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The annual NADFAS Chairman'sCompetition for Young Arts is aspopular now as when it started in1985 at the instigation of Judith Waples,then National Chairman of NADFAS, toencourage Young Arts (YA) members toDressed to killThe 2010 NADFAS Chairman's Competition for Young Arts continues to attract a wealthof talent. Laura Adcockfinds out how this year's sartorial theme inspired the entrantsGRIMSHAWtry different art activities from thoseavailable in schools at the time. Sincethen it has covered a range of subjectsincluding stained glass, calligraphy,portraiture, textile design, photography,architecture, silhouettes, embroidery,garden design, and poetry and proseinspired by art.This year's competitiontheme, Dressed to Kill, was inspired bythe poster for theexhibition of HenryVIII's armour at theTower of London in2008. The entrantswere asked tointerpret this any waythey wished, forexample a stunning ballgown, a suave suit, a soldier's24NADFAS REVIEW / SPRING REVIEW / SPRING 201125body armour or an example from nature,using any media they liked.There were 122 entries from nine YAGroups - information on the competitionwas sent to YA Organisers in Februaryto give them time to plan a workshopduring one of the school holidays. Thework was judged by NADFAS NationalChairman Gri Harrison; Helen Hienkens-Lewis, Head of Learning at the WattsGallery, Surrey; and Tara Cleary, whoworks in the education department atthe Foundling Museum, London. Taracommented: "The entries wereextremely diverse and showcased awide array of talent and technique, withsome very imaginative interpretations ofthe theme. Well done to all the artistswho took part."There are two trophies up for grabseach year: one designed by the SilverLining Workshop in Cheshire, and theother by Stuart Devlin, a member of theGoldsmiths' Company.Winners andrunners-up also receive prizes such asart materials, art books or book tokens,which are always well received. Oneparticipant said in a letter of thanks: "Iwas excited to hear I had won a prize inthe Dressed to Killcompetition. I reallyenjoyed making the picture at our YoungArts fun day. I am deciding on my GCSEAbove:Entriesfrom (l-r) EvelynFovey, ClaireJennings, TillyBell-Wiley andPhoebe LowesLeft: JamieRobinsonGRIMSHAWTHIS YEAR'S WINNERSCATEGORIESMEMBER'S NAMEYOUNG ARTS GROUPGroup 1: 8-11 yearsWinnerTilly Bell-WileyLeicester Take 5 YARunner-upEvelyn FoveyLeicester Take 5 YAHighly commended James GouldWirral Museum YA Highly commended Louise ThorntonWirral Museum YAHighly commended Iona LandalePerth YA Highly commended Anna BaxterPerth YAHighly commended Katherine Day North Wiltshire YAHighly commendedClaire JenningsStirling YAHighly commended Milly CampbellFaversham YAHighly commended Emma SmithPerth YAGroup 2: 12-14 yearsJoint WinnerJamie RobinsonStirling YAJoint WinnerPhoebe LowesNorth Wiltshire YAHighly commendedRobin CoakleyWirral Museum YA Highly commendedLouise MitchellAyrshire YAchoices. art is one of my favourites, soI was delighted when I was presentedwith a watercolour paint box."Ten- to 11-year-olds are always veryenthusiastic and provide the majority ofthe entries. This year, some enterprising10-year-olds used their school's digitalsuite and sent in amazing Photoshoppedentries (see Evelyn Fovey's, top left),while other entries made use of naturalmaterials, for example moss, leaves andsticks for their works. Winners, runners-up and those who were highlycommendedreceived a certificate withan image of their work inserted, while allothers were given a certificate thankingthem for taking part. One organisercommented: "The certificates lookfantastic - I love the way each picture isinserted, a very personal touch."