforeprogressing through minimalism tothe personal symbolism of artistssuch as Joseph Beuys and Eva Hesse. It promises to be a thought-provoking journey.Please contact the Study Course Organiser (SCO) to bookon the relevant course. Whenbooking, please send a chequemade out to Greater London Area NADFAS and send astamped addressed envelope to the SCO of each course. Norefunds are given except inexceptional circumstances, unless there is a waiting list.Tickets can be sold on by themember concerned.AreaCourses... across the country during spring 2011 and beyondESSEXBelow: Antonio Gaudi: Leading the Catalan RenaissanceGREATER LONDON

display will include paintings,furniture, ceramics, architecturaland interior designs and costumes.THE CREATION OFFABULOUS FINEBOOKBINDINGSDate: 26 May 2011Venue:Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1Tutor:Dominic RileyTime:10.30am-3.30pmCost: £30 (inc. coffee)Contact: Rosemary Baldwin (as before)The day will begin with a lecture on the Great Omar, the mostopulent book ever created, whichwent down on the Titanic. Therewill be a demonstration of how the lecturer uses leather and goldto build up intricate designs onbook covers, and a slide show of his unique commissionedDesign Bindings, explaining theinspiration behind each design and its execution.BARCELONA AND THECATALAN RENAISSANCEDate:17 June 2011Venue: The Linnean Society,Burlington House, Piccadilly,London W1Time:10.45am-3.30pmTutor: Margaret KnightCost:£25 (no coffee)Contact: Jenny Mulholland, 16Landford Close, Rickmansworth,Herts WD3 1NGWhen Catalonia became the firstSpanish province to industrialise inthe 19th century, her capitalbecame a magnet for creativeartists and wealthy, liberalpatrons, anxious to makeBarcelona a showpiece. HerSchool of Architecture wasarguably the most advanced inEurope, and Antonio Gaudi wasone of the many graduatesresponsible for transforming thecity. This day will look at some ofthe painters, sculptors, craftsmenand architects responsible for theCatalan Renaissance.BEYOND WESTERNCIVILISATIONS PART 2:ACROSS THE CONTINENTS(10-DAY COURSE)Dates: From September to June 2012. To be finalisedContact:Sarah Sanderson, 6 Avenue Road, TeddingtonTW11 0BT. If you are interestedin joining this course pleasesend a SAE for details of datesand cost.This 10-day course will cover thefollowing continents: Russia (twodays) - with special emphasis on the art of icons and Russian art of the 18th, 19th an 20thcenturies; North, Central andSouthern America (six days) - their great wealth of art, bothancient and modern; Africa (oneday) - the influence of African arton the works of the western world;and Australia (one day) - theamazing art of Australia, both oldand new. ROUND THE WORLD IN 12HOURS -A SERIES OF FOURSTUDY DAYSPrice:£30 for each day An optional quiche lunchcan be purchased for £7.50. If allfour days are booked there is adiscount of £10.Contact:Ruth Ford, Hatter'sCottage, 23a York St,Dunnington, York, YO19 5PNwith cheque payable to NADFASNE AREA with SAE. THE AMERICAN COUNTRYHOUSEDate:11 April 2011Venue:Harewood House, nr LeedsTutor: Roger MitchellTime:10am-3pmIf you are an enthusiast for theEnglish country house, then a realtreat awaits you on the other sideof the Atlantic and in this studyday. We travel from elegant 18th-century Palladian houses in Virginiaand the Carolinas to spectacular19th-century houses in the DeepSouth. After lunch, we range fromthe cottages of Newport, RhodeIsland to America's grandesthouses - Biltmore, Viscaya andHearst Castle.THE BALTIC STATES:ESTONIA, LATVIA ANDLITHUANIADate: 2 June 2011Venue: The Bar Convent, YorkTutor: Edward SaundersTime: 10.30am-3.30pmDespite centuries of invasion bygreater powers like Sweden,Poland, Germany and Russia, thetiny countries near the Baltic havemiraculously sustained theirdistinctive cultures. Now withinNato and the EU, the future isbrighter. In this study day we shall hear about their culture andsee something of their picture-postcard capital cities, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.EDUCATION: COURSESAbove: Hearst Castle's elaborate pool (The American Country House, North East Area) REVIEW / SPRING 2011 NORTH EAST